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Buick Trim Levels, Configurations, Pros vs Cons

About Buick

  • 1899: Buick roars to life as an all-American car company founded by David Dunbar Buick.

  • 1903: Buick becomes the cornerstone of the new General Motors (GM) lineup.

  • Buick quickly gained cred for quality and innovation, like introducing overhead valve engines in 1904. Setting trends early.

  • Over the early 1900s, Buick grows in popularity with diverse models for every need.

  • 1930s: Buick's "Valve-in-Head" straight-eight engines become icons of power and luxury.

  • 1950s-60s were Buick's heyday, with classics like the Roadmaster and Riviera wowing America.

  • In the decades that followed, Buick kept innovating with firsts like the V6 in '62 and turbocharged engines in '78.

  • Lately, Buick focuses on premium rides with modern flair, like the Enclave SUV and Regal Sportback.

  • With a trusted rep earned over a century, Buick remains a brand that holds a special place in the hearts of drivers today.