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Jeep Trim Levels, Configurations, Pros vs Cons

About Jeep

  • 1940: The first Jeep is born for the US Army, sparking the iconic brand. Toughness defined!

  • 1941-1945: Willys and Ford churn out military Jeeps for WWII, cementing Jeep as the rugged warrior.

  • 1945: Civilian CJ Jeeps arrive for the people. The off-road icon goes public!

  • 1950s-60s: The Willys Wagon station wagon and sporty Jeepster expand beyond utility. Joyriding made easy!

  • 1970s: Full-size Cherokee and Wagoneer pioneer luxury SUVs. High-class hauling!

  • 1980s: Under Chrysler, the XJ Cherokee and iconic Wrangler YJ are born. Boxy and beautiful!

  • 1990s: The V8 Grand Cherokee and improved Wrangler TJ arrive. Creature comforts meet capability.

  • 2000s: Liberty, Commander and ultra-rugged Rubicon round out the lineup. Off-road domination!

  • 2010s: Compact Renegade and midsize Cherokee focus on modern design. A new generation.

  • 2020s: Electrified 4xe models and luxury Grand Wagoneer aim upmarket. An electric and luxurious future!