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2021 Chrysler 300 Pros vs Cons

Why Buy a 2021 Chrysler 300?
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Are You Considering a 2021 Chrysler 300? Here Are Some Reasons For and Against

The 2021 Chrysler 300 is a vehicle of unparalleled style and performance, fit for anyone who wants to experience the pinnacle of American auto manufacturing heritage. When making this important decision, it's vital to consider features, quality and cost - which is why we've put together our list highlighting ten reasons you should purchase the 300. We'll also look at some considerations that may not make it your best choice depending on individual needs. So come along with us as we explore what makes this car an exceptional option in today's market.

What's New for 2021?

For 2021, Chrysler has taken their lineup of sedans to the next level with a variety of features. The three trims - Touring, Touring L and 300S - have all been upgraded for safety and luxury. With available parking sensors and blind spot monitoring as standard on higher trim levels plus an optional Comfort Group package featuring heated rear seats & ventilated front seats; passengers can be sure that every ride is secure in comfort. Alongside those modern upgrades comes some classic styling updates such as unique badging, black exterior accents, & 20-inch wheels exclusive to the sporty 300S model.

Ten Reasons You May Like the 2021 Chrysler 300 – The Pros

1. Stronger Than Others

The 2021 Chrysler 300's power is something to behold! Whether you go for the vigorous V8 HEMI engine, boasting an impressive 5.7 liters of displacement and 363 horsepower plus 394 pound-feet of torque - figures that are truly awe-inspiring; or opt for the still-competent 3.6 liter V6 capable of generating 292 horses – either way your car will take off like a scalded cat when needed yet prove gentle as lamb on hills even weighed down with passengers and cargo alike.

2. Able to Tow Cargo

Despite its seemingly unassuming exterior, this Chrysler vehicle is a titan of strength and capability. Equipped with either a V6 or V8 engine option, it boasts an impressive hauling capacity up to 1,000 pounds - testament to the power beneath its hood.

3. Rear-Wheel or All-Wheel Drive

If you are after a fast and responsive ride, then rear-wheel drive is the way to go. With this configuration your car will be ready for any challenge that may arise with its superior handling on certain surfaces. But if it's added stability in challenging weather conditions you want, all wheel drive has got your back! Embrace freedom of choice by deciding between these two powerful driving forces today - let the decision rev up your engine.

4. So Much Space

The Chrysler 300 offers the perfect blend of luxury and space! Enjoy a comfortable ride for all passengers, with an impressive 41.8 inches of legroom up front, 40.1 in back – even on long drives! Need some extra room to store cargo? There's 16.3 cubic feet available in its trunk area - so you can pack all your gear without compromising on any features that make it such a family-friendly car option.

5. A Classic Style

The Chrysler 300 is a modern classic in automotive design. With its timeless grille and headlights, it stands out for all the right reasons - strength, balance and subtle sophistication without being ostentatious. Every detail displays refinement; from its wide stance to just-right amount of curves that give this car undeniable character on any road.

6. Many Color Choices

Chrysler is offering drivers the opportunity to customize their ride like never before. With six stunning wheel designs ranging from 17" to 20", as well nine eye-catching exterior paint colors, no two cars will look alike! Inside the cabin, opt for a subtle black or linen hue - or make your mark with an audacious smoke color seat in select trims. For those who prefer things bold and beautiful, let yourself be seduced by velvet reds and frostbite blues while amethyst shades add just enough mystery when you hit the road.

7. Its Technology Is Smart

Drivers of the Chrysler 300 could have a real edge when it comes to convenient technology. They are able to install their very own Uconnect 4C system with integrated navigation, voice commands and even access SiriusXM Satellite Radio - all on one device! This outstanding car offers by far the largest touchscreen in its class for easy viewing; no more squinting at tiny fonts or guessing your location through foggy maps – you can just sit back, relax, and stay connected without worry.

8. Keeping You Safe

The Chrysler 300 features state-of-the-art safety systems designed to keep you and your passengers safe. Full speed forward collision warning can detect if other vehicles are too close, allowing the car to brake autonomously for added protection. Adaptive cruise control takes this one step further, adjusting the vehicle's speed based on what is in front of it - even slowing down all the way to zero miles per hour! With these advanced driver assistance technologies at play, travelling has never been safer than before.

9. Helps with Parking

To give people a better idea of how much room they have between their vehicles and other objects, the car has ParkSense Front and Rear Park Assist as an available component. It can provide audio and visual cues so that drivers will know when they're getting too close to objects. If a driver continues to back up when it's not safe, pressure to the brakes could be automatically applied. Since it's impossible to see the front and rear of the car when sitting behind the wheel, ParkSense can be useful on a daily basis.

10. The Sporty 300S

The 300S is the only trim to have the available V8 engine. Its benefits don't just end there. This model has a performance-tuned suspension so it can more adeptly handle all the curves and bumps in the road. For those times in which people want to feel more in control over their vehicles, there are paddle shifters and a sport mode in which the car can be a little more aggressive. The 300S looks sleek with 20-inch black wheels, and inside the cabin, it has performance leather seats. Further, it can come with an available appearance package that enhances its front fascia and spoilers.

Reasons You May Not Like the 2021 Chrysler 300 – The Cons

1. Not Efficient

The Chrysler 300 offers a good balance of power and economy. It can travel an impressive 30 miles per gallon on the highway, giving drivers plenty of bang for their buck. However, when venturing into city streets its mileage declines to 19 mpg - plus lower MPG figures if all-wheel drive or V8 engine are selected; making it understandably less attractive in comparison with more fuel efficient cars available today.

2. Could Be Hard to Park

Even with its robust, impressive size, the Chrysler 300 could be a challenging car to handle in tight parking spots. At nearly 200 inches long and 75 inches wide this vehicle definitely takes up more driving space than most small SUVs. But never fear! The available parking assist feature means that when it comes down to those smaller spaces where an extra hand is needed – your trusted China 300 has you covered.

3. Driver-Assist Technologies Aren't Standard

As mentioned in an earlier section, driver-assist systems aren't automatically included in the base model. The Touring doesn't have forward collision alert or blind spot monitoring, among other systems. This is a noticeable misstep, especially since many budget-friendly vehicles have very comprehensive safety packages.

4. V8 Can't Have All-Wheel Drive

With most cars, you can have the best of both worlds: all-wheel drive and a powerful V8 engine. But not with the Chrysler 300; if you want that mighty muscle under your hood then traction is sacrificed - leaving drivers to pick between two desirable features.

How it Stacks Up to the Competition:


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The 2021 Chrysler 300 and Genesis G80 are two impressive sedans, but there's a clear difference between them. While the G80 is from an up-and-coming company in the automotive industry with its base model costing almost $10K more than that of the Chrysler 300, prospective buyers may find much better value opting for the latter – after all it boasts equally high levels of performance plus greater efficiency AND more second row leg room.

2021 Chrysler 300 vs 2021 Toyota Avalon

With the 2021 Avalon and Chrysler 300 coming in at similar price points, customers seeking a luxurious new ride are sure to explore both options. Whether you’re looking for more interior space or extra horsepower, there is an answer in these two models. The roomy cabin of the Chrysler 300 guarantees comfort on lengthy drives while its increased power ensures that you never feel left behind when it comes to performance - making it perfect if high speeds are your preference!

Final Thoughts

The Chrysler 300 offers something for everyone looking to buy a sedan - practicality, space, and capability. Prospective customers have the choice of three trims: Touring (more affordable with advanced features), Touring L (with additional advantages) or the sporty and athletic 300S. Any one of them is sure to make an impression.

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