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2022 Audi A5 Pros vs Cons. Should You Buy?

Why Buy a 2022 Audi A5?

Should You Buy a 2022 Audi A5? Here Are Some Reasons For and Against

If you have been thinking about getting a new coupe and want to enter into the world of luxury vehicles, the 2022 Audi A5 might seem like an appealing option. The luxury coupe class is shrinking, and European manufacturers that do make them do not offer a four-door, sport coupe-esque model. This is what makes the A5 really stand out.

The A5 is build on the same essential foundations as the A4 and adds a lot of styling cues: a sloping roofline, sculpted panels for the rear, and bigger wheels being among these styling elements. Marked by a strong performance from either the 45 TFSI or the Sportback's 40 TSFI variant, the A5 does a thorough job of blending power and practicality - not something you'd expect to be combined so effectively in a luxury coupe/hatch.

2021 saw the introduction of wireless smartphone app integration via Apple CarPlay, although Android Auto was restricted to standard wired integration. Unfortunately, that still seems to be the case for 2022. Other luxury automakers - and even some non-luxury brands - are offering wireless smartphone app integration for both types of smartphones.

What's New for 2022?

A few important changes have been made to the 2022 Audi A5, starting with the fact that the Sport suspension now comes standard on both the coupe and hatchback model variants. A smattering of new 19-inch all-season tire options open up for each trim level. The only other big change for the model year is the expansion of the Black Optic package, which is now available on the hatchback version of the A5. Other than that, pretty much everything carries over from the 2021 line-up. You will find that some of the interior inlays and trims have been bundled into packages for your choosing.


Top 10 Reasons to Buy a 2022 Audi A5 – The Pros

1. The 40 TFSI Engine

One of the best introductions to the Audi A5 line-up in recent years has been the 40 TFSI engine. This is Audi's answer to the demand for a somewhat more fuel-efficient model. This 2.0-L 4-cylinder engine has no issue generating 201 hp and 236 lb-ft of torque. It can make it from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 6.4 seconds, which is respectable enough. Audi's quattro all-wheel drive comes equipped along with a 7-speed S tronic dual-clutch transmission. It gets an EPA estimated 29 miles per gallon, which is quite reasonable for this segment.

2. The 45 TFSI Engine

Oh heck, both of these engines are beasts. If you want a nice boost in power, give the 45 TFSI a test drive. This 2.0-L 4-cylinder engine gets 261 hp and 273 lb-ft of torque and zips up to 60 mph in just about 5 seconds, making for an excellent showing. It does also give you an upgrade to the sport-tuned suspension and larger brakes. EPA estimates for the combined mpg only drop down to 27, which is still doable for the average luxury coupe/hatchback driver.

3. The Sportback Variant

Okay, I have to admit, the Sportback is actually a really cool, unique addition to the A5 line-up. You'll be hard-pressed to find anything that matches it. Its sleek and sophisticated fastback styling is remarkably well combined with a versatile and roomy cargo space for all of us practical-minded folks. Most other luxury fastbacks fail to include this much space in their designs. And, with its sporty nature, it is easy to see why many buyers pick it over the coupe (which is still a respectable choice).

4. Natural and Responsive Steering

The A5 has some effortless, natural steering to it. It bulks up as needed and creates a good sense of connection between the driver and the roadway. You can always guess which way the wheels are tracking. Overall, the steering system is responsive, showing no lag between your inputs and how the wheels move. Sporty, check. Secure, check. Fun, double-check.

5. A Smooth Ride Quality

A hallmark of luxury vehicles is their smooth ride quality. Audi hits the nail right on the head with the A5. Even if you equip the optional adaptive suspension, you get a comfortable ride. No bumps make their way into the cabin; the suspension will iron them out well before that can happen. If you've ever driven a Volkswagen (who own and manufacture Audi vehicles), you will recognize that comfy ride quality.

6. A High-quality Interior Design

Audi knows how to make a stunning interior. The German design elements really shine through in the open pore wood trims and inlays, and the leather seats will leave a lasting impression. Everything feels put together well and as though it will withstand the test of time.

7. A Huge Cargo Area and Power Liftgate On the Sportback

The Sportback really does impress with its massive cargo area. You can fit up to 16 suitcases in the back with a little room to spare. Most luxury fastbacks struggle to achieve this feat. What's better is that loading and unloading cargo is made exponentially easier thanks to the power liftgate. You will have a tough time finding something as easy and generous as the Sportback's cargo area.

8. The Easy-to-use MMI Infotainment System

Audi's MMI infotainment system is one of the more user-friendly options in this segment. You get a sizable 10.1-inch screen and can opt for navigation if that is something you want. The interface is easy to follow along with, and voice recognition seems to recognize natural speech patterns without hassle.

9. Audi Virtual Cockpit

The 12.3-inch Virtual Cockpit digital gauge display is one of the coolest options you can equip on the A5 - and it is highly recommended you do so. It digitalizes all of your driving data in a razor-sharp design, making it easy to find the info you want to check. Overall, it creates a stunning visualization that makes the Audi A5 feel truly contemporary, if not a tad futuristic. And it is easy to use.

10. Wireless Apple CarPlay is Available

Since Audi made wireless CarPlay available in 2021, buyers have been glad to do away with pesky USB cords cluttering the front console. Wireless integration is still a considerably new technology, even for luxury vehicles. Having even just wireless Apple CarPlay is a nice option.

Reasons Not to Buy a 2022 Audi A5 – The Cons

1. No Wireless Android Auto

That being said, wireless Android Auto is nowhere to be found on the 2022 Audi A5 line-up. Most competitors who are offering wireless integration are including both systems since buyers make up a strong combination of iPhone and Android users. Wireless Android Auto will likely be added within the next few model years as this becomes a more standardized option.

2. Some Driver Assistance Features Are Left Off the Base Trim

Driver assistance features are becoming the norm on luxury and non-luxury vehicles these days. The fact that Audi leaves off things like adaptive cruise control and lane keep assist for the highest trim levels is a little disconcerting for buyers. On luxury vehicles, those are becoming standard issue.

3. A Rather Basic Warranty Coverage

Warranty coverage on the A5 is relatively basic. The limited warranty covers four years or 50,000 miles while the powertrain warranty covers just four years or 50,000 miles. Take note: Audi does not offer complimentary scheduled maintenance, which is something that many other luxury vehicles manufacturers offer.

4. Rear Headroom is Somewhat Limited

Rear headspace is cramped inside of the A5, especially on the Sportback. The slanted roofline cuts way down on head room, so taller adults will struggle to find enough space. You will end up feeling crouched over.


How It Stacks Up to the Competition:

2022 Audi A5 vs. 2022 BMW 4 Series

Sliding in right around the same price point is the 2022 BMW 4 Series. Quick to accelerate, even the base 4-cylinder engine satisfies drivers looking for some extra pizzazz. And the sporty handling is balanced out well with a comfortable ride quality - something you should expect from a luxury vehicle. Also, the iDrive infotainment system is one of the more user-friendly models you will find in the luxury segment. The downfalls? it has a bucktooth-shaped front fascia that is just awkward to the eye. With the hood being so flat, it is hard to know where the front bumper sits in relation to curbs and other vehicles. The brakes on the Dynamic Handling are too grabby (but at least they're optional). Oh, and the sunroof makes for less headroom for taller drivers.

2022 Audi A5 vs. 2022 Lexus RC 300

The 2022 Lexus RC 300 is priced a few grand below the A5 and has some serious selling points. Its interior craftsmanship is aesthetically pleasing and high quality. On the highway, the RC 300's cabin remains well muted from outside noise. Unfortunately, this vehicle suffers from a sub par performance - not just against the A5, but against much of the rest of the segment. Add to that a hard-to-navigate infotainment system interface, super-cramped back seats (seriously, even kids struggle to fit back there), and a shortage of cargo space, and you've got a luxury vehicle that cannot keep pace with the powerful A5.


The 2022 Audi A5 hasn't changed a whole lot from the 2021 line-up, but you can always opt for the Black Optic package on the Sportback if you want to go for a blacked-out vibe. The Sportback is really the model to get, and either engine option is a solid bet. This might not be the fastest luxury vehicle out there, but it is snappy on the uptake and makes for an exciting ride. Just be warned: You won't get much in the way of generous warranty coverage. You'll really want to keep up on regularly scheduled maintenance even though Audi will not cover it.

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