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Motor Trend is an automobile magazine that helps people stay aware of the latest news in the industry. Its monthly magazines provide useful information for anyone in the market for a new vehicle or for those who are interested in what's going on with new models. It started out as a traditional magazine, and now it has a website and several other ventures. The Motor Trend company also sells apparel and accessories, is involved in various types of media, and has a feature that helps customers find new vehicles.

The magazine was first published in 1949. With its tag line of "The Magazine for a Motoring World," it has provided its readers with detailed articles about various models. For decades, it was published by Petersen Publishing Company. There were then a few other transitions, and in 2019, Motor Trend Group took over as the publisher.

There are several sections that one can expect in each MotorTrend magazine. One is a section known as "Road Tests." Articles in this department can give readers a clear idea of what a certain car, truck, or SUV has to offer. Performance and handling, technology, safety, and comfort are all covered. Then, there is a section that goes over vehicle comparisons. Usually, two or three vehicles in the same class are assessed in a direct match up. A section called "The Trend" highlights the latest news to come out of the automotive market. Perhaps certain recalls are notable, maybe sneak peaks of certain models are ready to be released, or maybe manufacturers are shifting the way they do business. All of these tidbits could be found in this section. In addition to a special feature section, there would also be a section devoted to the Motor Trend Garage. Here, Motor Trend editors write about their experiences driving certain vehicles on a long-term basis. These editors have what many would consider to be a dream job; they're given vehicles to drive and then are asked what their thoughts are. These long-term driving tests give them a greater perspective as to how certain models may work for certain types of customers. After all, certain types may be fun to drive, but are they practical, safe, and reliable? One would only know the answer to this question after driving a vehicle for a certain period of time.

Beyond all of these regular sections, Motor Trend gives out an award for "Car of the Year" and also provides new vehicle guides each fall. Earning the "Car of the Year" award is a big deal. The first winner was a 1949 Cadillac with a V8 engine, and the Genesis G70 and Alfa Romeo Giulia were some of the more recent winners. It's a recognition that companies are usually happy to highlight. New vehicle guides offer in-depth analysis of the features that models come with. Anyone in the market would learn a lot from these guides, and it's helpful to have all the information in one place.

MotorTrend has branched out since its early days. The company has an Online television service that shows motorsports competitions and other industry-specific programming. Further, there's a Motor Trend TV channel that's part of the cable network. This channel started in 2002 as Discovery HD Theater, was then known as Velocity, and later transitioned into its current state. There are quite a few shows that it broadcasts, most of them having to do with automobiles in some way or another. Finally, Motor Trend has a certified used car program as part of a partnership with dealers in certain regions.

Anyone looking for his/her next vehicle should consider checking out the feature on the MotorTrend website that helps locate specific models. There are few different approaches to take.

If the specifics are known regarding make and model, then that can be used to narrow down the options. Use the drop-down lists to specify an ideal model. For example, let's say it's a BMW X5. The website will show a list of the pros and cons of the X5, along with an in-depth review. There will be content about the specifications, powertrain, warranty, etc. Links to videos and competitors will be displayed, and so will estimates regarding ownership costs. If prospective buyers want to check out specific offers, they should click on "Find the Best Price." This will allow them to connect with dealers. The website will ask them for their contact information so that dealers know how to get in touch.

Note that MotorTrend has worked to develop partnerships with qualified dealers. Any dealership that the website shows will be one of those trusted partners.

Further, through this website, a specialist will be ready to partner with a prospective buyer. This specialist will be available to answer specific questions and get invoice pricing so that customers will know whether they're getting good deals or not. Plus, those specialists can work with buyers as they explore financing options. They can detail how the financing process works, go over what terms may be available, and specify how various deals may differ from one another.

If someone doesn't know exactly what model he/she wants, the Buyer's Guide may prove valuable. This section has links to different vehicle ratings. SUVs, sedans, trucks, coupes, and electric cars are some of the categories available to browse. If budget is the biggest concern, someone can instead choose to search for new vehicles by price. The lowest category includes the vehicles under $20,000, and the highest one encompasses the luxury models that are priced more than $70,000. Alternatively, people can search by make. This would be a smart choice if they're particularly interested in Teslas or Subarus, for instance.

Sometimes, it can be overwhelming to have so many resources to read. One would have to take really long notes in order to be able to comparison shop. MotorTrend is able to take care of that for its readers. The website compiles all the data into user-friendly guides and reviews. The reality is that price is going to be a deciding factor for most buyers. MotorTrend shows the dealer cost and gives people access to a few offers. When it comes to buying a vehicle, information is priceless.

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