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Subaru Lease Deals
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Subaru Leasing FAQ

Is the Subaru lease administered through Subaru Motors Finance? Is this a different company than Subaru itself?

Subaru Motors Finance (SMF) works with JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. ("Chase") to give buyers leasing and automobile financing options. You can opt to either lease a new Subaru or finance a new or pre-owned one.

How does the Subaru College Graduate Program work and can it be used with a lease?

One of the benefits of being a soon-to-be or recent college graduate and a Subaru buyer is that you can qualify for the Subaru College Graduate Program. This program can help you get a discount on the vehicle itself, a lower interest rate that what you might otherwise qualify for, and a 15% discount on Subaru Parts and Accessories. It can be used with applicable Subaru Low Rate programs.

How does the Subaru Customer Loyalty Program work with a lease?

Being a return buyer has its perks, aside from just getting a stellar vehicle. The Subaru Customer Loyalty Program can give you more savings on your next Subaru. When your current lease term is close to expiring, head to your local Subaru dealer and find your new ride. Subaru will make the lease payment on it for up to $500 (subject to some stipulations).

How does the Subaru Military discount program work with a Subaru lease?

Active-duty and reserve members of the Armed Forces, along with veterans and retirees within 12 months of their date of separation can qualify for this program. It gives an additional $500 off the cost of the vehicle, and zone or regional cash incentives will get counted.

What are the Subaru Lease Return options?

The Subaru Lease Return gives you three options. When the lease expires, you can either select a new Subaru, turn in your current Subaru and simply part ways, or buy your Subaru. There is a pre-inspection process you will have to go through prior to this, and you might be subjected to excessive wear and usage charges. You will need to maintain contact with your Subaru dealership throughout the process regardless of which route you decide to go since each involves a brief step-by-step process.

What are the insurance requirements when I lease a Subaru?

Insurance coverage is mandatory when you lease a car. You won't be able to drive a Subaru off the lot without it. Each state has different requirements for registration, so you will need to check with your Secretary of State first before leasing your Subaru. Bear in mind that some models might end up being more expensive than others.

You also must remember to list the leasing company as an additional insured and loss payee. Since the lessor owns the vehicle, they get the insurance company payout for any damages that might be incurred to the Subaru.

The most common state requirements are bodily injury liability coverage (which covers medical expenses for other people in an accident) and property injury liability coverage (which covers damages to others' properties). Collision coverage and comprehensive coverage are two of the less-frequent requirements.

What are the maintenance requirements when I lease a Subaru?

Leasing a Subaru means that you need to follow the dealership's care guidelines. What that typically involves is following regular service guidelines as outlined in the vehicle's service manual. Subaru will provide you with reminders of when regular maintenance is recommended for your vehicle.

What is the cost if I go over my mileage?

The nifty thing about Subaru is that you can pre-pay for additional miles at .10 per mile when you lease the vehicle. After that, though, the penalty is .15 per mile for the overage. If you typically drive less than 15,000 miles per year, you should be okay.

What is normal wear and tear compared to excess wear and tear?

Normal wear and tear happens. Minor exterior scratches happen. What Subaru considers to be excessive wear and tear is:

  • Exterior: three scratches, dents or dings per panel smaller than the size of a credit card AND/OR dings, scratches, or dents larger than a credit card
  • Tires: Tread depth under 1/8 inches at its lowest point or any other damage to a tire
  • Glass: Any damage
  • Interior: Any damage
  • Missing items: keys, cargo covers, manuals, etc.


It is advised that you make repairs and replacements to reduce your end-of-term liability.

What is the Subaru Lease Protection Program?

The Subaru Lease Protection Program covers wear and tear that is sustained over the time that you lease the vehicle. You can take your pick from several coverage packages so that you do not have to worry about end-of-lease charges for damages to the Subaru. Subaru's leases will cover up to $1,000 in excessive wear and tear, but anything above that comes out of the buyer's pocket.

Are there any extra fees when leasing a Subaru instead of financing?

When you lease a Subaru, you pay monthly for what you use of that vehicle. In many states, you just pay sales tax on the monthly payments, have the option of making no down-payment, and pay a money factor (or a financial rate, as it is also called), which is somewhat like the interest on a loan.

Also, take note that Subaru does not require you to make a security deposit on a leased vehicle. Instead, when you sign the contract, you pay on the spot for the month ahead.

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