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About NADAGuides

NADA stands for National Automobile Dealers Association. NADA Guides is one of the most trusted sources for information on new and used cars. This includes detailed information about each vehicle, its relative value and specific pricing options. Buying a new car can be an involved and sometimes stressful endeavor. NADA Guides makes the experience a whole lot easier.

What Do They Actually Do?

NADA Guides provides a whole host of resources and tools to make car shopping easier. They publish well-researched pricing information on new and used vehicles, classic cars, motorcycles, boats and RVs. In fact, they are currently the largest publisher of such information. Potential buyers can find out price options for just about any make and model without having to go from website to website.

In addition to basic price guides, they also host a wealth of informational articles. These provide shopping guides, useful tips and news about the automotive industry and upcoming vehicles. They have created numerous tools that make researching vehicles easier than it's ever been. Buying a new vehicle is a serious investment. It pays to do thorough research before pulling the trigger on a purchase.

Much of the information available from NADA Guides can be accessed right from their website. They also provide software and guidebooks. Their data and analysis tools help buyers to collect a wide variety of raw data. This can be helpful for independent-dealership owners or for business owners who are looking to build up a fleet of vehicles.

Last of all, NADA Guides hosts an online quote system that connects you with local dealers. Rather than go from one dealer's page to the next, this allows buyers to see several local examples of the make and model that they're looking for. They can then get a price quote or branch off to do research about the specific vehicle they're interested in.

NADA Guides History

NADA was started by a group of car dealers in 1917. They made the case before Congress that cars weren't just a luxury item, they were necessary for a thriving economy. At this time, every auto plant in the nation was about to be converted to produce military supplies. The actions of these men prevented the total stop of automobile manufacturing.

In 1922, NADA began studying the used-car market and making comprehensive price guides. At first, these were only for their group members. Eventually, the NADA Used Car Guide became a major source of information on vehicles and their relative value. Over 40,000 copies of the guide were printed and distributed in 1933. The first Official Guides carried the Federal Government's stamp of approval.

With government approval, NADA became the nation's leading authority on used-car prices. This revolutionized how car dealerships worked. It even lead to the entire concept of taking used cars as part of a down payment. With an authoritative guide, dealerships could now assign an accurate trade-in value to vehicles.

J.D. Power got its start in 1968 thanks to entrepreneur, James David Power III. They also grew to be one of the most trusted names in the automotive industry. They started out as a data and analytics company. Today, they do thorough research and provide some of the most accurate and reliable information on vehicles and the industry as a whole.

J.D. Power bought NADA Guides in 2015 and combined both companies' expertise in the automotive industry to create an information juggernaut. Not only does the new NADA Guides provide info for consumers, they also help dealerships, banks, fleet owners, insurance providers and several government bodies.

NADA Guides Dealer Quote System

One of the best features offered on the NADA Guides website is their Dealer Quote System for new cars. Using this unique and helpful tool is completely free. It's also very easy to understand and intuitive to use. There's a comprehensive on-site system that guides you through the entire process.

While shopping for a new vehicle, users need only to click the link to the Dealer Quote System. They will first need to select either the manufacturer or the body style. From there, they will choose a more specific make and model. If there are different body-style variations, they will be able to select these as well.

As the buyer goes through this process, they can even take a detour and research about the vehicle's history. This can give them a heads up about the vehicle's reliability and any issues that may make the vehicle a poor choice. Once they are decided on a specific car, truck or SUV, they will next need to select the trim level.

Any other specifics such as transmission and drive options can now be selected. Finally, the potential buyer will get a readout of the price ranges for their selected vehicle. By entering their zip code, the system will connect them with local dealerships that offer their vehicle of choice.

This system is thorough so that buyers can find a vehicle with all of the added features, options and packages that they want. They will be able to select the vehicle color, wheel choices and interior options as well. Once they find the vehicle of their dreams, they can get a direct quote from the dealership.

It's easy to see how such a system can benefit car shoppers. It makes the process hassle free. It cuts down on all of the time it would take to browse through multiple dealership websites and to go through their different individual processes. With the Dealer Quote System, once you get used to the process, it's simple to go from one dealership to the next or to explore different vehicle choices.

Final Thoughts:

NADA Guides has come a long way since 1917. They were once primarily used by dealers as a means to ascertain the value of used vehicles. This would help them to set used-car prices or to know how much value trade-ins should be given. Today, NADA Guides is so much more and also now caters to the consumer too. After combining with J.D. Power, they now offer nearly everyone, consumers and sellers alike, a host of resources under one convenient roof.

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