Don't Get Burned on The Price You Pay for a New Car...

Introducing Three New Car Buying Services that Will Help You Pocket Thousands in Savings ...

Are you worried about paying too much for your next new vehicle?

Or going from dealer to dealer - negotiating over price and putting up with sales pressure? If so, you are not alone - Most people feel the same way.

It’s a fact – over 90% of people suffer from buyer’s remorse after purchasing a new car. After all - it's a lot of money! It's that sickening feeling you get after you signed on the dotted line.

You’re stuck! You begin to wonder:

  • How much extra profit did the dealer make from me?
  • Did I get a good deal? Was I ripped off?
  • Was I pressured into buying a car - I don't want - at a price I can't afford?

That's why most people hate the car buying process.

Buying a New can be frustrating. Buyer's remorse is part of car shopping

When a salesperson says "can I help you?" many people want to turn and run. You may feel the same way:

  • Maybe you feel you are not a good negotiator - and there can be hours – even days - of back and forth negotiating.
  • Maybe you hate the sales pressure - the salesperson’s job is to get you to buy "TODAY".
  • And then you go home only to find out that someone you know paid thousands less for the same vehicle.

But it doesn't have to be this way anymore. In fact, many consumers have already realized huge savings without all the negotiations and sales pressure. You can too.

Now it’s Possible to Buy the Car You Want at the Price You Can Afford - Without all the Headaches and the Hassle of Negotiating.

In fact, you can eliminate most - if not all - of the haggling! And it won’t cost you a dime - it only takes 20 minutes - and you can do this from the comfort of your home! ...

So let’s get to the “Nitty Gritty”. Here are the five car buying services that will help you save time and money...

3 Free Car Buying Services You Should Be Using to Make Your Car Shopping Experience Easier:

CarClearanceDeals, CarsDirect and Edmunds.

First, here are some of the benefits they have in common:

  • They are easy, fast and free. You can check prices on as many vehicles as you like.
  • You are under no obligation to buy. No pressure – No hassle. Shop and compare from the comfort of your home – Risk Free.
  • They all provide multiple price quotes from dealers in your area who agree to offer their lowest possible price to earn your business. Haggling is history!

Many car shoppers report prices that are below the dealer invoice prices! You will receive prices not offered anywhere else.

How the top 3 car buying services will save you time & money...
and how to use them to get the best results.

How CarClearanceDeals Will Help You Save You Money

Did you know that most dealers finance their inventory through what's called a dealer plan? With these plans, dealers don't pay interest on their vehicles for the first two or three months - depending on the plan. After that, the interest kicks in and dealers start to panic - The interest starts to cut into their profit.

This usually happens because a sales manager overestimated the local car market. It happens all the time.

This is usually when dealers will offer clearance prices to get them off the lot. This is where Car Clearance Deals can help you. They will put you in touch with dealers that have these types of offers. You can instantly Compare Dealer Clearance Prices and Save.

They are also simple and free to use. Select the vehicle you want. Include some information about you and then sit back and wait for your prices. You can select up to five dealers and start your own Online bidding war.

Give them a try!. You have nothing to lose.

How CarsDirect Will Help You Save You Money

CarsDirect can help you get a good deal on a new vehicle in two ways:

1) You can work directly with CarsDirect. They show you upfront prices. You don't have to worry about haggling. A CarsDirect Specialist does all the heavy-lifting throughout the transaction:

  • They will arrange your financing,
  • Process all your paperwork,
  • Schedule delivery of your new car,
  • And assist you with your trade-in.

They are worth looking at because their prices are extremely good. Anyone willing to show haggle free upfront prices has to offer rock bottom prices or they would not get any business. It is also no-obligation to see their prices, so they are definitely worth a look.

2) If you don't wish to deal directly with CarsDirect, they will put you in touch with the Internet department of one of their trusted dealers. (This is the second way they can help you.)

Use the CarsDirect price you receive as a Target Price in your negotiation. The Dealer will help with your financing and trade-in.

In both cases, consumers report good deals and few headaches. You can check them out here.

How Edmunds Will Help You Save You Money

Edmunds operates in a similar manner to the services above. They bend over backwards to find you the best price:

  • They are the largest and most trusted in the industry. You can be “rest assured” that you are using a quality service. They are known for delivering good prices.
  • You will receive their "True market Value" price. You will know the value of the vehicle upfront so you can see how good of a deal you are offered.
  • They will provide you with up to 4 price quotes from certified Online dealers.

Click here to get started.

Here is the SECRET to using these services ...

Leverage the power of all 4 car buying services - Get price quotes from all of them.

Your savings will follow!

If you have purchased a car in the past you probably know that you will get nowhere using the phone – calling dealer after dealer - asking for the best price. The price always changes when you get to the dealership. Using Edmunds, Car Clearance Deals, and Cars Direct is much more effective. Get new car quotes from all of them and you will know who offers the best price.

All it takes is 4 simple steps:

Leveraging New Car Buying Services Makes Sense
  1. Get prices from CarClearanceDeals.
  2. Get upfront prices from CarsDirect.
  3. Get prices from Edmunds trusted dealers.
  4. Sit back and wait for the best deals to come to you.

Then – Rinse and repeat for other vehicles you are considering.

There is no better feeling than knowing you got a great deal!

Happy Shopping!

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