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About Mercedes-Benz

  • 1886: Karl Benz patents the first gas-powered car - the Benz Patent-Motorwagen. Blast off!

  • 1901: Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft (DMG) births the first Mercedes car. Precision engineering is born!

  • 1926: DMG and Benz merge to form Mercedes-Benz, fusing luxury and innovation. A powerhouse pairing!

  • 1930s-40s: Mercedes soars with engineering marvels like the 500K and 540K. Setting the bar for excellence.

  • 1950s: The gorgeous 300SL Gullwing arrives alongside safety innovations like crumple zones. Beauty and brains!

  • 1960s-70s: Icons like the "Stroke 8" and S-Class cement Mercedes as reliable indulgence. Mark of distinction!

  • 1980s: The E-Class (W124) and SL roadster (R129) stun with aerodynamics and efficiency. Wind-cheating stunners!

  • 1990s: SUVs like the M-Class and youthful C-Class expand appeal. Rugged yet refined.

  • 2000s: Maybach luxury, plus high-performance models like the SLR McLaren and AMGs. Power and prestige!

  • 2010s: The A-Class hatch and SUVs like the GLA and GLE aim for broad appeal. Compact to cavernous - a model for every need!

  • 2020s: EVs like the EQC pave the way to an electric future under the EQ banner. Sustainable luxury for the win!