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Mitsubishi Trim Levels, Configurations, Pros vs Cons

About Mistsubishi

  • 1917: Mitsubishi ships out its first mass-produced car, the Model A - sparking Japan's auto industry!

  • 1934: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries forms, powering Mitsubishi's car-making ambitions. Ready to roll!

  • 1950s-60s: Mitsubishi expands with thrifty models like the 500, Minica and Colt. Little cars make a big splash.

  • 1970s: Global hits like the Lancer, Galant and Pajero arrive. Going big worldwide!

  • 1980s: Performance takes the spotlight with hot rides like the Mirage, Eclipse and 3000GT. Punching above their weight!

  • 1990s: SUVs like the Montero Sport and Outlander plus the Lancer Evolution models push boundaries. Zigging when others zag!

  • 2000s: Despite challenges, exciting cars like the Evolution and Eclipse turn heads. Plus early electric moves with the i-MiEV.

  • 2010s: Now part of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, focus lands on SUVs like the Outlander and ASX crossover. Family time!

  • 2020s: Mitsubishi guns for an electric future with the EVO concept and a commitment to electrify all models by 2030. An EV pivot point!