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2021 Kia Seltos Lease Deals, Specials and Offers

2021 Kia Seltos Lease Deals & Specials
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2021 Seltos - Trim: LX. MSRP: $22,490 (Down Payment: $2,000)
24 Months
$254/mo. - 12,000 miles
$273/mo. - 15,000 Miles
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36 Months
$236/mo. - 12,000 miles
$248/mo. - 15,000 Miles
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48 Months
$237/mo. - 12,000 miles
$246/mo. - 15,000 Miles
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2021 Seltos - Trim: S. MSRP: $22,690 (Down Payment: $2,000)
24 Months
$258/mo. - 12,000 miles
$277/mo. - 15,000 Miles
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36 Months
$239/mo. - 12,000 miles
$252/mo. - 15,000 Miles
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48 Months
$240/mo. - 12,000 miles
$249/mo. - 15,000 Miles
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2021 Seltos - Trim: EX. MSRP: $25,790 (Down Payment: $2,000)
24 Months
$312/mo. - 12,000 miles
$334/mo. - 15,000 Miles
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36 Months
$288/mo. - 12,000 miles
$302/mo. - 15,000 Miles
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48 Months
$287/mo. - 12,000 miles
$298/mo. - 15,000 Miles
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2021 Seltos - Trim: SX Turbo. MSRP: $27,990 (Down Payment: $2,000)
24 Months
$355/mo. - 12,000 miles
$379/mo. - 15,000 Miles
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36 Months
$323/mo. - 12,000 miles
$339/mo. - 15,000 Miles
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48 Months
$320/mo. - 12,000 miles
$331/mo. - 15,000 Miles
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Kia Seltos Overview:

Are you one of the car fanatics wondering what is in the market for them this year? Worry no more, for the 2021 Kia Seltos is here to quench your auto thirst and outshine your ego. This is one of the best cars 2021 has offered so far, and if you are a lover of the best cars in the market, why not try out this confidence-inspiring car that combines technology and versatility and packs them in a tiny SUV? This is a great answer for anyone wondering how to step into 2021 while equipped with a fulfilling and soothing car ready to hit the road to any part of the country behind some of the best wheels in the market.

2020 Vs. 2021: What’s the Difference?

Before going into the market in search of 2021 Kia Seltos, any sober buyer must note all the differences between the 2020 and 2021 models. It is only by doing so that you understand all the upgrades made on the latest model to enhance its performance on the road and comfort, interior design, and any other significant aspect that affects the quality of the car.

Firstly, you should understand that the 2021 Kia Seltos is Kia’s latest car model and a crossover that adequately stands between the Sportage and Soul. It is meant to tackle the daily grind off the beaten path, thereby making it so similar but a little bit different from the previous Kia crossovers, the Sportage. Discussed below are some of the major differences between the two Kia crossovers that you should understand.

  • The first and most significant difference comes in on the fuel efficiency. Even though both models are quite efficient in fuel consumption, the Seltos offers more fuel economy than the Sportage. The difference in fuel consumption results from the horsepower's difference in the base as the Seltos comes with 147 while the Sportage comes with 181 horsepower in the base engine. 
  • If you plan to tow anything, the Sportage is the most suitable option as it is rated to tow up to 2000 pounds when adequately equipped with Trailer Brakes. The Seltos is unfortunately not rated for any towing tasks.
  • The number of trims is also another great area of comparison when comparing the Seltos and the Sportage. While the latter is available in four trims, namely SX Turbo, S, EX, and LX, the Seltos, on the other hand, offers one more trim to make five (LX, S, EX, SX Turbo, and S Turbo). Each of the above-named trims on both models offers a unique spin on the car model.
  • Additionally, the Kia also offers some of the best experiences via its state of the art technological features regardless of the selection that you make. Some of the features available across most Kia selections include Apple CarPlay, Lane Keeping Technology, Android Auto smartphone integration, and a standard eight-inch touch screen display with a rear camera, among many others.
  • Both of these Kia crossovers, however, offer great versatility and a spirited ride based on your taste and preference as well as auto goals and needs at hand.


Which Trim is Right for Me?

If you are struggling to find the best Seltos trim for your auto needs, do not worry anymore. The 2021 brand of Kia Seltos, S, for instance, the front-wheel-drive is standard with an all-wheel-drive available at the upgrade. The extra additions mainly come from a perspective that this trim includes Lane Keeping, Departure Technology, and Auto Emergency Braking. It also improves the style inside and outside via the Upgraded Grille, which has an integrated LED Light Bar. Also, it has a Combination of Sofino Leatherette as well as a Trim with a cloth seat.

There is also the Kia Seltos EX 2021 brand that delivers an excellent bang suitable for the buck. It comes with several advanced safety measures and standards that include Blind-Spot Detection. It also has the Rear Cross-Traffic Alert and Avoidance Technology. It is ideal for drivers that love the sunroof and offers great comfort via the heated Sofino Synthetic seats made from Leather and found in the front.

Additionally, if you are searching for a powerful, comfortable, and high tech 2021 Kia Seltos trim, the SX might be a good option for you. It comes with a 175 horsepower 1.6L Turbo 4-cylinder engine comprised of a 7-SpeedQuick -ShiftDCT Automatic Transmission rev that improves your performance. While most people enjoy having an interesting drive, you can also utilize the Smart Cruise control with the Stop and Go to enhance convenience. With extra features such as a 10.25-inch touchscreen and integrated navigation, reaching your desired destination has never felt so easy and fast.

What Technology Does It Have?

Technologically, the Seltos is set to be among the best Kia Model in the market. It comes with a range of technology features to ensure great performance and value for your money, as highlighted below:

  • Automatic headlights are standard on the different trim levels.
  • An 8-inch wide touch screen infotainment system is standard on S, LX,  and EX trim levels.
  • Bluetooth audio and phone
  • Android Auto/Apple CarPlay
  • Rearview camera
  • A 10.25-inch wide touchscreen infotainment system that is standard on SX
  • Multi-connection Bluetooth
  • Bose Audio System which comprises of a connected sound mood lighting   
  • UVO, which has Modem Based Telematics and a    remote
  • Integrated 7-inch Supervision that has a Meter Cluster
  • A Wireless Phone charging that has the Standard on EX. It also has the SX.


Interior Lighting which is LED in nature and has  Standard on both the SX    and EX

  • Parking Brake which is electronic and is standard  on SX
  • Kia Drive consists of a Wise Safety Tech called Standard on EX, LX, and S.


How Does it Perform?

With a 2.0L engine, the Seltos generates a performance output of 146 horsepower and 132-pound feet of torque, which helps it achieve city and highway fuel economy ratings of 29 mpg and 34 mpg, respectively. The car also took 7.3s to accelerate and move 0 to 60mph, which is impressive for an SUV in the subcompact section.

Is it Safe and Reliable?

Based on IIHS, the Seltos is one of the safest cars in the market. Its reliability score is also predicted at 3 out of 5, ranking it at number 5 out of 16 in the SUV Subcompact segment.

What is the Interior Like?

The interior seat trim for your Seltos is either black or gray, with several upholstery material options. Availability on the other hand, varies by the trim level.

What are the Alternatives to this Model?

Several models can compare to the Seltos. Even though it does not ride on a similar platform as Hyundai Kona, it is similar to the latter despite being longer.

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Note: All Kia Seltos lease prices and dollar figures above are approximate amounts. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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