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The Top Three Car Buying Websites to Save Time and Money

If you are in the market for a new vehicle, you might not yet be sure exactly what kind of car you need. Or, you might have a particular car in mind, but wonder where you can find the best value on it. Whichever situation describes you, these five sites can provide the perfect solution, ensuring that after the purchase process is complete,you are completely happy both with your new car and with the price you paid for it.

# 1: Hunting through Newspaper Classified Ads is Outdated, is Not

Back in the days before easy access to computers,scouring local newspaper classified ads were the only way to find good prices from local dealers. Fortunately, that is no longer the case. In many cases, local dealers offer online shoppers prices even lower than those offered at the dealership itself. If you prefer not to spend a lot of time online after choosing a car to buy, Car Clearance Deals is the perfect destination.

This site makes it easy to find the new car you want at the best possible price. All you have to do is enter your zip code and the make and model of the car you want; the site does the rest. It really is that simple to get a free, no-obligation quote on a new car available from a local dealership. The site will even provide you with the name of dealerships in your area that are worth visiting. is streamlined to focus on providing the best quote without the confusion of a lot of other services or information distracting you from the goal of buying a new car at the lowest price available. If you do not need someone to help you choose the model and make of the car you want, go to for easy access to price quotes on new cars in your area. Visit CarClearanceDeals.

# 2: Out with the Old and In with the New at

Most people do not have the chance to purchase a new car as their first vehicle; more often, they will first have to spending time working and building credit. This means that most of the time when a person is ready to buy a new car, they have an old car to sell or trade. At, not only can you find quotes on new cars available locally, you can also sell or tradein your old car.

After all, finding the lowest possible price is only one step in buying a new car. This website also helps you with research, car loans, insurance, news, networking – and trade-ins. In addition, since turbulent economic times mean that not everyone has a high credit score, can help you get secure financing even if you have less than stellar credit. Visit CarsDirect.

# 3: Skip Fake Inventories and View Genuine New Car Inventories on

Are you tired of finding the perfect new car, only to find out that it is not actually available in the dealer’s inventory – an inventory that contains no vehicles in which you are interested? will allow you to view local dealers’ actual inventories and then help you get the best quote on the car you really want.

The website will allow you to narrow your search to local dealers while providing you with reviews, tips, advice and details on rebates and incentives. You can even look over breakdowns of actual road tests on the car on this website. With, it is possible to view real car inventories and get the lowest price quotes available. Visit Edmunds.

If you have purchased a car in the past you probably know that you will get nowhere using the phone – calling dealer after dealer - asking for the best price. The price always changes when you get to the dealership. Using CarClearanceDeals, CarsDirect and Edmunds is much more effective. Get new car quotes from all of them and you will know who offers the best price.

All it takes is 4 simple steps:

  1. Get prices from CarClearanceDeals.
  2. Get upfront prices from CarsDirect.
  3. Get prices from Edmunds trusted dealers.
  4. Sit back and wait for the best deals to come to you.

Then – Rinse and repeat for other vehicles you are considering.

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