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Acura Trim Levels, Configurations, Pros vs Cons

About Acura

1986: Honda makes a bold move into luxury with the launch of Acura, giving Japan its first upscale auto brand in the US market.

1986: Acura arrives on the scene with two slick models - the Legend sedan and sporty Integra hatchback. These pioneering rides aim to deliver luxury that everyday folks can afford.

1987: A year in, Acura snags the top import spot among luxury brands in the US. Pretty impressive for the new kid on the block.

1990: Acura shifts into high gear, unveiling their first US-designed car - the mid-engine NSX sports car. Its cutting-edge tech shows off what Acura can do.

1996: After a decade of success, Acura drops the swanky 3.5 RL with a 210-hp V6. It pushes performance and refinement further for the brand.

2000: The new millennium brings Acura's first-ever luxury SUV, the versatile MDX. This trendsetter blends space, looks and slick handling.

2004: Acura transforms its TL into a true sports sedan contender - with 270 horses, six-speed stick shift and Brembo brakes..

2016: Innovation stays center stage with the all-new NSX hybrid. Mixing electric torque with a turbo'd V6, this technical marvel rewrites the rules on performance.

2022: Acura leans into an electrified future with the reborn 2023 Integra. Marrying iconic sport compact roots with eco-friendliness, it signals exhilarating times ahead.