2016 Ford Fiesta ST Real Driver Reviews


There is no denying that the 2016 Ford Fiesta is a hot item. I’ve been hearing the buzz so I had to do some looking for myself. I have to admit, I got hung up on the Fiesta ST, so that’s what you get to hear about.

2016 Ford Fiesta

There is no shortage of very formal, and technical, reviews of the 2016 Fiesta ST. A quick search and you’ll land on more video reviews than you can watch in an evening. No, I went looking for real driver, real owner reviews- no specs, just opinions based on ownership. Many were super informative, some entertaining, and all commanded at least a little of my respect. Here is the collection of what I found out about the 2016 Ford Fiesta ST….

The 2016 Ford Fiesta, Affordable, Practical and Sporty

The 2016 Ford Fiesta ST is sporty, but refined too. It’s an affordable and practical performance car. From the rear spoiler and visible brake calipers to interior ambient lighting, it has style and appeal. Cosmetic improvements and a restyled front end are just the beginning of why Ford’s designers deserve applause. The Fiesta ST has Recaro seats to hold you in well during its quick, responsive handling around tight corners. Generous room in the front seats is afforded at the cost of the room in the back seats; there isn’t much. The seats have side bolsters such that they don’t quite fold down flat. The Sync 3Infotainment system, developed by Blackberry is way, way better than the My Ford Touch that it replaced. A super quick response touch screen- even in the corners!- makes up for its plain graphics. The dashboard gauges even have a sporty look in their font, but the boring digital display/trip meter is nothing to look at.

The Ford Fiesta is a pleasure to own and even more fun to drive. Drivers can’t help but smile, or at least smirk, as the turbocharged engine does its thing on acceleration. A smooth clutch engagement makes it an easy drive. Drivers can ‘feel’ what gear they’re in or moving to through feedback of the gear shifter. If that’s not sufficient, there’s an upshift indicator that, itself, is responsive to throttle engagement- when driven hard, the indicator does its job a little earlier so that you have adequate time to respond properly. Cool. The brake pedal gives good feedback to the driver. The Fiesta ST is absolutely amazing on corners, with tight steering and great handling all-round. You can drive it with abandon on corners and still not break the law.

Safety-wise, the 2016 Fiesta ST gets a 4 out of 5 for overall crash test protection. Driver visibility is great; you can see plenty out the side and back windows. Obviously, as a sub-compact it’s easy to park anywhere. Its CO2 emissions rating is 122 g/km. (This is on par with other subcompacts, but far lower than most performance cars of its class).

Overall, it’s obvious that those Ford folks did lots of quality checks, but Fiesta ST drivers have a few complaints too:

  • It has a small gas tank (12 gallons).
  • There are cheap knobs on the climate controls.
  • Pedal box is narrower than most cars. Wide shoes might accidentally nick the brake.
  • Leather-wrapped steering wheel feels good, but the design seems awkward and a bit too big for the car.
  • Recaro sports seats are quite narrow. Larger drivers will want to get standard seats.
  • Heated seats (in the ST-2) only have one, too-hot setting.
  • A compact console means the cup holder so close to handbrake, it’s hard to use either.
  • The cargo space is smaller than what its competitors offer.
  • The Sound Symposer is awesome when roaring down the highway but is a dull annoyance when the car is driven at slower speeds.

If I could, I’d be going out to get myself one right now, and not just because drivers consistently call it an amazing ride with a sporty feel. I’m also fiscally intelligent. The projected 3-year old resale value of the 2016 Ford Fiesta is set at 50% of its sticker price , with a 5-year resale value of 39% of its sticker price. This, by the way, puts it 3rd in its class for resale.

If buying the 2016 Ford Fiesta ST was the next big choice you made, I’d say you made a great one. Sporty, stylish, fast and fun… and it’ll hold its value. Plus, you’d have my respect; anyone who owns one of these cars will.