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2024 Honda Accord Pros and Cons vs Rival Competitors

2024 Honda Accord Pros, Cons, and Competitor Comparison
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By Norman Ruckpaul
Reviewed & fact checked by
James Murdoch
Published: Feb 5, 2024

If an affordable, reliable family sedan is what you need, the 2024 Honda Accord is worth considering. This popular midsize car delivers on gas mileage, interior space, tech features and Honda quality. For carting kids, commuting or a solid daily driver, the Accord has appeal. But how does it compare to big names like the Toyota Camry, Nissan Altima, and Kia K5? The Accord has always reigned supreme, but do the rivals steal its crown in 2024? We will highlight the Accord's pros, cons and whether it still leads its class. Buckle up and discover if the 2024 Accord deserves a spot in your driveway.

What We Like - Twelve Pros to Consider

The 2024 Honda Accord brings a lot to love for drivers wanting a practical midsize sedan. Inside, it delivers a spacious and comfortable cabin. It also gets excellent gas mileage, especially from the hybrid models. Plus, the Accord comes packed with helpful high-tech driver aids and connectivity features. Let's take a closer look at ten key pros that make the Accord worth considering.

1. Spacious Interior Cabin

Inside, the 2024 Accord has a spacious and comfortable cabin. It has more room than a lot of competing sedans. Redesigned front seats, and cool honeycomb trim help make this sedan unique. Higher trims even come with nice leather upholstery for an extra luxury feel.

It has more room than it competitors in almost every dimension - legroom, headroom, shoulder room, etc. Only the Sonata matches it for front legroom. Here is a breakdown of interior space compared to it's rivals:

Front/Rear Headroom (in.):

  • Honda Accord: 39.8/38.0

  • Kia K5: 37.9/37.2

  • Hyundai Sonata: 37.7/37.5

  • Toyota Camry: 38.4/38.0

  • Nissan Altima: 37.7/39.7

Headroom Front and Rear Seats
Vehicle Front Seat Legroom (in.) Rear Seat Legroom (in.)
Honda Accord 39.8 38.0

Kia K5

37.9 37.2
Hyundai Sonata 37.7 37.5
Toyota Camry 38.4 38.0

Nissan Altima

37.7 39.7


Legroom Front and Rear Seats
Vehicle Front Seat Legroom (in.) Rear Seat Legroom (in.)
Honda Accord 42.3 40.4

Kia K5

41.3 37.9
Hyundai Sonata 41.8 37.8
Toyota Camry 42.3 40.4

Nissan Altima

42.0 38.5


The seats are also comfortable and supportive. The ride feels smooth and quiet. Features like heated/cooled seats, dual-zone climate control, and power driver's seat make it really comfortable.

Overall, the 2024 Accord is one of the most space efficient midsize sedans. It has a decent amount of headroom for its class and is good leg room in the front and rear seats.

2. Good Driver Assistance Tech

Safety is super important for the 2024 Honda Accord. It comes standard with Honda Sensing, which is a bundle of cool advanced driver assistance features. These include:

  • Collision mitigation braking

  • Lane keeping assist

  • Lane departure warning

  • Adaptive cruise control

  • Road departure mitigation

  • Traffic sign recognition

Having all these high-tech aids boosts the Accord's already great highway safety ratings. This makes it an incredibly safe and reliable choice if you're looking for a midsize sedan.

3. Smooth Ride and Predictable Handling

The Accord has suspension and steering that give you a comfy ride and easy handling. It's a blast to drive. You get a super smooth ride with great body control so it feels refined and fun.

Consumer Reports placed the Accord and the Hybrid version, on its recommended list do to their road test scores. (Reference: Consumer Reports)

4. Good Fuel Economy from Both Regular and Hybrid Powertrain

The 2024 Accord Hybrid gets good gas mileage compared to other midsize sedans. Even the non-hybrid Accords beat a lot of rivals in mpg, thanks to the continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT) and efficient engines. According to the EPA, the hybrid versions get up to 51 mpg city and 44 mpg highways. Even the non-hybrid models get good mileage - 29 mpg city and 37 mpg highway. If you look below, you will notice that the Accord Hybrid is slightly lower than competing hybrids. This slightly less fuel efficiency has balance out nicely with extra engine power. The 2.0 liter engine gets 204 HP witch leads in it's class.

Compared to its competitors, the Accord's fuel economy holds it own on both powertrains. Here is a comparison to some of Accord's competition:

Hybrid Fuel Economy
Vehicle MPG City MPG Highway MPG Combined
Accord Hybrid 51 44 48
Sonata Hybrid 50 54 52
Camry Hybrid LE 51 53 52
Camry Hybrid SE/XLE/XSE 46 44 47


(Reference Source: EPA)

The Accord's turbo 1.5L engine delivers 29 mpg city and 37 mpg highway. That beats the base engine options for the Kia K5 and Hyundai Sonata in city driving. The Accord trails slightly behind the Camry's 28/39 mpg city/highway ratings. But it matches the Nissan Altima for combined mpg.

So while not leading the pack, the Accord's fuel numbers remain competitive. (And it packs a lot of punch with its 192 HP.) Drivers can expect low 30s fuel economy in combined driving conditions. That keeps the operating costs reasonable for a midsize sedan with plenty of power and features.

5. Good Engine Choices and Power

The 2024 Accord gives you a few engine choices to match what you like. Lower LX and EX models have a zippy 1.5L turbo four-cylinder with a solid 192 horsepower. Higher Sport, EX-L, Sport-L and Touring versions come with a hybrid 2.0L engine pumping out 212 horsepower and 232 lb-ft of torque - plenty powerful!

These options let the Accord balance power and efficiency, working for different driving needs. Whether you want more muscle or save gas, the Accord has an engine for you.

In comparison to the competition, the Accord Hybrid has more power than the following rivals:

Honda Accord Hybrid:

  • 2.0 L engine

  • Horsepower: 204, Torque: 247

Hyundai Sonata Hybrid:

  • 2.0 L engine

  • Horsepower: 150, Torque: 139

Toyota Camry Hybrid:

  • 2.5 L engine

  • Horsepower: 176, Torque: 163

On the regular powertrain the Accord also holds it own. Its Turbocharged 1.5 liter gets Horsepower: 192 that is better than the Sonata (180 HP) and Altima (188 HP). The 1.6 liter Kia K5 ties it at 192 HP. Only the larger engines of the K5 and Camry have more power with there 2.5 liter engines. (290 and 202 HP)

6. Smooth Efficient Transmission and Drivetrain

The Accord has a special continuously variable transmission (CVT) that gives you smooth, efficient driving. It also has idle-stop tech to save gas when driving around town. This adds to the already awesome fuel mileage.

By combining a high-tech transmission with smart drivetrain features, the 2024 Accord is a great choice if you want good gas mileage and a nice ride. The advanced tech really pays off.

7. Good Infotainment and Connectivity Tech

The Accord’s infotainment system makes things simple:

  • User-friendly interface

  • Touch screen responds fast

  • Music and navigation sync up nicely

  • Controls are intuitive when driving

This means you and your passengers can easily access music, maps, and more on the road.

Plus, features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and Google integration make staying connected and entertained super easy. The Accord makes tech simple!

8. Large Cargo Capacity for its Class

The Accord has one of the largest trunks in its class. The cargo space compared to the competition is as follows:

  • Honda Accord - 16.7 cubic feet

  • Kia K5 - 16.0 cubic feet

  • Hyundai Sonata - 16.0 cubic feet

  • Toyota Camry - 15.1 cubic feet

  • Nissan Altima - 15.4 cubic feet

Cargo Capacity
Honda Accord 16.7 cu ft
Kia K5 16.0 cu ft
Hyundai Sonata 16.0 cu ft
Camry Hybrid LE 15.1 cu ft
Nissan Altima 15.4 cu ft


There is not a big difference compared to the K5 and Sonata, but when compared to the Camry and Altima the Accord definitely has more cargo space.

9. Top Safety Ratings

The 2023 Honda Accord also has a Top Safety Pick+ rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). (The 2024 model year is identical so it is not expected to change.) The Kia K5, Hyundai Sonata, Toyota Camry, and Nissan Altima all have Top Safety Pick ratings from the IIHS.

(Reference Source: IIHS)

10. Lowest Five Year Cost to Own in its Segment

When you're comparing cars, you have look past the sticker price and consider extra costs like gas, insurance, and how quickly the car loses value. Even if two vehicles have the same price tag, what you pay long-term can be a big different.

Kelley Blue Book rated the 2023 Accord as the least expensive vehicle to own - in its segment - over a five year period. Cost to Own gives you the skinny on what a ride will really cost you for half a decade. The 2024 Honda is the same vehicle so it is doubtful that status will change.

(Reference source: KBB)

11. Low First Year Depreciation vs Competition

Depreciation is the amount of value a vehicle loses over time - after you drive it off the lot. The majority of the lose is in the first year of ownership. We ran the figures through Edmunds Cost to Own Calculator to see how the Honda held up to its competitors. here is what we found:

First Year Depreciation
Trim Price Depreciation Amount Depreciation %
EX $28,990 $7,972 27%
LX $31,005 $7,740 25%
Sport Hybrid $33,990 $8,283 24%
EX-L Hybrid $35,635 $8,705 24%
Touring Hybrid $39,985 $10,317 26%

Sport L Hybrid

$35,970 $8,823 23%


As you can see, the depreciation percentage in year one ranges from 23% to 27% depending on the trim.

In the table below, we compare the one year, three year and five year depreciation as a percentage of value loss. In year one the Accord and Camry have less depreciation of 19% and the Camry does slightly better in year three and five. The Accord does better than the K5, Sonata and Legacy in all three time frames. That makes the Accord a solid investment with less expected depreciation than most of its competitors.

Depreciation (1 Year/3 Year/5 Year
Vehicle 1 Year % 3 Year % 5 Year %
Honda Accord 19 33 45
Toyota Camry 19 28 39

Kia K5

23 37 53
Hyundai Sonata 28 37 53

Subaru Legacy

22 33 45


The Accord looks like a better investment than many of it close rivals. The exception is the Kia K5 that had better first year depreciation value than the Accord.

(source: Edmunds True Cost to Own)

12. Abundant Trim Level Choices Allows for both Hybrid and and Non Hybrid Options

here is the accord lineup and pricing:

  • Accord Base LX MSRP starting at $28,990

  • Accord EX MSRP starting at $31,005

  • Accord Sport Hybrid MSRP starting at $33,640

  • Accord EX-L Hybrid MSRP starting at $35,285

  • Accord Sport-L Hybrid MSRP starting at $35,620

  • Accord Touring Hybrid MSRP starting at $39,635

The base LX Accord starts at just $28,990, providing an affordable midsize sedan with good gas mileage, a comfortable cabin, and key safety tech.

Moving up, the EX and Sport Hybrid trims in the $31-34k range add popular upgrades like heated front seats, a moonroof, dual-zone automatic climate control, and automatic high beam headlights and more amenities without breaking the bank.

The fully loaded model, the $39,635 Touring Hybrid model brings luxury features including a 12.3" touchscreen, Front and rear parking sensors, leather seats and a powerful hybrid powertrain.

So the Accord spans from a well-equipped base model to a truly premium experience in higher trims, while focusing on efficiency, comfort and safety throughout the lineup. Even entry-level shoppers get lots of value.

What We Question: Four Cons

The 2024 Honda Accord has lots of pluses but there are some downsides too. These include not changing much from 2023, no all-wheel drive choice, and poor rear visibility.

What Could Be Better About the 2024 Accord? Let's look at each of these possible negatives:

1. Limited Desirable Features on the LX and EX Trims

The lower Accord trims, the LX and EX, are a bit basic. You have to step up to the higher trims to unlock the cool stuff. Features like leather seats, a big 12.3-inch screen, wireless Apple CarPlay, and other bells and whistles are only on the top versions.

So if you want all the fancy upgrades on your Accord, be prepared to shell out more dough. The base models don't really have the luxury touches or tech that some buyers want. You're looking at a nice price jump to get the fully loaded experience. The Accord makes you pick: basic or luxury? No in-between.

2. No All-Wheel Drive Option

The Accord doesn't have an all-wheel drive option, unlike some rival sedans. This can be a negative for people in cold climates or who need the extra traction and stability from all-wheel drive. If you really want all-wheel drive, you might want to check out other midsize models that offer it. The Accord is front-wheel drive only.

3. Limited Rear Visibility

According to Consumer Reports, the Accord's sleek styling can make it hard to see out the back. This makes parking and maneuvering in tight spots tougher. Even with a backup camera and parking sensors to help, the poor rear visibility is something to think about if you're deciding on the 2024 Accord. Make sure it's not an issue for your needs. (Reference source: Consumer Reports)

4. Small Seven Inch Touchscreen on LX and EX

Almost all competitors have a larger touchscreen in the lower trims. The Sonata has a 12.3 inch, 8 inches on the Kia K5, and Toyota Corolla. The Altima has a 7 inch touchscreen on the base model but moves up to an 8 inch and then 12.3 inch on the top trim.

5. Minimal Changes for the 2024 Model

If you want a big update, the 2024 Accord might let you down. There are only a few small changes from the 2023 model. This might not bother some people, but if you expect major revisions for 2024, keep this in mind. The changes are pretty minor. (Not the biggest con because it was redesigned in 2023.)

Competitor Insights

The 2024 Honda Accord has many pros when you compare it to similar cars. It beats the competition in gas mileage, interior room, and safety. Let's look at how the Accord measures up to Kia K5, Hyundai Sonata, Toyota Camry, and Nissan Altima sedans and see if it holds its own. Ultimately, your choice will be based on your budget and priorities. Our recommendations below are our opinion based on our research.

Who these Vehicles are Best Suited For

The Accord is ideal if:

You need generous space for family, kids and all their gear. The adult-sized rear seat and massive trunk make passenger and cargo-hauling a breeze. And the Accord's refined ride quality helps keep everyone comfortable. For practicality and comfort, the Accord can't be beat.

The K5 is ideal for:

For buyers who want cutting-edge style and tech, the K5 brings the heat. The eye-catching looks and luxury-level cabin provide serious visual appeal. And the giant touchscreen with navigation plus advanced safety tech caters to techies. If standing out and staying connected matter most, the stylish K5 has you covered.

The Sonata is ideal for:

If the latest tech and stand-out looks are your jam, the Sonata delivers. The racy styling and unique tech like digital key and fingerprint scanner give it an edge. And the upscale cabin provides plenty of flair. So if you want flash and innovation, the Sonata is on point.

The Camry hits the mark if:

Reliability, efficiency and value are your top concerns. With Toyota's stellar reputation, the Camry brings peace of mind. The great MPG keeps your gas budget happy. And you get all the essential safety tech, even on base models. If running costs and dependability matter most, go with the Camry.

The Altima is ideal if:

You want AWD capability or value the savings of a lower starting price. The available all-wheel drive improves traction, while the lower MSRP makes this Nissan more wallet-friendly. For all-weather traction or more bang-for-your-buck, the Altima delivers.

The Bottom Line

The new 2024 Honda Accord keeps up the good stuff from previous models. It gets excellent gas mileage, has a roomy interior, and includes a bunch of the latest tech and safety features. The Accord doesn't have AWD or the best rear visibility, but it makes up for that with different trim options at different price points.

Overall, the Accord is still one of the better picks for a practical midsize sedan. It's comfortable, affordable, and efficient. Test drive one and you'll probably see why it's been popular with families for years. The Accord hits a nice balance of features for most folks. See if it feels like the right fit for your needs when you get behind the wheel.

Note: This article is based on our research and expert reviews. We are not affiliated with Honda or any other automaker and do not receive any compensation for our reviews. This information is based on our opinions and the opinions of the expert reviewers we have referenced.