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How Cars Direct Works

You should never walk into a dealership without performing a lot of research ahead of time. Thanks to the Internet, getting a clear idea about the going rate for any given make and model is incredibly easy.


CarsDirect is an excellent resource for anyone who is in the market for a new vehicle. You can use the site to find a car that suits your needs and your budget. After zeroing in on the right car, you can get a clear idea about how much it's going to cost. From there, you can submit a form to collect quotes from several local dealers. Learn more about CarsDirect below.

Finding the Right Model

Like many people, you may have already set your sights on a specific model. If you haven't, you can browse CarsDirect to find cars that fit within your desired budget. The site offers a few different ways to search for a car. You can narrow things down by segment first. For example, if you are determined to have a convertible, you can select that segment and browse options from many different manufacturers.

Another way to search for the right new car on CarsDirect is by narrowing things down by price. Just click on the price range that works for you and go from there. You'll then be able to narrow things down even more based on segment, features and options. Before you know it, you'll have found a great car that you can actually afford.

Example of a listing on CarsDirect that
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Cars Direct Review

Getting a Quote

To get a quote on the car of your choice through CarsDirect, begin by selecting a specific make. You will be presented with a list that includes several different models. The base MSRP ranges for each one will be listed too. The list can be sorted or narrowed down according to segment and price range.

Next to the model of your choice, click on the "Get a Price" button. You will then have to input your zip code. You can narrow things down even more by choosing specific style options, or you can browse all styles. Click on "Your Price" next to the model that works for you. From there, click on "Get a Free Dealer Quote," provide your contact info and wait a few minutes. Your quotes should start rolling in shortly.

In addition to the features highlighted above, CarsDirect lets you pass along optional information to the dealer including how you're going to pay for the car and whether or not you have a trade-in. Put this service to work for you to have an easier time finding an affordable vehicle.


Cars Direct

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