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2022 Fiat 500X Pros vs Cons. Should You Buy?

Why Buy a 2022 Fiat 500X?

Should You Buy a 2022 Fiat 500X? Here Are Some Reasons For and Against

Drivers in the market for a subcompact SUV should take a look at the 2022 Fiat 500X. Cool retro styling helps set it apart from the competition. A handsome interior and perky performance make this miniature-sized crossover more fulfilling. Although the new 500X is a tad more expensive than the other models in the class, many people will love its overall uniqueness. Keep reading to learn more about why the Fiat 500X deserves a test drive.

What’s New for 2022?

For 2022, the 500X offers a new retractable cloth sunroof as an option. Fiat has also introduced a new top-of-the-line Yacht Club Capri model, which features unique exterior and interior styling treatments. Last year’s Trekking Plus trim is no longer offered.


Top 10 Reasons to Buy a 2022 Fiat 500X – The Pros

1. Likable Turbocharged Powertrain

Every trim comes equipped with the same perky powertrain. Motivating the 500X is a small four-cylinder, which is boosted by a turbocharger. Fiat rates it to squeeze out a sufficient 177 horsepower. What makes the 500X such a pleasing performer is its class-leading 210 lb-ft of torque. Drivers can enjoy energetic acceleration and admirable passing power. When driving up mountain roads, the SUV’s nine-speed shifts down to provide more muscle for climbing. Fuel economy stands at a decent 24 mpg town/30 mpg highway.

2. More Nimble Than Many Larger SUVs

This crossover’s small stature will benefit city dwellers. A short wheelbase and sharp turning radius make the 500X less challenging to navigate in heavy traffic. The 2022 Fiat 500X is also easier to parallel park than a larger SUV. While the 500X is not a sports car, it is quite nimble. Its electronic steering system helps instill confidence in drivers. Activating the sport mode stiffens the steering for a more engaging driving experience.

3. Comes Ready to Face Bad Weather

Unlike most subcompact crossovers, the 2022 Fiat 500X comes standard with a modern AWD system. When the road conditions become slippery, the system automatically engages to provide greater traction and control. Activating the Traction+ driving mode gives you more security. Drivers who reside in cold-weather regions find the 500X to be a commendable performer in the snow. The SUV’s nearly 8.0 inches of ground clearance will come in handy on wintry days. It’s a good alternative to a low-slung hatchback.

4. Retro-Inspired Styling Turns Heads

When first seeing the 500X, many people are won over by this SUV's retro-inspired exterior styling. Many of its design cues were taken from the original model of the 1950s. Each trim level has its own exclusive theme. Drivers seeking a muscular look will be interested in the Sport trim, which flaunts sleeker bodywork and blacked-out accents. Meanwhile, a more rugged-looking front fascia makes the Trekking trim appear more adventurous. Featuring a unique Venezia Blue paint color, the Yacht Club Capri model is the lineup’s most exclusive trim.

5. Distinctly Italian Interior

The 500X’s Italian interior further separates it from every other SUV in the class. Its cabin looks and feels a bit more luxurious. Many people consider the 500X to be a good alternative to a more premium European model. Buyers will have quite a few different interior options to choose from, including sport leather upholstery. Ivory leather-trimmed seats and a leather-wrapped shift knob are found inside the new Yacht Club Capri edition. Wood-grain dash inserts are available as well.

6. Comfortable Vehicle to Drive Daily

Many people who are looking to buy a subcompact SUV will be commuting on a regular basis. The 2022 500X definitely proves to be a good daily driver. Car reviewers were impressed by the comfort of the crossover’s front seats. They have just the right amount of bolstering. Along with the available Cold Weather Group package comes front-seat heating modes. Meanwhile, optional ambient interior lighting helps set a more relaxed mood. Taller drivers will especially appreciate the 500X’s good amount of leg space.

7. Standard Uconnect Infotainment System

All versions of the 2022 Fiat 500X receive an Uconnect infotainment system. Automotive journalists praise this touchscreen interface for its straightforward operation. In contrast to some of today’s other multimedia systems, it still provides traditional knobs to adjust the stereo volume and tune radio stations. With the use of built-in Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, drivers can integrate their smartphone with no difficulty. By allowing drivers to speak commands, voice control technology further enhances the unit’s hassle-free operation.

8. Beats Premium Audio System

Although the available Beats audio system is an extra cost, it delights music fans with a more entertaining soundtrack. It is a must-have upgrade for true music buffs. This unit features a total of six premium speakers and a built-in amplifier. An enclosed subwoofer in the rear enables listeners to experience stronger bass.

9. Offers Some Safety Upgrades

Drivers looking to enhance their awareness on the road can take advantage of the 500X’s optional safety tech. The forward collision warning system can sense a potential crash, thus giving drivers more time to react. Meanwhile, a blind-spot monitor makes driving less stressful by detecting unseen vehicles. Other available driving aids include lane departure notification, smart cruise control, and rain-sensing wipers.

10. New Cloth Sunroof

A newly available cloth sunroof gives the 2022 Fiat 500X a special touch. This is a feature that no other model in the segment offers. At the tap of a button, the roof retracts to create an open-air cabin. It’s the next best thing to a true soft-top convertible.

Reasons Not to Buy a 2022 Fiat 500X – The Cons

1. Limited Backseat Space

Drivers who have a larger family may find the new Fiat 500X to be a tad too small. While front passengers can spread out, there’s not as much space for backseat occupants. There’s around 34.8 inches of legroom in the crossover’s second row, which means taller people may not fit comfortably. Long road trips in the 500X will not be as relaxing when traveling with a full load of adult-sized passengers.

2. Less Cargo Space

The 2022 Fiat 500X provides less cargo space than other similarly-sized SUVs. According to Fiat, there’s roughly 14 cubic feet of storage space behind the rear seats. Quite a few family sedans provide more room in the trunk. While the 500X will have no trouble holding golf bags and groceries, drivers may have trouble transporting larger items.

3. Questionable Long-Term Reliability

Research shows that the 500X is less reliable than other new vehicles. Owners may need to have a few repairs done after the original warranty expires. Because of the Fiat 500’s questionable long-term reliability, its resale value takes a hit.

4. Not Made for Off-Roading

Although the 2022 Fiat 500X offers a rugged-looking Trekking trim, it’s actually no more adventurous than the other trim levels. The 500X does not offer any off-road upgrades, such as metal skid plates and trail-rated shock absorbers. While a standard AWD system enables this crossover to handle a dirt road, drivers should not attempt to tackle more adverse terrain.

5. Rather Firm Ride

Folks seeking a well-cushioned ride may be disappointed with the new 500X. When traveling over rough road surfaces, things can get a tad bumpy. This quality takes away some of the 500X’s luxuriousness.


How It Stacks Up to the Competition:

2022 Fiat 500X vs 2022 2022 Jeep Renegade

These two SUVs are actually built on the same platform. However, the Renegade offers a greater number of off-road features. While some people like the Renegade’s boxy appearance, others will favor the 500X’s retro-inspired styling. Italian interior treatments further set apart the 500X.

2022 Fiat 500X vs 2022 Mini Countryman

Although the 2022 Mini Countryman offers the most rear legroom, it is noticeably more expensive than the 500X. The high-performance John Copper Works version of the Countryman easily surpasses $40,000. Not only does the Countryman charge extra for Apple CarPlay iPhone integration, but it does not even offer Android Auto. While the Fiat 500X develops full power on regular gasoline, the Countryman requires premium fuel.

2022 Fiat 500X vs Subaru Crosstrek

The more rugged Subaru Crosstrek is a better choice for drivers who plan to venture off the beaten path. However, its exterior styling may not draw as much attention. Fiat’s turbocharged engine also develops more torque, thus giving the 500X a livelier feel around town.


The new 2022 Fiat 500X definitely has some appealing qualities. There are plenty of car shoppers who will like its retro-inspired styling and perky powertrain. A smaller stature also makes the 500X a better SUV for city dwellers. Standard all-wheel drive helps ensure a dependable performance in wintry weather. Well-bolstered front seats also make for a comfortable driving experience.

While the Fiat 500X has some endearing qualities, there are so some potential cons to buying this SUV. Its backseat and cargo area are a bit on the small side. The 500X is also pricier than some of its key competitors.