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2022 Infiniti Q60 Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons.

2022 Infiniti Q60 Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons: Pure vs Luxe and RED AWD
Reviewed & fact checked by
James Murdoch

Compare the 2022 Infiniti Q60 Trims - Pure vs Luxe and RED AWD. What is the difference between them?

Step into the 2022 Infiniti Q60 and experience an unparalleled level of luxury like never before. Boasting racecar-like acceleration and performance, this sophisticated yet sporty coupe will have you feeling as if you're on a Formula One track right from your own driveway! Satisfying even the most demanding style enthusiasts with its superior power capabilities, it's guaranteed to exceed all expectations worldwide!

Immerse yourself with all that an Infiniti can offer—with several trims and build options available at your fingertips to customize every detail of what is sure to be a head turner as well as ultimate driving experience unlike anything else out there today.

The Infiniti Q60 offers unmatched performance and luxury options with the added feature of all-wheel drive available on all trims. Engineered to offer smooth handling, this vehicle's suspension is unlike any other - surpassing even the Camaro in terms of curve control and road comfort. All models have a seven-speed automatic transmission for ease when transitioning through gears, giving drivers an unparalleled ride experience that belies its sporty exterior design; allowing them to traverse rough roads without feeling every bump along the way!

The change for this year's Infiniti Q60 release, is the addition of wireless Apple CarPlay. The rest remains the same because it works. Infinity understands that there's no need to change perfection. The standard features are amazing on the Infiniti Q60. There are trim levels that make it even better.

If you're looking for options, the Infiniti Q60 has got 'em! With six different trims to choose from — including two versions of PURE and AWD - there's a style out there that fits your unique taste. If color is what matters most, go with LUXE - they've got 7 exterior shades so you can make sure it stands out in any crowd. But if Slate Blue or Monaco Red are must-haves on your ride? You'll need to take things up an extra notch: The RED SPORT 400 and its AWD companion offer both those hues as interior selections…for when only perfect will do!

With the Infiniti Q60, luxury and performance pair up to make an incredible ride. Each trim level provides something special while accessories provide extra options for customizing this luxe coupe. All-wheel drive enhances road handling so you can feel like a pro behind the wheel of your sporty new machine!

Compare the Pure vs Luxe Trims.  What is the difference?

The difference between the Infiniti PURE and the Infiniti LUXE are impressive. The nice improvements to the wheels and finish provide a stylish appearance. A 12.3-inch Infiniti display for the infotainment system makes the base trim Infiniti Q60 convenient. Drivers can navigate safely with the display within reach of the driver's seat.

The improved safety features offer a nice advance to the appeal of the upgraded trim. All of them have the exact same power. The noticeable differences between each are color selections and features. Buyers can select from several nice features in those optional trims.

The interior includes leather seating and Boise speakers. The Infinity Q60 LUXE also includes a tire pressure monitoring system. The Infiniti Q60 PURE come standard with dual zone temperature control. That is essential in warmer climates.

The LUXE is $10,000 more than the PURE. Added features like a moon roof come standard with the LUXE. The audio system is a performance series for enhanced sound. It includes heated front seats, and a heated steering wheel. The Infiniti Q60 RED is over $7,000 more than the LUXE.

When buyers add the all-wheel drive option to the build, it adds another $2,000 to the order. The increased price covers things like the look of the vehicle with alternative color choices.

The suspension is better than the already impressive LUXE and PURE. The Red trim includes the 20-inch wheels. The steering is far more reactive for better control on the road. When buyers select the PURE or the LUXE, they have adaptive cruise control.

The essential package that is an option for the LUXE, also gives power tilt steering wheels. Considering the power folding mirrors are on the outside, the memory driver seat makes driving the LUXE worth the extra cost.

The Difference Between the Q60 Pure vs  Luxe Trims

The Infiniti PURE and LUXE models boast striking differences. Whether it's their stylish wheels or sleek exterior finish, these cars are certainly eye-catching. The base trim Q60 has a luxurious touch too with its 12.3" infotainment display making navigation safer and more convenient for drivers from the comfort of their seat.

Outfitted with advanced safety features, the Infiniti Q60 trims offer buyers a variety of color and feature options. With luxurious leather seating, upscale speakers from Boise and climate controls suited to every environment - such as its optional tire pressure monitoring system for warmer areas - drivers can have peace of mind while they cruise.

For those looking to upgrade their ride, the Infiniti Q60 RED offers an array of luxurious amenities sure to make any drive more enjoyable. Premium upgrades such as a moon-roof and performance audio system will transform your listening experience while heated front seats and wheels keep you warm in all conditions. All these features come with just one $10,000 upcharge from the PURE edition - making it worth every penny!

Cruise down the road in complete confidence with an all-wheel drive upgrade! Give your vehicle some extra flare by selecting from a range of stylish colors and 20 inch wheels. Enjoy added responsiveness courtesy of improved suspension, plus adaptive cruise control for even greater security when driving - making each experience behind the wheel unforgettable.

Looking for a car that brings added comfort? The LUXE offers drivers power tilt steering wheels and memory driver seats, plus the convenience of exterior folding mirrors. Investing in this premium package makes driving with sophistication an affordable reality.

Compare the LUXE AWD vs RED AWD Trim Levels

For those seeking to make a truly luxurious statement when taking the wheel, leave it up to the RED SPORT trim. Sure, LUXE may provide all the essentials for an elevated driving experience - but why stop there? Introducing its new slate gray color option and choice of interior accents in both red and black; you can now add that extra touch of decadence as you cruise along!

Our trims come fully loaded with add-ons that cater to all needs! From weather protection mats and a cargo bag, to an emergency roadside kit for extra peace of mind - you name it, we've got it. So why wait? Get the perfect package today and start making memories tomorrow!

The Infiniti Q60 RED is a powerful, safe and stylish car that offers impressive safety features as standard. With manual shift mode included in the base model and improved handling compared to its predecessors, this vehicle provides for an optimal driving experience. Those looking for even more power can opt for one of the higher trims which offer increased acceleration capabilities plus additional safety features such as automatic emergency braking – available exclusively with LUXE trim level selection!

The Infiniti Q60 RED AWD accelerates with confidence, due to its turbocharged 400 horsepower engine. That's 55 more ponies than the LUXE version and provides a smoother ride on highways of any speed. Additionally, it packs an impressive 350 pounds per foot torque - giving drivers that extra edge they want when acceleration is key. If you're looking for peak performance in your vehicle purchase, always go top-of-the line!

Unlock the power of RED with its front calipers and ventilated disk brakes for maximum stopping capability. If ultimate comfort is your goal, opt for the LUXE trim which come equipped with heated seats to keep you cozy! Get peace-of-mind from added safety features such as blind spot warning too.

Difference Between the AWD and the Trims Without It

When the weather takes a turn for the worse, or you're taking sharp turns on winding roads - why not make your drive as smooth and controlled as possible? The Q60 trims offer an excellent all-wheel drive option that can provide peace of mind in rough conditions, plus take it up a notch with sports car enthusiasts who crave greater control. With its amazing responsiveness at higher speeds, life behind the wheel will never be quite so thrilling!

The Q60, base model all-wheel drive, takes efficiency to the next level with above average ratings of 19 mpg in town and 27 mpg on highway drives. Even it's sportier RED counterpart still comes close - so you'll be able zip around without having to worry about filling up too frequently!

All-wheel drive enhances your driving experience, delivering extra power and acceleration to get you up to speed faster. Not only that - it's also more efficient when braking so you can stay in control on the road with greater ease.

Features of the Different Trims

The standard features included are nice, before adding anything extra. The sleek lines and aerodynamic design makes the vehicle efficient on the road and impressive. It's elegant inside with the premium materials. The technology that not only keeps the passengers and drivers safe, also provides convenience.

All the trims have special accessories to add during purchase. One of these, on the Infiniti Q60 RED, is the illuminated lighting in the doorway. The Infiniti logo appears inside the door, all lit up. It's an elegant feature for those buyers syncing something exclusive.

The Infiniti Q60 Red is an extraordinary car, made even more impressive by the optional 20-inch charcoal performance wheels. This exclusive accessory elevates this model to a whole new level of style and sophistication – perfect for those who seek something beyond ordinary luxury.

Ready your vehicle for any season with an all-season Cargo Area Protector. Shielding the trunk from moisture provides peace of mind and keeps it spick and span - just one wash is needed to make sure adventure ends in sparkling condition! Floor mats are available for inside too, ready for easy removal and a quick rinse when you're done exploring.

Carbon fiber fender vents not only enhance the aerodynamic capabilities of the Infiniti Q60, but also give it a visually stunning profile. If desired for additional protection against potential dents and scratches to preserve its luxurious look, body shields can be added as an extra layer of defense. It's all up to you - pick whichever option best suits your needs!

Custom accessories are available for buyers with wheel locks and valve stem caps. The Infiniti logo license plate cover is available as well. From the top of the 2022 Infiniti Q60 to the smallest detail, the buyer can customize to create the perfect vehicle.

Custom accessories really make or break a vehicle for some. It's the small touches that offer a feeling of ownership to buyer's build. Building the Infiniti Q60 to the buyer specifications takes all the best of each choice and makes it one.

The Best Choice For Buyers

Opting for the Infiniti Q60 offers a superb choice in luxury and performance. This base model dazzles with its impressive design while little extras amplify certain aspects to take it even higher, providing buyers their ideal selection no matter what they're seeking.

The Infiniti Q60 RED AWD is an incredibly popular choice among buyers due to its sleek slate blue exterior and thrilling red interior. Additionally, it comes with the standard trims that provide all the necessary features most drivers need while optional accessories allow customers to customize their vehicle further. An often overlooked benefit are the safety packages which include climate control, a distinctive air purifier offering optimal filtration for today's conditions—making this model perfect for families seeking added protection on-the-go.

The customization of each trim of the Infiniti Q60 for 2022 offers so many choices. This allows buyers to create the perfect 2022 Infiniti Q60 for themselves. Buyers should be aware of the differences between the LUXE and the RED trim. The heated seats can be a deal breaker for some buyers. That is not available in the RED trim model.

Buyers of the Infiniti Q60 have several trim levels to choose from, each offering unique features. For cost-conscious buyers, the base model is an excellent option that packs great value for its price tag. Alternatively, those with more flexibility can look towards either LUXE or RED trims and customize their vehicle as needed; all-wheel drive should be taken into consideration for a heightened driving experience in terms of both safety and performance.

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