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About Honda

Honda is a legendary automotive company that started out developing motorcycle engines and transformed itself into a household name by building and manufacturing high quality cars as well as other products. Honda is currently headquartered in Minato, Tokyo. The following is an overview of the history of Honda and many of their greatest accomplishments.

1. 1946 - 1948 -
Soichiro Honda, along with Takeo Fujisawa, founded the company. In 1947 the first official product, the A Type bicycle engine, was produced. Honda Motor Company was incorporated in 1948. These crucial years from 1946 through 1948 are the grassroots beginnings of Honda.

2. 1958 -
The Honda Super Cub is introduced. When it came out it was priced at just 55,000 yen. This was an amount the average consumer could afford at the time. The Super Cub Motorcycle has been produced more than any other motor vehicle in history.

3. 1963 -
This is the decade that Honda began mass producing cars and trucks. The T360 pickup truck was the first production automobile from Honda. The S-Series followed approximately four months after the truck came out.

4. 1964 -
Honda starts competing in Formula One racing. A small group of engineers were assigned to the F-1 project. Honda's efforts eventually culminated in the RA271. Unfortunately, the car crashed before reaching the finish, but was in 9th place at the time.

5. 1972 -
The classic Honda Civic is introduced. The first generation of the Civic lasted until 1979. Both the two and three door Honda Civic came out in 1972.

6. 1976 -
The Honda Accord came out and helped cement Honda's place in the global market as a major car manufacturer. The Accord first came out as a three door hatchback. The sedan was available in 1979.

7. 1982 -
For the first time, a Japanese automaker is manufacturing in the United States. The Honda Accord is now produced in America. It came off the line in the Maysville plant in November of 1982.

8. 1986 -
The first luxury, high performance automobile put out by the Japanese is launched. The Acura was available in both the United States and Canada during this year. It was introduced in Hong Kong, Mexico, and China several years later. By 1986, Honda had opened 60 dealerships throughout North America to help support the Acura division.

9. 1989 -
Honda uses solvent free paint. The same year Soichiro Honda is the first Asian inducted into the United States Automotive Hall of Fame.

10. 1992 -
The company is now producing 20 million units. This is also the year that Honda developed the CBR900RR Motorcycle. This super sport bike was the most lightweight motorcycle in its class, featuring extraordinary control and handling.

11. 1994 -
Honda is officially in the IndyCar World Series. This was also the year that Honda released the Odyssey and the Passport SUVs. The Passport came about as part of a partnership between Honda and Isuzu.

12. 1999 -
Honda promotes the first hybrid electric car commercially. Honda got its first car out, the Insight, one month before Toyota launched its version called the Prius.

13. 2003 -
The worldwide production of automobiles reaches the benchmark of 50 million units in August 2003. The breakdown of some of the individual units sold included the Civic series with about 15 million units and the Accord with about 13 million.

14. 2004 -
Honda celebrates 25 years of manufacturing cars within the United States. During this time Honda produced 17 different types of vehicles in their Ohio plants and had 12 manufacturing plants throughout all of North America. They had approximately 30,000 employees at these plants as well as at R&D centers and sales and parts facilities.

15. 2008 -
Honda produces a hydrogen fuel cell car. This vehicle is even more efficient than a hybrid vehicle that is gas-electric. This hybrid vehicle is named the FCX Clarity. The only by-products of the amazing car are water and heat. The leasing of this car starts in both Japan and the United States.

16. 2012 -
This is the year the millionth hybrid is sold by Honda. Honda is also expanding this year by launching vehicles in places such as Thailand and Brazil.

Honda is continuing to work on environmentally friendly cars as well as compact SUVs. Honda has stood the test of time with innovative products and top of the line technology, expanding through the years into outboard motors, lawn and garden equipment, and robotics.