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Cadillac is making sure to keep up their luxury and safety

There is a lot of history involved with the brand Cadillac and people have made sure that the luxury cars still have a market. The automobile maker is the second oldest in the United States, with the Buick brand being older. They have several changes with the 2021 model year and several prominent car experts are talking about their excitement. The vehicles have upgrades under the hood and with design elements throughout entire model lines. This will allow them to keep up with the luxury that they are known for. Here are some of the changes that are for customers.

2021 Escalade

The 2021 Cadillac Escalade is the new part of the fifth generation of the popular sport utility vehicle. Under the hood has the choice of the new to the vehicle Duramax 3.0 liter turbo diesel inline six with 277 hp. The SUV also has a new independent rear suspension to help make the ride smoother for all who get in it. The exterior design incorporates a lot of lessons that come from the popular and smaller XT6 that has become popular. The interior now has 36 speakers to handle whatever the driver or passengers want to listen to.

2021 XT6

The 2021 Cadillac XT6 has a few new changes to keep the smaller SUV current for their loyal customer base. One of the changes is using the turbo four cylinder in several of the optional trim levels, though the V6 is still available for the more expensive versions. There has been an addition of 20 in Diamond Cut twelve spoke wheels on their models. There are new colors for the customers to decide on, which include Wilder Metallic and Dark Moon Blue Metallic. There is also a new smartphone mirroring technology that has been added for more safety.

2021 XT5

The 2021 Cadillac XT5 has been modified in many ways in the technology and driver assistance areas of the SUV. The brand incorporated wireless options for both Android and Apple functions to handle their phones better for trips. This is on top of new levels of ease for the new infotainment parts to the vehicle to make sure their drivers and passengers have a better way to access to what they want in entertainment and news. There are several new safety features that have been added to make sure people can park or not have issues backing up.

2021 XT4

The 2021 Cadillac XT4 only had small changes done to it this year as they have put quite a bit into it in the past few years. The power liftgate has become standard now to help people have fewer issues when they have packages. There is now a Driver Awareness package that has been added to the luxury edition of the XT4. The premium and sports versions of the SUV now has side mirror turn signals as standard. There are now two new colors that can be chosen by customers. Expect a major refresh in the 2022 models.

2021 CT4

The 2021 Cadillac CT4 is the second year of this subcompact car, so there are not a lot of changes that were going to be made. There is the new Diamond Sky Special Edition which has special treatments for the interior and exterior. There are also some technological changes that have been added to this edition for those who want more than Cadillac normally offers. Automatic braking is now standard in the car to prevent collisions. This is the year to become comfortable with the model, so expect more changes next year with customer input leading the way.

2021 CT5

The 2021 Cadillac CT5 has many of the same changes coming to it that were added to the CT4. This allows the larger car to keep up with the new pup in town with things like the Diamond Sky Special Edition and many of the other new features. There is a unique V Performance package that is offered in the CT5 Sport version that adds better suspension, magnetic ride control for better handling, and a new limited-slip differential. The CT5 will have Super Cruise added early in 2021, as will the CT4, which has many experts waiting expectantly.

Cadillac is well known for its luxury that goes into each one of their vehicles, both now and historically. All the experts are in agreement that this has not changed with the 2021 model year cars and SUVs that are offered. This means that people can get behind the wheel and get what they expect from the car brand. The different models have had even more safety features brought in, so people will have no worries that this is an area being forgotten. People just need to consider what they want and determine what level of luxury they really want.

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