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2021 Hyundai Elantra Trim Levels with Comparisons & Configurations.

2021 Hyundai Elantra Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons: SE vs SEL & Limited

What 2021 Hyundai Elantra Trim Level Should you Buy? What is the Difference Between Trims?

The 2021 Hyundai Elantra is the perfect combination of style, comfort and performance. Its impressive design features a sleek exterior, aerodynamic shape and elegant interior with spacious seating for four - offering 42.3 inches of legroom in the front cabin as well as 38 inches in the rear seat area complete with 14.2 cubic feet trunk capacity to store cargo. Plus all models have been outfitted differently depending on your driving preference; go green with hybrid SEL or Limited trim options boasting up to 50 miles per gallon fuel efficiency or stick to more traditional powertrains featuring a 4-cylinder 2 liter engine producing 147 horsepower & 132 pound-feet torque.


Compare the Elantra SE vs SEL Trims. What is the difference?

Step up to the new SEL and treat yourself to a ride that goes beyond expectations. With its 16-inch wheels, you'll be sure to turn heads on any street or highway. And standing out will come as easy with LED taillights, dark chrome grille, and sleek chrome accents adorning every angle of this beautiful car. But it's not only about looks; inside the cabin are some great upgrades too! Get access to SiriusXM Satellite Radio – producing quality programming across dozens of radio stations so finding something enjoyable no longer takes hours tuning in for just one hit song - all titles released at your fingertips.

The SEL has a dual-zone automatic climate control system, whereas the SE has a manual system. While the manual one can certainly do the job just fine, it can be more convenient to have the automatic system that's found in the SEL. The SEL's one-touch auto-up window on the driver's side is nice to have, though it's certainly not necessary.

Another component that's standard in the SEL but not in the SE is the Blue Link Connected Care & Remote Package. This Blue Link program provides a way for people to do many things from their smartphones. They can use their phones to remotely start their engines or lock/unlock their doors. Through an app, someone can run a full diagnostic check on his or her car, and if something needs attention, a service appointment can be scheduled through the app. Blue Link also lets people pinpoint the exact location of their vehicles. When parked in a large lot or on busy city streets that all look the same, this can be helpful.

Hyundai's SE has taken convenience and connectivity to the next level with its 8-inch touchscreen. This user-friendly display enables easy access to Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Bluetooth phone calls and voice recognition - plus two USB ports for charging! Drivers have complete control over their infotainment system right at their fingertips thanks to multiple audio controls mounted on the steering wheel.

Safety is an area in which Hyundai has focused its attention. It's very impressive that the SE has numerous driver-assist systems built into it. It has blind spot and rear cross-traffic monitoring. Those monitoring systems work hand-in-hand with mitigation systems, in which pressure to the brakes can be applied if necessary to avoid an accident. The Elantra comes standard with a few systems that work together to keep a driver centered in a lane, high beams that can turn themselves on and off as necessary, and a warning system that will engage if it seems like the driver needs to be paying more attention to the road.

One of the most useful features in the safety package is forward collision-avoidance assist. This program can sense when the Elantra is approaching another vehicle or pedestrian too quickly. If this is the case, the car will emit a warning, and it could potentially hit the brakes on behalf of the driver.

It's important to let people know that the SEL has an available Convenience Package. This package comes with eight extra features, to include wireless charging, heated front seats, and advanced cruise control. There's also the opportunity to enhance the SEL with the Premium Package. It consists of other high-end amenities, such as a power sunroof, Bose sound system, and Hyundai Digital Key.

Compare the Elantra SEL vs Limited. What is the difference?

The move to the Limited from the SEL may seem like a steep jump in price, but when looking at an increase of just $1,300 for upgrading from SE to SEL - it's really quite reasonable. To set itself apart even more than its interior re-designs and extra features allow; this model sports LED headlights (as opposed to projector ones found on lower models) as well as chrome trim around its windows and dark chrome grille. On top of that there are heating elements present inside mirrors along with turn signals helping those behind you clearly see your intended direction during bad weather or difficult driving conditions.

The seats on the Limited are covered in leather. This gives the car a touch of elegance. The steering wheel and shifter are also wrapped in leather. In this trim, the driver's seat is power-adjustable and has lumbar support. This can make a difference in terms of keeping the driver comfortable on longer road trips, and it can keep fatigue to a minimum. Both the driver and front passenger get to have heated seats. This heating element is really noticeable on cold mornings and evenings, when the chill is all around.

The Limited has a few components that can be used to stay organized. The front passenger seatback has a pocket, and in the back row, the middle seatback can be used as an armrest. This armrest even has cupholders in it.

Sometimes, people need to transport larger items. A big help in those instances is having the Limited's 60/40 split-folding rear seatback. One side of the seatback, or both, can be folded down so that the car can carry longer items like skis or other equipment.

Once people sit inside the Elantra Limited, they may immediately notice the large touchscreen. This top-level trim has a touchscreen that measures 10.25 inches. Plus, the Limited has a Bose audio system. This system comes with eight speakers, to include a subwoofer to enhance the overall richness of the sound quality.

Wireless charging is standard on this trim, as is dynamic voice recognition. It's easier than it has ever been to keep devices charged and to interact with technology. Beyond this, the Limited has Blue Link Guidance and navigation. People can have instant access to traffic information and can utilize turn-by-turn directions as they explore new areas or try to make their way efficiently through town.

The Hyundai Digital Key was briefly mentioned above. This is a step beyond a proximity key. A proximity key, which is standard on the SEL, can be used to unlock or lock the car. With this key, a driver doesn't have to physically push any button on the key fob. Rather, the driver can simply have the key fob in a pocket or bag and then touch the sensor on the door handle to lock or unlock it.

With the Digital Key, an Android smartphone can take the place of the key fob. A driver can program the system to recognize a particular Android smartphone. From that point forward, the smartphone acts as the "key". The car will sense its presence and will be ready to unlock the doors when the driver approaches the vehicle and touches the door sensor. Once the phone has been placed on the wireless charger, push-button start can be initiated.


Final Thoughts

The all-new 2021 Hyundai Elantra offers a world of possibilities to drivers looking for the perfect balance between performance and comfort. With both hybrid and N-Line trims available, there's something to suit everyone - making the much sought after turbocharged driving experience more accessible than ever before! But among its remarkable selection is one variant that stands out: the Limited trim. Combining luxurious leather upholstery with heated front seats as well as an upgraded touchscreen featuring embedded navigation capabilities and a premium sound system, this model promises endless hours behind the wheel in pure indulgence - at fares you can afford.

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