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2022 Volvo XC40 Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons.

2022 Volvo XC40 Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons: Momentum vs R-Design vs Inscription and Recharge

What 2022 Volvo XC40 Trim Should You Buy? What is the Difference Between Trims?

Experience the versatility of Volvo's XC40 SUV. Featuring three distinct trim levels - Momentum, R-Design and Inscription - there is a choice for everyone, each with either front or all wheel drive options to suit your need for stability on any road. For those looking towards electrification, you can opt for the Recharge edition which offers cutting edge electric performance along with a commitment from Volvo to reduce emissions worldwide.

The XC40 comes in two powertrain options - with the T4 model costing $2,000 less for its 187hp engine but also sacrificing a bit of fuel economy. Its bigger brother -T5 - packs an extra punch at 248 horses that can be felt immediately on the road – though not as evident when looking at their modest 2-3 mpg difference between city/highway driving.


Compare the 20 XC40 Momentum vs R-Design. What is the difference?

The Momentum offers a sophisticated driving experience, with the choice of front-wheel or all-wheel drive. Enjoy luxe leather seating in either blond or charcoal color and add more distinction to your ride with contrasting matte and glossy gear selector surfaces as well as urban grid brushed aluminum accents. So get behind the wheel for some modern momentum.

The R-Design is sure to turn heads, with its sport pedals made out of brushed aluminum and rubber grip for maximum control. Its front door tread plates are also crafted in aluminum while the console and headliner emanate a striking gloss black finish. An interesting feature that can be found inside this model is an innovative 3D pattern on the dashboard, along with ambient lighting reflecting against those surfaces - adding flair both functionally and stylistically! To top it off, leather seats only come in one color: charcoal.

The Momentum treats the driver to a power-adjustable seat with power lumbar support and a memory system. Both front seats are heated. On the R-Design, the front-passenger seat is power-adjustable as well, and there are cushion extensions to provide additional comfort. Speaking of comfort, it should be noted that the Momentum has single-zone automatic climate control and the R-Design has dual-zone automatic climate control.

In the back of the R-Design, but not the Momentum, there is an adjustable load floor with bag holders. This lets people decide how best to configure the space given the type of gear they have to transport.

Further, the R-Design has power-folding rear head restraints built into the two outer seats. These restraints can be lowered when no one is seating in the seats, and by doing so, sightlines are improved. The Momentum's rear head restraints can be folded, too, but they have a manual operation.

Technology is important to think about since it can impact the driving experience. Both of these trims have nine-inch center displays and 12-inch instrument panels. Bluetooth, smartphone integration, and SiriusXM are standard.

One benefit associated with the R-Design is that it has wireless charging. Another big factor working in the R-Design's favor is that it has integrated navigation.

The Momentum packs a stylish punch with its 18-inch wheels and chrome framed grille, complete with sleek black insert that coordinates perfectly to the trim around each window. For added bells and whistles, heated side mirrors boasting an auto-fold feature come standard. If you opt for the R-Design model, you'll also get some extra luxe features like LED front fog lights equipped with cornering technology which will ensure brilliant lighting as your Volvo turns corners down any road.

The R-Design sits on 19-inch wheels that have a matte black color scheme. There are also gloss black roof rails, a high-gloss black insert in the front grille, and high-gloss black window trim on this type of XC40. All of these dark details make the R-Design feel much more edgy.

People will appreciate that the R-Design comes standard with a laminated panoramic moonroof. The front section of the moonroof can be opened up to let in fresh air, with the rear section being fixed. Even after someone has parked the vehicle, the roof can be closed using a button on the key fob. A power sunshade can be utilized if it gets too sunny and hot, and the sunshade closes on its own when the vehicle is parked and the outside temperature rises to 77 degrees. This moonroof package is available on the Momentum for an additional cost.

The Volvo XC40 embodies the company's renowned commitment to safety and security. With blind spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, lane keeping assist, emergency braking and road sign information - all provided as standard features across every model in its lineup - you can rest assured that this sleek vehicle is prepared for any roads life throws your way!

For an added layer of protection while parking or reversing out of tight spaces, upgrade to the R-Design edition which provides front and rear park assist at no extra cost – a unique feature not seen on lower trims like Momentum.

Compare the R-Design vs Inscription Trims. What is the difference?

The Inscription is slightly pricier than the R-Design, though it lacks some of its more athletic, race-inspired details. For instance, it lacks charcoal headliner, cutting edge aluminum accents, or sport pedals; on its exterior as well, there are no gloss black accents found in the R-Design; additionally, it rides on 18" wheels instead of 19" as found with the R-Design.

The Inscription boasts more refined components. Its tailgate scuff plate is made of stainless steel and protects the cargo opening when loading or unloading from the back of the SUV; this small detail really stands out. Furthermore, Sweden's artisans crafted its shift knob from solid crystal for added luxury in the cabin - having some jewelry inside can really elevate its style further.

On the outside of this trim, there are bright aluminum roof rails. Matching that is bright aluminum trim on the outside of the windows. The door mirror covers, rather than being black, are color-keyed.

The Inscription trim is great for those who want the best in convenience and comfort. Not only does it feature an auto-dimming rearview mirror, navigation system, rain-sensing windshield wipers and ambient lighting to make your drive easier; but also a panoramic moonroof that will let you soak up some summer rays!

Don't worry about struggling with heavy doors - this model comes equipped with power tailgates which can be opened/closed from three places: on the door itself or via buttons near driver's seat & remote key fob. Additionally if parking demands require more clearance there’s even adjustable height available.

Compare the Inscription vs Recharge Trim Levels. What is the difference?

The Recharge is very distinct from the others. It comes standard with all-wheel drive, thanks to one motor powering the front wheels and another motor powering the rear ones. The electric system is really powerful, capable of making 402 horsepower.

Range is pretty good, but it's not as high as what some competitors manage to offer. On a full charge, the Recharge can travel up to 223 miles before needing some extra energy. With a DC fast charging system, it could take less than 40 minutes to go from 10% to 80% charge. Typically, people charge their electric vehicles overnight using 240-watt systems. It would take about seven hours to get a full charge in this case.

The Recharge offers an innovative upgrade from its predecessor, the Inscription. Not only does it feature a 12-inch driver display and nine-inch center screen with wireless charging capabilities, but further sets itself apart by featuring cutting edge technology like built in Google apps and a voice activated Google Assistant to get you where ever you need to go. Even better? While other models rely on standard navigation systems for directions, the Recharge is equipped with revolutionary Google Maps that can help locate public recharging stations so your drive never has too be interrupted.

The XC40 Recharge has a hidden surprise under its hood. Since it doesn't have a gas-powered engine and all of the associated mechanical parts, it has extra storage space integrated into the area in front of the SUV. The front compartment has two sections that are great for storing small items or charging cables.

This electric version of the XC40 has a more limited exterior color scheme. It's available in black, white, and gray, with the white and gray SUVs having a contrasting black roof.


Final Thoughts

All versions of the 2022 Volvo XC40 are nicely equipped and feel quite luxurious. This model is a nice option for anyone interested in getting a compact SUV that has a sporty, upscale vibe.

Finances are likely to play a major role as people decide which trim to select. The base trim, the Momentum, has much to offer and a reasonable cost, so it really would be a smart choice for many potential buyers. It has leather upholstery and heated front seats, and it comes with driver-assist technologies, an advanced infotainment system, and automatic climate control. It should definitely keep many people happy, safe, and comfortable.

Remember, too, that the Momentum can either have front-wheel or all-wheel drive. Providing this option expands the Momentum's appeal to a diverse group of consumers, some of which may prefer the additional power and traction that the all-wheel-drive Volvo XC40 provides.

However, the Momentum lacks a few key elements. It doesn't have navigation, wireless charging, or a panoramic moonroof. Some consumers may think that if they're going to treat themselves to a sophisticated vehicle, they may as well spend a little extra to get these sought-after amenities. They are somewhat minor components, but they can make a big impact. That's why the Inscription should be considered if people have a little more money to spend.

The Volvo Recharge provides an incredible driving experience due to the increased power of its electric engine, however it is not a small investment. With a cost above $50,000 and limited range at 250 miles+, buyers will need to carefully consider if they are ready for this leap into the electric vehicle lifestyle. For those who can manage these costs and embrace EV ownership long-term - you may never look back.

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