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Nissan Lease Deals
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2021 Nissan Leasing FAQ

What is NMAC?

Nissan Financing has a specific acronym, known as NMAC, that serves as a central processing entity for Nissan vehicle loans and leases. NMAC is available directly through Nissan dealerships to assist with providing straightforward lending and leasing at competitive rates.

What is the Nissan Customer Loyalty Program, and can it apply to leasing?

Nissan knows the importance of rewarding loyal customers by providing incentives as a token of appreciation. From cost savings on vehicle servicing to a reduction in the price of Nissan parts and accessories, members of the Nissan Customer Loyalty Program get access to great perks that others don't. While customers can gain points for leasing a new Nissan vehicle, they can also utilize earned points to cut the cost of a new vehicle purchase.

What are my options to make a Nissan lease payment?

Nissan lease payments can be made online or by phone. Accepted payment methods include debit card, credit card, and ACH from a bank account. Automatic payments can even be set up to ensure you never forget a payment due date.

What is Nissan’s SignatureLEASE?

Not just your average lease program, the Nissan SignatureLEASE program offers more options than are available from competitors. With a 24-60 month term range, participants of this program can usually qualify for a larger, more-equipped vehicle than they would have through a traditional lease agreement.

What is the Nissan End of Lease Experience? And what are the options?

Nissan wants to make sure your experience in their lease program is the best one you can have. By crafting a program that ensures a pleasant parting, Nissan makes sure every lease period ends amicably. By offering to waive a portion of incurred charges for wear and tear along with waiving the disposition charge if another Nissan is leased, this program seeks to keep customers happy with the Nissan way of doing business.

What are Nissan’s guidelines if there is excess wear on my vehicle and the end of the lease?

In certain cases, the Nissan End of Lease Experience may cover some excess wear and tear on a leased vehicle. However, a lessee will be responsible for wear and tear above this limit. A charge will be applied based on the terms listed in the leasing agreement.

Are there fees to lease a Nissan and fees at the end of the lease?

In the beginning there may be some fees associated with the origination of a lease. These may include taxes, application fees, and vehicle registration fees. When a lease ends no fees are associated with this process unless terms of the lease have been violated, such as excess wear and tear or extra mileage fees.

What are the insurance requirements when you lease a Nissan?

When leasing a Nissan vehicle, the lessor wants to make sure their interest in the vehicle is covered in the event of an accident or natural event. Therefore, physical damage coverage from a reputable insurance company is mandatory. This typically consists of at least securing other than collision and collision coverage.

What is the penalty for excess mileage?

Excess mileage is typically penalized by a fee for the number of miles incurred that exceed the lease agreement. A standard 15 to 20 cents per mile is charged. The amount of penalty charged for a mile overage depends on the value of the vehicle.

Is it a good idea to buy the Nissan Prepaid Maintenance Plan for a lease?

Purchasing the Nissan Prepaid Maintenance plan has both benefits and downfalls. Since buyers are expected to keep a leased vehicle in good operating condition, this plan would ensure maintenance is always completed in a timely manner. Yet the cost of such a plan can be substantial. Generally, the benefits of this plan will outweigh the cost and any penalties for not keeping a leased vehicle in good condition.

How does the Nissan Lease Pull Ahead Program work?

If your payment is too high or you are close to going over the number of miles allowed in your lease agreement you do have options. In fact, one of the most popular solutions is the Nissan Pull Ahead Agreement. This allows a lease to end early without penalty in exchange for a new Nissan lease agreement.

What is Nissan Lease Wear and Tear Protection? Is it worth it?

This is a type of protection that covers lessees for wear and tear that goes beyond what is allowed in the Nissan lease agreement. It is a valuable coverage to have, especially if you tend to be rough on your vehicles.

What is Nissan Business Advantage?

Made for Nissan’s commercial vehicles, this program offers solutions to protect your business when your Nissan needs servicing or repairs.

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