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2023 Mercedes GLE Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons.

2023 Mercedes-Benz GLE Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons: 350 vs 350 4MATIC and 580 4MATIC, AMG 53 vs AMG 63 S

What 2023 Mercedes GLE Trim Should You Buy? What is the Difference Between Trims?

Drawing attention wherever it goes the new 2023 Mercedes GLE is a luxurious mid-size SUV with superb design elements and an upscale aesthetic. Abundant luxury materials span throughout the cabin while mixed materials elevate the exterior of the newest GLE. This favorite among luxury vehicle enthusiasts sports five total variations for its 2023 model year, and its high-performance AMG models deserve their own recognition.

The trims of the new 2023 Mercedes GLE span from athletic to bold, while still maintaining their functionality and class. This well-rounded SUV isn't just another luxury line model, though. It gets extra credit for its integrated innovation elements and eye-catching persona. With all but one model showing off their all-wheel drive as a standard feature, the newest GLE trims are full of performance amenities to enjoy.


Compare the GLE 350 vs 350 4Matic. What is the difference?

The 2023 Mercedes GLE 350 sets the pace for other models to follow. Its base amenities, like rear-wheel drive, are what other trims build upon. Don't let that take you by surprise, though, as the trim levels thereafter either add to these amenities or replace them altogether, as is the case with its standard 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that produces up to 255 horsepower.

Paired with the engine layout of the GLE 350 is a 9G-TRONIC automatic transmission, as well as an active dampening suspension setup that dissipates energy and improves the ride comfort of the GLE 350. A Dynamic Select Setup that consists of three modes is another signature feature of this SUV, which allows for driver-adjustable performance settings for Sport, Comfort, or Economy modes. Shift paddles are also a nice, athletic addition to this model.

With the powertrain setup of the GLE 350 you’ll get 19 city mpg and 27 highway mpg fuel economy. Standard heated front seats with driver-memory settings are convenient in the GLE 350, as is standard Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. There is also an optional third-row seat layout option.

In terms of safety, the GLE 350 model boasts active brake assist as a standard feature. Attention assist is a signature feature you’ll also find in this SUV, as well as a Mercedes-Benz Emergency Call service addition.

In comparison, the Mercedes GLE 350 4Matic model simply builds upon these features and amenities. It offers an upgrade to signature 4MATIC all-wheel drive, which provides better traction on all road conditions. The GLE 350 4Matic model is also accompanied by an upgraded 7,700-lb maximum towing capacity. With these changes, the fuel economy of the GLE 350 4Matic changes to 19 city mpg and 26 highway mpg.

Compare the GLE 350 4Matic vs 450 4Matic. What is the difference?

Moving up to the Mercedes GLE 450 4Matic allows you to retain the luxury features that are established in the underlying models while elevating this SUV’s performance. That’s right, you’ll get a mild hybrid 3.0-liter inline-6 turbocharged engine in the upgraded GLE 450 4Matic. Going from 0-60 mph in just 5.5 seconds, is a bit slower than the 350 4Matic’s 0-60 mph time of 7.1 seconds. However, you’ll get an upgrade in power to 362-hp and 369 lb.-ft of torque in the 450 4Matic.

With this engine upgrade you’ll see the fuel economy of the GLE 450 4Matic change a bit from its GLE 350 4Matic predecessor. The 450 4Matic averages 20 city mpg and 26 highway mpg, which isn’t that big of a sacrifice for a bit more power. Of course, the price tag on the 450 4Matic GLE model goes up a bit to reflect its enhancement, too.

Aside from performance, the GLE 350 4Matic and GLE 450 4Matic also different in their interior and exterior options. For the GLE 350 4Matic you’ll find optional illuminated running boards, chrome door handle inserts, and a chrome load sill guard. You can also opt for a panorama roof upgrade or a roof spoiler add-on. In comparison, these upgrade options are also available in the GLE 450 4Matic.

On the inside, the 350 4Matic has MB-Tex signature upholstery available in ten different colors alongside seven trim options that include Grey Linden wood trim and Metal Weave options. A heated steering wheel is also an upgrade option. In the GLE 450 4Matic you’ll also have the option to add Topstitched MB-Tex upper dash and door trims, as well as an Acoustic Comfort Package.

Compare the GLE 450 4Matic vs 580 4Matic. What is the difference?

As we continue to advance through the model lineup of the Mercedes GLE for 2023, we come to the Mercedes GLE 580 4Matic. This model adds in yet another advanced engine option for superior performance. Coming standard with a 4.0-liter V8 biturbo engine with a mild hybrid drive, the GLE 580 4Matic is both powerful and efficient. With an acceleration of 0-60 mph in 4.9 seconds, the GLE 580 4Matic really shows off in its production of 483-hp and 516 lb.-ft of torque.

In their appearance, the GLE 450 4Matic and GLE 580 4Matic differ quite a bit in their package options. The GLE 450 4Matic has an AMG Line Exterior upgrade option, as well as an AMG Line Exterior w/Night Package, whereas the GLE 580 4Matic has a sole Night Package option. In opposition, both the GLE 450 4Matic and the GLE 580 4Matic have identical interior package options that consist of an AMG Line Interior and a Third-Row Seat Package.

In both of these GLE models you can also get an optional rapid heating feature for the front seats, as well as heated front armrests, or an Air Balance air purification system with a signature Air Balance cabin fragrance system with certain package enhancements.

Compare the GLE 580 4Matic vs AMG GLE 53. What is the difference?

The AMG versions of the 2023 Mercedes GLE are renowned for their performance. Competing with the 580 4Matic, the AMG-GLE 53 speeds up its acceleration from 0-60 mph in 5.2 seconds. In addition to shaving a few milliseconds off its acceleration time, the AMG GLE 53 also produces a whopping 429-hp and 384 lb.-ft of torque.

The AMG-GLE 53 is able to maintain these stats thanks to an AMG-enhanced signature 3.0-liter inline-6 turbocharged engine. This powertrain is complemented by hybrid assist functionality and an electric auxiliary compressor, as well.

When we move to the AMG GLE 53 you start to see sporty attributes, too, like MB-Tex upholstery with red stitching in eye-catching color schemes. Think Black MB-Tex with Red Stitching or Tartufo/Black Exclusive Nappa Leather. Red seat belts, a black microfiber headliner, and all-season floor mats add a special touch to this AMG GLE model, too.

In the AMG GLE 53 you’ll also have the option to add in multicontour front seats with massage for comfort, ventilated front seats, and power second-row side-window sunshades.

Compare the AMG GLE 53 vs AMG GLE 63 S. What is the difference?

If you were impressed by the Mercedes-AMG GLE 53, you’ll be blown away by the Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S. Competing with the best luxury performance vehicles, this GLE 63 S SUV produces an astounding 603-hp and 627 lb.-ft. of torque. You’ll also see yet another new engine in the GLE 63 S, which is a specialty AMG 4.0-liter V8 biturbo that was handcrafted just for this particular Mercedes model. Again, it is equipped with hybrid assist to make it a bit more efficient, too.

The AMG GLE 63 S is where you’ll get the most options, like an AMG Night Package to upgrade its exterior look. Exclusive Nappa leather upholstery in a variety of colors also adds a premium touch to the AMG GLE 63 S’s cabin. Red, black, or silver seat belts are also available to add a personal touch. An AMG Performance steering wheel in Nappa leather, microfiber or carbon with microfiber are optional add-ons for the 63 S. Power second-row seats are also a convenient upgrade option.

In these two models you’ll be able to opt for four-zone climate control to ensure everyone stays comfortable throughout the cabin. Yet, the AMG GLE 63 S takes it a bit further to add in soft-close doors and an AMG head-up display. A signature MBUX Augmented Video for navigation impresses, as does an MBUX Interior Assistant, both of which are available only in the AMG GLE 63 S model.


Final Thoughts

There is no doubt you have plenty of options to choose from in the new 2023 Mercedes GLE model lineup. Almost every single trim is accompanied by its own engine and powertrain setup, which makes each model just a bit different from the former trim. That’s what makes the new GLE so exciting. Yet, with so many choices how can you narrow it down to the model that is best for you, specifically?

Although some GLE models are performance-minded or ultra luxurious, they just aren’t economically feasible for a wide base of consumers. For those who can afford the AMG GLE 63 S, this is undeniably the most equipped and upscale trim.

While we know each buyer has their own style and usage preferences, we think the 2023 Mercedes GLE 450 4Matic sits perfectly in the middle. It is powerful enough for speed enthusiasts to be excited by, but also still affordable enough to be made available for a wide array of clients.

Not only is the GLE 450 4Matic quick and capable, but it's also where Mercedes starts adding power into the GLE lineup for 2023. So, you’ll get all the benefits of athletic elements with luxury styling and a high-performance attitude. It's also the most diverse in its standard and optional upgrades, so if you want a bit more from the GLE 450 4Matic you can always opt for it.

The new 2023 Mercedes GLE SUV is well-equipped across all models with a bold attitude to match. It is one of our favorite SUVs, because of its modern appearance and innovative tech across all trims. While you can go wrong with any trim, we like the well-rounded GLE 450 4Matic for the majority of clients.

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