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2021 Ford Mustang Pros vs Cons. Should You Buy?

Why Buy a 2021 Ford Mustang?

Should You Buy a 2021 Ford Mustang? Here Are Some Reasons For and Against

The Mustang is one of those cars that's distinctly American. It embodies the frontier spirit, with its powerful engine, athletic frame, and adventurous spirit. The 2021 Ford Mustang has a similar look to its predecessors, and it has the addition of many high-tech features. It's a car that anyone would be proud to drive if they value performance and style.

What's New for 2021?

Most things have been held standard for the 2021 model year. However, one big change is that the Mach 1 trim is back. It's a limited edition, so it may be hard to find, but anyone who does manage to get one of these Mustangs is going to love what it can do and how it looks. There are special stripes on the hood and sides of the car, and it has high-performance components to enhance its handling.

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Top 10 Reasons to Buy a 2021 Ford Mustang – The Pros

1. "Basic" Engine Is Excellent

One of the most attractive things about the Ford Mustang is its engine. The standard engine on the car is a turbocharged four-cylinder with a displacement of 2.3 liters. Just hearing this description might not impress someone right away, but rest assured that it's quite capable. With a standard package, this engine can churn out 310 horsepower and 250 pound-feet of torque.

A performance package increases horsepower to 330 and bumps torque all the way up to 350 pound-feet. This package would come with an active exhaust and quad tips, and it would make the Ford's four-cylinder the most powerful engine of its type.

2. More and More Power

Most people would be more than satisfied with the 2.3-liter engine, but there are many options available to those who prefer more capability. The GT trim runs on a five-liter V8. It's super responsive, coming with 460 horsepower and 420 pound-feet of torque. The Mach 1 also has a V8 engine, but it has a slightly different design. This allows it to pump out 480 horsepower. Note that the Mach 1 uses a six-speed manual transmission.

Last but not least, there's the Shelby GT500. This is a car that can be right at home on the track, and it can beat almost any car off the line. That's because it runs on a supercharged V8. It's a sizable engine that has a displacement of 5.2 liters. With this component under the hood, the Mustang can have over 760 horsepower. This is truly amazing, especially when factoring in the 625 pound-feet of torque.

3. Control the Engine Sound

The Mustang has an active valve performance exhaust. This lets a driver choose how loud or quiet his/her engine is. If someone is just going to work on a peaceful weekday morning, it would probably be smart to use the Quiet Start setting so as to not disturb the neighbors. If the car is being used on the open road and a driver wants to not only feel but also hear the roar of the engine, there's Sport mode or Track mode. Normal mode is another option that would be a compromise.

4. Get Ready to Launch

Ford has come up with many ways to enhance the excitement level of the Mustang. There's something called Launch Control, which gives the car the ability to make a quick start off the line. It sets up a situation that's similar to what one might see in the movies, with the rear tires spinning and the front brakes getting released on a slight delay. People can get their Mustangs going at just the right time, using the gauges to know exactly when to open things up.

5. Premium Damping

An available MagneRide Damping System can make a big difference in how smooth the drive is in a Mustang. It can make up to one thousand micro-adjustments in the course of a second. This really balances things out and can let people drive around corners and over uneven terrain with more confidence.

6. An Open-Air Experience

The Mustang can come as a convertible, giving people a memorable way to get around. By simply touching a button, the top can fold down and lock into place. Then, the fresh air can be all around the cabin, and people can enjoy what it feels like to have the wind in their hair and the sun shining down on them. There's nothing quite like driving a convertible when the weather is nice.

7. A Unique Appearance

The body shape of the Ford Mustang is aerodynamic and eye-catching. Beyond that, there can be special wheels and accents that can help the car stand out even more. The wheel choices include 19-inch machined-face aluminum wheels with painted pockets, wheels with a luster nickel finish, and ones that are polished aluminum. Several bright paint colors are available, such as Grabber Yellow and Antimatter Blue. Several trims have exclusive badging, and some may come with racing stripes and blackout features.

8. Technology Can Do So Much

In a Ford Mustang, a driver can have access to so many pieces of information. With Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, it's easy to make phone calls, check text messages, access certain apps, and listen to downloaded or streamed music. A driver can keep track of how the vehicle is doing on the available 12-inch customizable digital cluster behind the steering wheel.

The SYNC 3 interface can come with more features to make everyday tasks more convenient. With FordPass Connect, the Mustang can act as a Wi-Fi hotspot that up to ten devices can connect to. Ford + Alexa lets people shop on Amazon from their vehicles and look up all kinds of information. With the built-in Waze app, drivers can find the most direct route from one point to another. In addition, the available navigation program can accept voice commands so that a driver can keep his or her hands on the wheel.

9. Premium Cabin Components

In the cabin of the Mustang, everything can be very upscale. Ambient lighting can set the mood, and the leather seats can be comfortable and supportive. To keep things more comfortable, the front seats can be heated and cooled, and the steering wheel can be heated, too. More leather can be found on the parking brake handle and steering wheel, and the aluminum foot pedals can add to the aesthetic.

10. Staying Safe

It's not a secret that the Mustang is designed to go fast. To keep people safe while they're having fun, Ford has given the Mustang the Co-Pilot360 package. This consists of several driver-assist systems that can look out for problems, warn drivers about potential issues, and possibly take action if necessary. With this type of equipment, the Mustang can hit the brakes if it's about to hit a vehicle in front of it, correct steering if it's drifting out of a lane, and warn drivers about rear cross traffic or vehicles in their blind spots.

The Mustang could also come with adaptive cruise control. When this program is engaged, the car can monitor how close it is to the vehicle in front of it. If that vehicle slows down or speeds up, the Mustang can adjust its speed accordingly.

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Reasons Not to Buy a 2021 Ford Mustang – The Cons

1. Tiny Back Seat

The second row of the Ford Mustang only has about 30 inches of leg room. This is enough space to fit two passengers, but it would be far from comfortable for anyone who's on the taller side. The Mustang isn't an ideal vehicle for running the kids to various activities or bringing more than one friend or family member on a long-distance road trip.

2. No All-Wheel Drive

Some of Ford's competitors make sports cars with all-wheel drive to improve their handling. Unfortunately, the Mustang doesn't have this option. Drivers will have to stick with rear-wheel drive. In comparison with front-wheel drive, it allows performance to be enhanced. Rear-wheel drive definitely gives the Mustang an athletic feel, but anyone driving the Mustang in slippery conditions may wish that power could be sent to all four wheels when necessary.

3. Expensive Upgrades

It's great that Ford has given customers so many options with the Mustang. The average customer, though, won't have an easy time affording any of the higher trims. There are three models priced above $50,000, and these would be a stretch for people on more limited budgets. The most premium model available, which is the Shelby GT500, costs more than $70,000.

How It Stacks Up to the Competition:

2021 Ford Mustang vs 2021 Chevrolet Camaro

There has long been a fierce competition between Ford and Chevrolet. The Camaro matches up nicely with the Mustang. However, the Mustang can out shine the Mustang when looking at their safety packages. Plus, the standard powertrain in the Mustang outperforms what the base engine in the Chevy can do. Finally, sports cars aren't known for their spacious cabins, but the Mustang does have a more spacious interior than the Chevy does. This can go a long way in terms of practicality.

2021 Ford Mustang vs 2021 Dodge Challenger

The Challenger feels more like a muscle car than the Mustang does. It's likely that many people will prefer the more aerodynamic look of the Mustang over the beefed up Challenger. Many people would argue that the Ford Mustang handles better than the Dodge Challenger does on city streets due to its different body design. Given that people aren't going to be exclusively driving on race tracks, this could be a really important point.


The Ford Mustang has long been an iconic vehicle. It's athletic, fast, and fun, making it a perfect dream car for many drivers. There's no doubt that the Mustang offers a lot of excitement. Since Ford gives customers so many options, there's plenty of opportunity to find a Mustang that matches an individual's preferences. Overall, the Ford Mustang would be a great choice for anyone who wants to drive something with a little flair.

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