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2022 Volvo XC60 Pros vs Cons

Reviewed & fact checked by
James Murdoch

Are You Considering a 2022 Volvo XC60? Here Are Some Reasons For and Against

The Volvo XC60 is the middle model of Volvo's luxury SUV line. It is a two-row compact SUV that shares much of its design with its smaller and larger brothers, the XC40 and XC90. It is consistently ranked one of the best luxury compact SUVs on the market thanks to its excellent interior quality, generous feature set, performance profile, and value for money.

What's New for 2022?

The 2022 XC60 got an overhaul to its engines in a move that likely predicts how Volvo will alter the drivetrains for the other XC models. The T8 plug-in hybrid is still the top engine, but the bottom two engines are now overhauled mild-hybrids with upgraded power and fuel efficiency. The old Sensus infotainment system has also been replaced by a new interface that runs on Android software. Finally, the exterior of the XC60 has been redesigned and updated.

Ten Reasons You May Like the 2022 Volvo XC60 – The Pros

1. Engine Lineup

There are three drive trains on the XC60. The B5 is a mild hybrid turbocharged V4 rated for 247 horsepower. The B6 upgrade adds a supercharger to get 295 horsepower. This is the same approach as last year's old T5 and T6 engines. Finally, the top engine, the T8, is a plug-in hybrid with a hefty 400 horsepower rating from combining the B5 and B6 and adding a new electric motor. This intriguing and highly efficient lineup gives the best power in an affordable, low-gas package.

2. Hybrid Options

The three engines for the XC60 all contain hybrid elements, with the lower engines being mild-hybrid and the top being a plug-in. The reality is that all of them are hybrid means that the efficiency of the engines is excellent. There's no lack of power on the drivetrains, and the transitions between electric and gas are hard to notice. The mild hybrids are especially appealing because there is no requirement to charge, making them easier to maintain and less work to reduce fuel costs.

3. Towing

Usually, it takes an SUV to deal with towing or a truck. However, the powerful drive trains of the XC60 have a capacity of 3500 pounds. It is less than the three-row SUVs, which can generally manage about 5000 pounds, but it is a solid amount and provides some utility in case you need it in a pinch. Indeed, more than this is needed to carry a full trailer the size of an RV, and it is a good idea to be careful about towing on hills or around corners to be on the safe side.

4. Tech

The new infotainment system lives in the 9-inch vertical touchscreen on the dashboard. It has a navigation system run through Google Maps and smartphone connectivity through Android Auto and Apple Car Play. The standard features include wireless charging pads for phones, a Wi-Fi hotspot, Bluetooth, and satellite radio. The optional features include a digital instrument display and a variety of upgrades to the sound system. It is an excellent collection of tech features that makes for a very appealing value proposition that puts the XC60 ahead of its rivals in terms of tech.

5. Safety

The XC60 is positioned as a family vehicle, so it has an excellent settlement of safety features. It has a rear cross-traffic alert, automatic emergency braking, lane keep aid, blind spot monitoring, and more. The optional safety features extend to adaptive steam control and a set of features to support parking. The XC60 also does very well regarding crash tests from significant agencies. It is an appealing car for families because of its safety scoring and features, nearly all of which come standard rather than being an option.

6. Interior Space and Comfort

The XC60 is very roomy inside. It has over 63 cubic feet of room behind the front seat and including the rear cargo hold. That's more than just about any compact SUV. The seats are extremely comfortable as well. They come in cloth or leather upholstery and can gain features like heating and massaging depending on trim. The combination of comfortable seat materials and lots of head and legroom means that passengers will be very comfortable no matter how tall they are or how long the trip is, which is not true of most compact SUVs and two-row SUVs.

7. Cabin Quality

The materials used in the entire interior are excellent. The top trims feel quite a luxe, with leather and aluminum and soft touch throughout the cabin, and the lower trims are not far behind. This cabin has had cautious thought put into its look and feel, and the way the tech platforms, comfort, and materials work together is quite impressive.

8. Value

The XC60 is a less expensive model in the luxury compact SUV class. With a bountiful base trim and unique style that foregrounds strong performance on all the fundamental aspects of the vehicle, you won't feel that the XC60 is lacking in any vital area. Other models often feel like the buyer is forced to buy a middle trim or higher to get the full menu of features. The XC60 has good reasons to upgrade.

9. Exterior and Interior Design

The style that the XC line of SUVs use is minimalism. The interior has the least possible number of additions and sticking-out components. This promotes clean sightlines for the driver and also creates a contemporary, sharp look. The exterior is similar, with flowing lines and a lean set of curves that makes it clear this is an SUV with good performance without indulging in any pointless ornamentation. The minimalist look is not for everyone, but it is striking and a bold choice that has both practical and artistic appeal.

10. Trim Configurations

The XC60 comes in four trims, and there is also a choice between the three drive trains. Moreover, you can choose between all-wheel drive and front-wheel drive. The base trim is called the Momentum. It has all the standard features and the optional advanced package and Climate package. The R-Design upgrades the interior, sound system, and other elements and has the same available packages. The Inscription trim is similar to the R-Design but has a more luxurious rather than sporty design. Finally, the Polestar Engineered has all available features and a particular model of the T8 engine that obtains extra horsepower.

Reasons You May Not Like the 2022 Volvo XC60 – The Cons

1. Weak Infotainment System

Despite being reworked this year, the XC60's infotainment still needs to be improved. It isn't elementary to use and can be slow, which is annoying for navigation and climate control. This system needs more work before it is as good as its rivals.

2. Slow Handling

The XC60 has an intriguing and unique engine, and its handling could be better. Given its power, it can feel chunky around turns and should be more agile. It is particularly true noticing that it is only a compact SUV, not a three-row model.

3. AWD Choice

The base engine has all-wheel drive as an option, but more and more luxury models are moving towards making it standard. With the other two engines having it standard, this is an area where Volvo could fill in a gap in the value and make the B5 engine have all wheel drive by default as well.

How It Stacks Up to the Competition:

2022 Volvo XC60 vs 2022 Audi Q5

The Q5 is Audi's compact SUV, the direct competitor to the Volvo XC60. Like the XC60, the Q5 has a high-end interior, satisfactory performance, and a mixture choice. Although, it is more confined inside, lacking the interior space of the XC60, and has a significantly higher base cost. It doesn't give much upside to justify that elevated price.

2022 Volvo XC60 vs 2022 Infiniti QX50

The QX50 is also a compact SUV. It competes with the XC60 regarding space, price, and interior quality but needs to catch up with fulfillment. For example, the handling and drive train are poor, the transmission does not shift well, and the road feel is disappointing. The QX50 also has an antiquated infotainment system that needs to catch up to the XC60's setup. As a result, the QX50 needs to catch up with what the XC60 offers across its spectrum of features.


The XC60 has been one strong choice for several years in a row, and the 2022 edition is still a top contender. Volvo has done a great job with updates and keeping it competitive and ahead of the pack with the exception of the infotainment system. The Sensus system wasn't very good, but the new system is not much better, which is a rare miss from Volvo. Overall, though, the XC60 is worth a close look if your budget allows for a luxury SUV, because it does more things better than nearly all other comparable models.

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