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Audi Trim Levels, Configurations, Pros vs Cons

About Audi

  • 1909: The Audi Automobilewerke company first opens its doors in Germany. Time to start makin' cars!

  • 1910: Audi's first ride, the Type A 10/22, rolls off the line. Gotta start somewhere!

  • 1921: Audi starts racing its cars to build its rep. Pedal to the metal!

  • 1928: The petite Type M enters as a new compact model. Cute and zippy!

  • 1932: Auto Union forms with Audi as one of its four big brands. Strength in numbers!

  • 1939: WWII halts production. Factories flip to military vehicles instead.

  • 1965: VW acquires Auto Union and brings Audi back. The brand gets a new lease on life!

  • 1969: Audi unveils the 100 model range. A new era begins.

  • 1980: The legendary Quattro all-wheel drive coupe arrives. All-weather performance!

  • 1984: The short-wheelbase Sport Quattro cranks up the power. Raw performance on wheels.

  • 1990: The luxurious V8 sedan targets BMW and Benz. Moving upmarket!

  • 1994: The flagship A8 sedan steps in as Audi's new top dog.

  • 1996: The A3 hatchback gives Audi an affordable entry-level model. Now you're talkin'!

  • 2009: Audi leads with cool LED lighting tech. Bright ideas ahead!

  • 2018: The E-Tron SUV signals Audi's first high-volume electric vehicle. An electrified future!