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2022 Volvo V60 Pros vs Cons. Should You Buy?

Why Buy a 2022 Volvo V60?

Should You Buy a 2022 Volvo V60? Here Are Some Reasons For and Against

There still exists a market for wagons amidst all the buzz about crossover and SUVs. The Volvo V60 is a prime example of how to build a capable and attractive wagon. It feels very upscale, and it also can be comfortable in a variety of terrain. It should be able to impress buyers who would love to own something that's elegant, powerful, modern, and practical.

What's New for 2022?

In previous years, Volvo made a regular version of the V60 and the V60 Cross Country. When side by side, it was clear that the Cross Country was slightly taller than the regular wagon. Plus, it came with all-wheel drive. For the 2022 model year, Volvo decided to get rid of its regular, entry-level V60 wagon. Now, the only choices are the V60 Cross Country and the Recharge T8 Polestar.

There have also been some minor changes made to this model. Wireless charging has become standard, and a semi-autonomous driving mode now comes with the Advanced package. A power-operated liftgate is optional this year, and there's a Climate package that can keep people cozy with heated rear seats and a heated steering wheel. This package has headlamp washers, too.

Finally, the Recharge version of the V60 has been given a better motor along with a larger battery. It has a greater all-electric driving range than it previously did, and it has about 50 more horsepower.

Top 10 Reasons to Buy a 2022 Volvo V60 – The Pros

1. Offers a Sturdy Ride

Every Volvo V60 is equipped with all-wheel drive. This ensures that the wagon can have excellent traction in a variety of situations. Whether it's a muddy road or a snowy highway that someone has to travel across, the V60 can do a good job of gripping the road surface. Being able to send power to all four wheels is important when things get slippery.

2. Provides A Good Deal of Power

The two trims of the V60 are both configured to have a nice amount of horsepower. The V60 Cross Country, which is the entry-level model, has 250 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque, thanks to a 2.0-liter, turbocharged engine.

The Recharge has more kick to it, so it may be able to appeal to consumers who really want to experience a thrill when they're driving. It uses an electric powertrain that makes 494 pound-feet of torque and 415 horsepower. With this kind of capability, the wagon can hit a speed of 60 miles per hour in only 4.3 seconds. Even though it's a wagon, it can beat a lot of other cars off the line.

There's even another option to consider, and that's a Recharge with an extended range package. This comes with 455 horsepower and 523 pound-feet of torque.

3. Plug-In Hybrid Available

As mentioned, there are only two versions of the V60. One uses a traditional powertrain, and the other is the Recharge. It uses an electric motor and a turbocharged and supercharged 2.0-liter engine. Having both a turbocharger and a supercharger makes a huge difference.

The Recharge can run on electric power alone for a limited amount of time. With a regular battery, it has a range of 22 miles. The larger battery extends that range to 38 miles. Many people may choose to not focus on just electric power but to use a combination of power provided by the electric motor and the engine. This results in pretty solid fuel economy.

4. Room for Cargo

The V60 isn't a huge vehicle, but some prefer it over a regular sedan because of its cargo space. Since it has a relatively tall cargo hold, it's able to accommodate a variety of gear. The cargo hold has a little more than 20 cubic feet of volume, which is significantly larger than the volume of a standard trunk of a sedan.

Lowering the seats is a quick and easy solution when larger items need to be moved around town. This would provide more than 50 cubic feet of cargo capacity, rivaling what some compact SUVs can offer in this department.

5. Let the Air Flow

This model is available with a panoramic roof. While some manufacturers make panoramic roofs that are fixed, Volvo has decided to go with a roof that has one section that can tilt or slide open. This can bring in refreshing air into the cabin, and it helps people feel more connected with the outdoors.

Another feature is advanced filtration technology. This is integrated into the air quality system to keep the air clean and to keep passengers healthy. The wagon can have a two-zone system, and it can even have climate control with four different zones.

6. It Has an App

It seems like so many things come with their own apps, and the Volvo V60 is one of them. The Volvo Cars app can be used to keep track of a vehicle.

With the app on a phone or even a smartwatch, users can lock or unlock their doors, check vehicle diagnostics, or turn on the engine and get the cabin heated or cooled before they get in. People can also send navigation information from their smartphones to their navigation program so that they can jump in and get going right away. Further, the vehicle can keep a record of its trips, and that information can be exported as a file.

7. Wireless Charging Is Standard

Volvo has made wireless charging part of the V60's technology package. This goes along with the company's streamlined approach to design. No wires need to be dealt with, and nothing extraneous needs to clutter the space. People can simply put their compatible devices right on the charging pad that's been conveniently placed in the center console area.

8. A Smart Vehicle

This wagon can think and act on its own, in an effort to benefit the driver. It can sense the presence of other vehicles in its blind spot and those crossing behind it when it's backing up. It can warn drivers about potential issues and can even make corrections to braking or steering to try to prevent a collision.

Plus, it can sense impending forward collisions. If it does, it can hit the brakes to try to stop the Volvo before it makes contact with another vehicle, cyclist, pedestrian, or animal.

9. Supportive and Comfortable Seats

A lot of elegance, in addition to practical features, can be found in the cabin of the Volvo V60. It can have Nappa leather or perforated Nappa leather seats in a few different colors, and it can have a leather-clad steering wheel and gear shifter. Heated front seats are standard, and those seats could have ventilation, too.

Those front seats have been specially designed with comfort in mind. They provide support all the way from the shoulders to the thighs, and they can be adjusted in several different directions. Power lumbar support is another way in which they can be modified.

10. Large Touchscreen and Advanced Systems

Sensus Connect is the name of the infotainment system. It comes with wireless smartphone connectivity and the ability to accept voice commands. It provides access to various apps, online radio, streaming content. Navigation is an option, and this makes it much easier to get around without getting stuck in traffic. The standard Bowers & Wilkins speakers produce crisp and clear audio.

Reasons Not to Buy a 2022 Volvo V60 – The Cons

1. Surprisingly Small Second Row

Some may be surprised to learn that the Volvo V60 only has 35.2 inches of second-row leg room. This isn't very much space in comparison with what many SUVs and even some sedans have to offer.

2. Not Super Affordable

The cost of a Volvo V60 is well into the $40,000 range. With any additions, the price could easily become much higher. The Recharge costs more than $60,000, and depending on the exact model, it could get close to the $70,000 mark.

3. Not Many Choices

As mentioned, Volvo narrowed down the options for this model year. Some people may prefer to have more choices when they shop for their vehicles. They won't have that much to consider when it comes to this wagon.

Buying Tip:

To avoid overpaying on a new car, shop prices online first. Get up front pricing before you walk into a dealership. We recommend the following free services; Car Clearance Deals, NADAguides, CarsDirect & Motortrend.
These free services will offer you the lowest prices and supply you with multiple competing price quotes. You will know the best price before you visit the dealer.

How It Stacks Up to the Competition:

2022 Volvo V60 vs 2022 Audi A4 Allroad

One of Audi's wagons, the A4 Allroad, is pretty comparable to the V60. It has 261 horsepower, so it's quite athletic. It has more power than the standard version of the V60, but it doesn't match the Recharge in this area. It uses a mild hybrid system, but it's not offered as a plug-in hybrid.

2022 Volvo V60 vs 2022 Subaru Outback

The Subaru Outback might not be at the same level as the V60 in terms of style and sophistication, but it's available in several trims. Its higher trims are decked out with a lot of nice features, so these may be somewhat comparable to the V60.

Those higher trims have 260 horsepower, and they can outperform the standard V60 by just a bit. Like the Audi A4 Allroad, though, they don't come close to hitting the mark that the Recharge has set. As of now, there isn't any hybrid or plug-in hybrid option with the Outback.


The 2022 Volvo V60 is a wagon that can please a lot of buyers, as long as they can afford its somewhat steep price. It treats passengers to a luxurious cabin and advanced technology, and it's a wonderful vehicle to drive because of its power and smooth performance.

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