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About Us

We use our 40 years of "Combined Retail Automotive Experience" to help inform and educate you on how to save money
What happens when two individuals who have been in the automotive industry for most of their adult lives all of a sudden find themselves in a situation where they need to buy a new car without the advantage of being an insider?

That's exactly what happened to both of our founders after they had retired from the industry for good. 

Well, to answer that question was simple: use 40 years of combined knowledge in retail automotive sales to get you the absolute best available retail price.

That was years ago, and now we are committed to providing the most up to date and researched buying advice to empower our clients so they can save the most money when purchasing a new car anywhere in the United States.  We know that although people love driving a new car, they hate the process of buying from a dealer and assume that they are being taken advantage of.  So, we use our "insider" knowledge to help anyone with our mission statement...

"To help you shop for the vehicle of you choice for the best possible price, before you step foot on a dealership lot."

Obviously, our local car dealerships need to make money, they employ a lot of people, and if they are busy, and it is great for the local economy. However, the fact is that with their huge volumes and multiple income sources, they can be profitable and still give lower than advertised pricing to make a happy customer.

Since 2002, James and Norman, with the help of a group of talented and knowledgeable researchers and writers, have been helping thousands of new car buyers every year get into the vehicle of their choice for the best possible price – PERIOD.

Meet the Team

J. Norman Ruckpaul - Webmaster and Editor

Over 20 years ago now, Norman started his career as a sales associate at a new car dealership.  Word of his passion for helping the customer quickly grew, and so did customer referrals. 

Within a year, he was promoted to sales manager and then eventually to general manager.  It is in this position where he thrived and fostered a customer-centered approach to the business.  Sales for the dealership skyrocketed and ultimately won industry awards for sales increases and customer retention.

Since then, Norman has managed various dealerships, always increasing sales by serving the customer needs first.

When it was time to say goodbye, Norman did not miss his busy schedule, but he did miss serving the loyal customers that he considered his friends.  It is with this that Car Buying Strategies was born, and Norman has been putting the same effort into helping his internet clients by serving their needs first.

James Murdock - Editor and Writer

After receiving a degree in Economics at University, James joined his father and brother in running their small family owned auto dealership.  That was over 20 years ago, and over that time James was responsible for every part of the business at one time or another.
From purchasing and sales, service and safety, accounting and marketing, hiring and training of staff, and customer service, James has decades of experience in what it takes to run a successful dealership.

Eventually, it was time for a change, and although it was a hard decision, the family sold the business that was so good to them and their community.

After the sale of the business, James had many of his old customers asking him to help them with the purchase of their next new vehicle.  With his experience, he was quickly able to help them save money with each and every purchase.

It is then that James joined Norman to run car Buying Strategies and help educate the automotive consumer.