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2022 Buick Envision Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons.

2022 Buick Envision Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons: Essence vs Premium vs Avenir

Compare the 2022 Buick Envision Essence vs Premium vs Avenir Trims

The 2022 Buick Envision is the perfect two-row SUV for those looking to combine luxury with practicality. From its entry-level Preferred trim that offers just enough amenities to make occupants feel special, all the way up to its premium Avenir package - you’ll find style and value no matter your budget! Discover which of these impressive offerings best suits your lifestyle today so you can experience indulgence like never before.

Whether you choose the popular, mid-range trim or go all in for the luxurious one, every 2022 Envision comes with a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine that offers 228 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque to exceed expectations on acceleration - taking your drive to an exciting new level.

For maximum control on the roads, you can equip your vehicle with the optional all-wheel drive feature. With this setup, you'll also have hill descent control - perfect for maneuvering safely down steep hills! The standard configuration is front-wheel drive and comes equipped with a nine-speed automatic transmission to customize your driving experience according to every situation.

The Envision offers an array of clever storage solutions to help enhance its interior practicality. With 39.3 inches of legroom in the second row and 25 cubic feet for cargo, this SUV can easily accommodate passengers and their belongings - especially when you fold down the 60/40 split folding bench seat that opens up a massive 52-cubic foot area! No matter what your needs are, it looks like drivers everywhere have found something useful in the Envisions spacious cabin design.


Compare the Envision Preferred vs Essence. What is the difference?

There are a few differences on the exterior of these first two Buick envision trims. To start, the Preferred has a manual liftgate while the Essence has a hands-free programmable liftgate. That liftgate can even project an LED logo when people approach it with the key fob in hand. The idea of having a power liftgate can be quite intriguing to anyone who’s ever had to fumble around with groceries and/or bags while loading up their vehicles.

The Preferred has 18-inch wheels with a light charcoal metallic finish, and it has heated side mirrors. With the Essence, the wheels are the same size, but they have a light silver metallic finish, and the side mirrors have memory settings. Both trims have automatic high beams, LED Daytime Running Lamps, LED headlamps, LED tail lamps, and silver roof rails. These contribute to the modern look of the Envision.

Those on the lookout for an advanced technological cabin experience are sure to appreciate the Buick Preferred. Boasting 8-inch touchscreen with user friendly interface, Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility - plus 6 speakers equipped with SiriusXM satellite radio access – this model delivers a modern drive like no other. For those seeking even more cutting edge features can upgrade their ride by opting in for 10.2 inch touch screen at extra cost!

The Preferred provides luxury features that drivers can appreciate every day, such as a leather-wrapped steering wheel and keyless open. Ambient lighting brings an elegant atmosphere to the car while automatically dimming rearview mirrors provide extra safety for night driving. Drivers also have the option of power or manual adjustments on both seats; heated front seats are available but not included in this trim package.

On the Essence, more features are included. Heated front seats and a memory function for the driver's seat come standard, along with power-adjustable passenger seats that can be adjusted to suit individual needs. Drivers will appreciate that this level has remote start capability and heated steering wheel too; after starting an engine remotely, climate control can turn on automatically so passengers get comfortable before entering. Unlike the Preferred which only has manual climate control, the Essence boasts dual-zone automatic climate control rather than just one.

The Essence offers much the same technology as its bigger brother, the Preferred; however, it comes standard with a 10.2-inch touchscreen instead of eight. You also have the option to upgrade to an infotainment system with navigation for extra peace of mind. Furthermore, this trim boasts one extra speaker than its rival and gets an amplifier as well.

On the Preferred, there's a 4.2-inch driver information center behind the steering wheel that provides data such as odometer, tire pressure, fuel range, average fuel economy and more. On the Essence model, this display is larger at eight inches; it displays similar data as its smaller counterpart but in easier-to-read typeface. Plus it can be reconfigured according to user preferences too.

With QuietTuning technology, you'll experience a peaceful journey like never before. Triple door seals, laminated windshields and front side windows offer complete noise cancellation from outside sources while active sound reduction eliminates engine vibrations to create an interior cabin of serene tranquility.

Buick's Envision SUV is like an extra set of eyes on the road, with its driver-assist technologies designed to keep you safe from potential danger. It features the latest in advanced collision alert and emergency braking technology so it can detect when pedestrians are crossing your path and avoid collisions before they occur – giving drivers peace of mind as well as added safety protection.

An HD rear vision camera and rear park assist are standard features on Buick vehicles, respectively. Rear park assist alerts the driver when their vehicle gets too close to other objects when backing up, while lane keep assist and lane departure warning work together to keep your Buick centered in its lane with gentle steering corrections that don't engage when your turn signal has been activated - no need to fear unwelcome responses from these systems.

One component that's available on the Essence but not on the Preferred is enhanced automatic parking assist. After someone finds a parking space, this program can be engaged. It will steer the vehicle into position, and it can control the speed of the vehicle as well. All the driver has to do is shift gears when appropriate and be on standby in case anything unexpected occurs. Given how small some spots can be, this type of parking assist program can make parking a breeze.

Compare the Essence vs Avenir Trim Levels. What is the difference?

Taking a drive in the Avenir is sure to make heads turn. Its eye-catching pearl nickel 20 inch wheels add that extra special touch, setting it apart from its Essence counterpart - which would require an additional fee for similar upgrades. With this much style and grace, one can understand why the price tag on this top-of-the line trim costs around $5K more than its sister model.

Inside the cabin of the Avenir, there's a 110-volt power outlet that can prove to be convenient when people are away from home. The speaker system is upgraded to one that has nine Bose speakers. This can make a difference in terms of audio quality, especially because there's AudioPilot noise compensation technology that allows the system to adjust equalization and volume level depending on how much cabin noise is detected.

One of the most noticeable enhancements is that the Avenir has navigation integrated into its touchscreen. The GPS navigation system can be useful when driving in unfamiliar territory. It can be a valuable tool even when driving to or from work since it can update people about any traffic concerns. Plus, the Avenir's 10.2-inch touchscreen has HD Radio and can work with certain apps that people can download; the eight-inch touchscreen doesn't have this feature.

For those who frequently carry items in the back of their SUVs, the Avenir's standard cargo cover may be an attractive feature. It provides some privacy and keeps items shaded and out of the way. A cargo net is available across the lineup, and this can make it easier to keep things organized.

The Avenir offers all the warmth and comfort of a home away from home, even during chillier days. Front-seat passengers can stave off winter's frosty bite with heated seats as well as an optional heated steering wheel for added coziness. But that same feature allows rear outboard seat occupants to keep warm too! On warmer days, both driver and front passenger have built-in ventilated seating to stay cool while on their journey - providing the perfect four season automotive experience!

Wireless charging is included on the Avenir, offering convenience and portability. As more devices become compatible with wireless charging, this feature may become increasingly important to potential buyers. Furthermore, special buttons on the Avenir allow you to open garage doors or activate security systems remotely.

Two other standout features on the Avenir are HD surround vision and a head-up display. Surround vision can be invaluable when driving in tight places, while the head-up projecting key information onto the windshield right behind the steering wheel keeps drivers' eyes focused forward while staying informed about important data.

One additional safety feature on the Avenir is front park assist. This program alerts drivers if they are getting too close to objects in front of them, making it difficult to judge distance when behind the wheel. As a result, many people have come to rely on this program for extra peace of mind.


Final Thoughts

With three trim levels available in the 2022 Buick Envision, making a decision shouldn't be too difficult. All models fall between what many consider affordable and luxurious, so cost will always be an important factor when searching for a potential buyer.

For those who can't stomach spending more than $40,000 on a vehicle, the mid-level Essence would be an ideal option. It features heated front seats, remote start and power-operated liftgate - all of which can be so nice to have. While Preferred feels elegant in certain aspects, it simply cannot compare when it comes to amenities. Plus, the Essence boasts larger touchscreens, driver information displays and dual-zone automatic climate control compared to its smaller counterpart.

The Avenir offers even more features at a higher starting price point, but those benefits come at the cost of higher starting price. Navigation, heated and ventilated front seats, heated rear seats, surround vision and head up display are just some of the perks associated with this trim level. Buyers must decide if these extras are worth investing in; if budget allows then the Avenir would provide an enjoyable experience.

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