Tips to Resell Your Vehicle


Part of the rhythm of being a driver is to own, then sell, then purchase, then sell… you get the picture. Make life a little easier for yourself and read these vehicle resale value tips for how to get a great resale of your car. First of all, though it may be too late for the car you are currently looking to sell, know that from the moment you buy a car, you are prepping it for resale down the road. Care for it thoroughly, maintain it regularly, and keep organized records of service.

Vehicle resale value

But let’s talk about the car that you own right now. Do you want to sell it yourself? Typically, this will put the most money into your pocket, but it certainly comes with a few hassles that you may be happy to pay someone else for. Maybe you want to bring it to a dealer and trade it in? Some states offer tax benefits when you choose to do this. Regardless of how you sell it, the question remains, “How can you get the best vehicle resale value and experience from the resale of your vehicle?”

Most Important To Remember When Aiming For Highest Vehicle Resale Value:

Above all, remember that first impressions are all that many people have to go on. Some would-be purchasers have done research on the car (your car) that they are about to evaluate for purchase. But most are not car experts; they will go on their first impressions of how the car looks, smells, sounds. Have it professionally washed, detailed and waxed. Money spent on this will easily be recovered in a higher sale price. Have minor scratches buffed. Do any repairs and maintenance that you can- get an oil change, top up fluids under the hood, pump up tires. Take time to get it ready for showing. Be sure to answer emails and messages promptly if you are trying to sell your vehicle. Consumers like customer service.

Get a fair sense of what your car is worth before listing it. Be honest about the condition it is in. Car Buying Strategies is an excellent resource for getting started on this. It’s a repository of helpful car buying and selling information. You’ll resell your car at a competitive price when you’ve done good research.

When you write up a listing, be choosy with your words. Every word, especially in your title, should count. Use keywords that you know buyers might be searching for- sedan, great condition, low mileage. Don’t just list the year, make and model but also any extras such as whether it has any added equipment or special features that you have added to it. Give details that may become an issue because you don’t want to surprise a potential buyer with it when they come to view the car- for example, if there is mentionable wear and tear. Be succinct and honest about the car. Describe what you’ve enjoyed about driving and owning it. Is it great for families? For an active lifestyle? The ideal commuter car? This will help draw an appropriate, interested buyer. Take good quality photos, in suitable light, and lots of them- inside and out- but especially of things like the body of the car, trunk, side-view of interior. Market it online for a broad audience. Putting out an ad in local hard copy print materials won’t hurt either.

Check with your insurance company to make sure that a test drive by a stranger is covered. When the potential buyer shows up to see the car, have paperwork ready, in case the car is the right one for them. Contact the DMV to be certain that you’ve got the right information on the paperwork. If going on a test drive with the potential buyer alone is uncomfortable to you, feel free to invite someone else along. If all goes well, you’ll get to the actual transaction. Accepting cash is never a good idea; a certified check is the best way to go about it. The more paper trail you can leave, the better. Make sure that you save a copy of it for yourself!

It takes time to resell a vehicle well, to make sure that both parties get a fair deal. Take the required time, don’t be afraid to ask some experts for advice on it, and you might even find it an enjoyable and empowering experience!