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2019 Lincoln MKT Pros vs Cons

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James Murdoch

Are You Considering a 2019 Lincoln MKT? Here Are Some Reasons For and Against

The Lincoln MKT offers classic refinement and cutting edge technology in 2019. Buyers will be drawn to the 2019 Lincoln MKT because it is a very luxurious vehicle that offers great value in the luxury midsize SUV category. It comes equipped with a very powerful base engine and also offers great cargo space both with the rear seats up and down. The luxury continues to the interior, where the MKT offers technology and comfort. Many buyers will upgrade to the Reserve trim level which is only a small bump up in price, but offers the best Lincoln features and technology.

What’s New for 2019

The 2019 Lincoln MKT comes standard with intelligent all wheel drive for 2019. Lincoln has simplified the powertrain buying options on the Lincoln MKT in 2019 by making their super powerful twin turbo V6 engine the only engine option. Lincoln has also changed the name of the trim levels to the base trim and the Reserve trim. With the more powerful base engine, the base price of the MKT has increased, but the cost to upgrade to the Reserve trim is now thousands less.

Ten Reasons You May Like the 2019 Lincoln MKT – The Pros

1. Great Standard Powertrain

The 2019 Lincoln MKT comes equipped with intelligent all wheel drive and the powerful twin turbo V6. The 3.5 liter V6 cranks out an impressive 365 horsepower. This engine is one of the more powerful options available in the category. The MKT also comes standard with six speed transmission with integrated paddle shifters on the steering wheel. The MKT can also be equipped to tow up to 4,500 lbs.

2. Sync3 Infotainment System

The MKT comes with an eight inch touch screen infotainment system with a high quality THX II audio system. Many users will bypass the touchscreen controls and use the advanced voice control capabilities. The SYNC3 infotainment system offers Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and allows the driver to operate many functions and apps hands free. The phone integration feature allows the user to access Alexa through the Lincoln+Alexa app.

3. Optional Second Row Entertainment System

The 2019 Lincoln MKT offers optional Nextbase Duo Cinema technology. The second row passengers can view DVDs and other media on the screens mounted in the first row headrests. The package also includes portable Bluetooth speakers for better sound.

4. Second Row Seating Options

The second row seating for the 2019 Lincoln MKT features optional bucket seating for two. The second row bucket seating includes heating and ventilating capabilities. The head and leg room in the second row are also very ample. The standard bench seat allows seating for seven passengers. It is a 60/40 split seat with power folding capabilities and heated outboard seats.

5. Optional Cooling Compartment

The 2019 Lincoln MKT offers an optional second row cooler compartment that keeps snacks and beverages cold on longer drives. It can function as a cooler, but also has freezer settings. The feature is available on both the base and Reserve trim levels.

6. Advanced Safety Features

The base model 2019 Lincoln MKT offers some advanced safety features. The base trim offers rear parking sensors, cross traffic alert and blind spot monitoring through a radar sensor with a fifteen yard range. The technology package available on the MKT Reserve includes adaptive cruise control, parking assistance and front collision warning with automatic braking. The MKT also offers lane keep assistance and mitigation with the technology package.

7. Standard Advanced Suspension System

The advanced suspension system in the 2019 MKT features three driving modes that can suit almost any driver's preference. The driver can switch between comfort, normal or sport driving. The suspension system also features electronic power assisted steering. This feature adjusts the feel of the steering for the driver based on speed and conditions. Finally, the MKT suspension system automatically adjusts to driving conditions like cross winds and a crowned road.

8. Convenient Cargo Space

The 2019 MKT makes loading and unloading cargo into the cavernous interior very easy. The second and third row seating features power folding seats, and the rear liftgate offers hands free access. The cargo space is also very ample. With all the seats down, the MKT offers 76 cubic feet of storage. Even with the back seats up, the MKT offers 18 cubic feet of space.

9. The Lincoln Way App

Buyers of the 2019 Lincoln MKT gain access to the Lincoln Way app, which provides a full service concierge for the vehicle. The app can be used to schedule pickup and drop off for service at the dealership. It also allows the user to find local fueling spots and even offers fuel prices. In select cities, the app facilitates parking reservations. The user can also get roadside assistance and instant customer service.

10. Comfortable and Luxurious Interior

The 2019 Lincoln MKT interior has been designed with comfort in mind. The MKT features a very quiet cabin due to acoustic windshield and window glass. It is also equipped with a particulate air filter for clean air in the cabin. The MKT also has a standard tri-zone temperature control to keep all the passengers comfortable for the ride.

Reasons You May Not Like the 2019 Lincoln MKT – The Cons

1. Poor Fuel Economy

While the engine in the 2019 Lincoln MKT has plenty of power, the fuel economy trails many of its rivals. Buyers of the MKT can expect to get 15 mile per gallon in the city and 21 miles per gallon on the highway.

2. Lacks More Luxurious Features

The Lincoln MKT offers exceptional driver assistance features and a good infotainment system, but it lacks upgraded features in other areas. Many competitors offer an upgrade to a digital instrument cluster, an optional heads up display and quad-zone climate control.

3. Outdated Interior

The Lincoln MKT has a luxurious interior with optional premium leather seats and wood accents, but it lacks a modern feel. Many buyers will find that the interior seems dated and less inspired than many other options in this category.

4. Just Two Trim Levels

The 2019 Lincoln MKT does not offer much in the area of variety between trim levels. The upgraded MKT Reserve is a good value, but it features the same powertrain, basic infotainment features and many of the same features that the base trim offers. The Reserve offers more driver assistance features and upgraded interior materials, but the lack of premium upgrades is noticeable.

How it stacks up to the competition:

Though the Lincoln MKT has some refinement and capability, as a luxury SUV it does trail most of the competition in some areas. The powerful base engine and lower than average base price make it an appealing option for many buyers, but the competition in the Luxury SUV category is fierce. Compared to the Acura MDX, the MKT has more horsepower and more cargo space. However, the MDX makes up for its under powered engine with better fuel efficiency and a lower base price. The MDX also has to compete with the BMW X5, which is newly redesigned in 2019 making it a more modern looking vehicle. It costs more than the MDX, but it offers many additional upgrades compared to the MKT. The X5 offers an optional V8 and better handling than the MKT. The MKT does offer a better powertrain warranty and some of the same standard features you get with the X5 with a much lower price tag.


The 2019 Lincoln MKT has the makings of a true luxury SUV. The interior may be a bit dated, but it has lasting appeal for many buyers that are put off by the more modern designs of its competitors. It features one powertrain option, but the powerful twin turbo V6 and intelligent all wheel drive make it a very compelling one. The MKT also covers the basics a buyer would expect in a luxury SUV. It has a quiet, comfortable cabin with best in class leg room in the second row and a standard moon roof. The technology also impresses with a great standard infotainment system with advanced voice control capability. The top trim level Reserve edition also adds many desirable features at an attainable price point. The Reserve features premium leather interior and a powerful audio system. Buyers will also be drawn to the optional second row theater system and power cooler console for longer trips. The MKT was designed with function in mind as well. It offers very good cargo space power folding seats and rear liftgate.

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