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2021 Volvo V60 Pros vs Cons

Why Buy a 2021 Volvo V60?
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Are You Considering a 2021 Volvo V60? Here Are Some Reasons For and Against

Every auto manufacturer begins a new era every and now and then. The introduction of the Volvo V60 marked the first ever five-door wagon produced by Volvo. First released in 2010, the V60 is a close relative to the Volvo S60. Entering its second generation in 2018, the 2021 Volvo V60 continues to evolve within this generational category. Carrying over the athletic appeal from the Volvo S60, the V60 is viewed as the estate wagon version of this bold Volvo model. Boasting extra interior space and a longer stature, the 2021 Volvo V60 is perfect for families on the go and those who simply desire more space in their upscale crossover.

What's New for 2021?

Like many other SUV models, the 2021 Volvo V60 has seen some upgrades that make it more comfortable, convenient, and modern. Most of these changes are rooted in tech features, safety attributes, and design details. Not much changed in the way of powertrain components or performance for the Volvo V60 in 2021. Yet, buyers will see newly-integrated safety elements, such as rear cross-traffic alert capability and blind-spot monitoring. Exterior mirrors that feature a power-fold option and auto-dim, as well as LED headlights, also made their way into the 2021 Volvo V60 design modification. USB-C charging port integration and TuneIn app compatibility are also upgrades for 2021 that many buyers will appreciate.

Ten Reasons You May Like the 2021 Volvo V60 – The Pros

1. The perfect combination of SUV spatial features and sedan handling.

Buyers can truly experience the best of both worlds in the 2021 Volvo V60. Though it is as large and expansive as an SUV, it handles like a standard sedan model. It is low stature and savvy four-cylinder turbocharged engine handles varying road conditions in a manner like that of a smaller car.

2. Exceptional standard technology features.

Not only did the 2021 Volvo V60 add extra technology features to round out its pre-existing amenities, but it also made many of them standard across all trims. This means that every buyer gains access to modern technology features in all Volvo V60 trim levels. This aspect alone puts it above many other competitors.

3. Unique models are also available.

In addition to the trim levels offered in the 2021 Volvo V60, there are many model choices to consider, as well. From a more equipped and rugged Cross Country model to the plug-in hybrid option, the Volvo V60 inundates buyers with selections to choose from. Thus, making personalization of the V60 crossover easier than ever before.

4. Modern safety elements that go above and beyond expectations.

Not only is the wide array of safety elements impressive to buyers, but the extent to which they are utilized is beyond what we could ever imagine. One example of this first impression is the integration of LED head lights that are not just normal accents. The LED headlights of the 2021 Volvo V60 utilize active bending, which is a feature that intuitively steers lighting in the direction a driver is traveling. This allows drivers to better prepare for the road ahead, whatever it may entail.

5. Volvo Care Key is included on all trim levels and allows driver to maintain limitations.

A new feature known as Volvo Care Key comes on all 2021 Volvo V60 crossovers. This feature helps drivers to set a top speed limit that cannot be surpassed when the vehicle is loaned out to other operators or young drivers.

6. Stands out with a look of its own.

Sure, most automakers claim their vehicle is fresh and innovative, but is it truly something you have never seen before? This is a truthful statement regarding the Volvo V60. Staying relevant in a market that has largely abandoned the popularity of the wagon configuration, the V60 is not like any other auto currently available on the market. In fact, this gives the 2021 Volvo V60 an edge over competitors.

7. A rugged model is added to the Volvo V60 lineup.

The all-terrain Volvo V60 Cross Country is a model that is unique to this crossover, allowing it to be even more versatile than expected. Featuring a rugged design, heightened ground clearance, and all-wheel drive, the V60 Cross Country is perfect for off-road exploration and adventuring.

8. Handling optimization is made easier with an off-road mode option.

The Cross Country model comes equipped with functionality that makes it ideal for all-terrain travel. An off-road mode selection helps this crossover travel easier on wet or muddy roads with an option to add in Hill Descent Control. Ensuring the vehicle travels at a safe speed when going down steep grades, Hill Descent Control is a completely new feature Volvo is exploring in the V60.

9. Practicality reigns supreme in cargo management efforts.

Despite its luxury style and tech-savvy interior, cargo area functionality is rather practical for the 2021 Volvo V60. Flexibility within the interior helps create more space for personal items, while immense cargo area allows passengers to stow items securely and comfortably.

10. Various levels of safety features are available.

While every Volvo V60 model comes equipped with a standard suite of safety features, these enhancements can be elevated if a buyer so desires. Going from better to best, the Volvo V60 adds an option for an Advanced Package that adds Volvo's signature ProPilot Assist. This semi-autonomous driver assistive suite is paired with adaptive cruise control for seamless and safe navigation.

Reasons You May Not Like the 2021 Volvo V60 – The Cons

1. Some models can be expensive.

Though there are many options offered in the 2021 Volvo V60 for customization, some of them come at a cost. With the plug-in hybrid option being one of the priciest, customers who are not dedicated to this crossover model may be pushed away by the price tag.

2. Infotainment system can seem complicated for some.

With so many options to choose from, learning to operate the infotainment system requires a learning curve. Many adjustments and integration efforts can take some time to learn, especially for those who are not tech-savvy.

3. Ride quality is sacrificed in certain configurations.

While the 2021 Volvo V60 is responsive and smooth in many configurations, some trims incorporate features that downgrade ride quality a bit. Higher trim levels modify powertrain elements, which helps reduce the likelihood of this occurrence.

How It Stacks Up to the Competition:

2021 Volvo V60 vs 2021 Audi A4 Allroad

Unlike some SUV competition, the appearances of the 2021 Volvo V60 and the 2021 Audi A4 Allroad are where the similarities end. These two models simply could not be more different. From MSRP to powertrain elements to interior details, the Volvo V60 and Audi A4 Allroad are nothing alike. While the Volvo V60 employs the use of a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission and boats leather and metal interior detailing, the Audi A4 Allroad relies on a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine paired with a seven-speed automatic transmission and offers leather-only interior upholstery. More sophisticated and well-rounded, the 2021 Volvo V60 is a top contender between these two crossovers.

2021 Volvo V60 vs 2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class All-Terrain

Similarities between the 2021 Volvo V60 and the 2021 Mercedes-Benz E-class All-Terrain are a bit more abundant, but not strikingly so. While both rely on an identical engine, these two models begin to stray from each other in transmission type, drivetrain setup, and size aspects. Though some may find it difficult to compete with a Mercedes-Benz model, the Volvo V60 does so with grace and manages it well. In fact, most prefer the 2021 Volvo V60 over the 2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class All-Terrain, especially in its higher, more refined trim levels.


The enticement of the 2021 Volvo V60 extends to all buyers. Drawing an audience of all types of consumers from a wide array of backgrounds, the 2021 Volvo V60 is multi-faceted and that shows in its fan base. Simply put, there is not just one type of buyer who would enjoy the Volvo V60, as it appeals to many different types of buyers with various lifestyles. Higher in price than many other crossover options, the 2021 Volvo V60 is also more equipped than most competitors, as well. The upgrades incorporated in the Volvo V60 are worth the extra cost for the comfort and style they elicit.

Considered as a luxury crossover, the Volvo V60 tends to cater to a more upscale clientele, in general. Those who enjoy detailed accents and comfortable interior attributes will find solace in the intrinsic design of the 2021 Volvo V60. This wagon is so unique that it is hard to find anything that compares to it. Safe, techy, and well-equipped, the 2021 Volvo V60 is a vehicle to keep your eye on.

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