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2021 BMW X3 Pros vs Cons. Should You Buy?

Why Buy a 2021 BMW X3?

Should You Buy a 2021 BMW X3? Here Are Some Reasons For and Against

The 2021 BMW X3 luxury SUV provides a blend of power and class that makes it the ideal vehicle for anyone seeking out upscale performance. With its upgraded M40i engine, the X3 packs plenty of punch under-the-hood; while being spacious enough to bring along friends or family during your next adventure. It can also be tailored to fit your unique style with an abundance customization options available at every turn – now that's what we call true driving pleasure.

What's New for 2021?

The 2021 BMW X3 finally sees the addition of Android Auto. Drivers had been wondering why it was missing for quite a few years, and BMW listened to their concerns about not having it. This means that Android smartphone users can sync their apps up with the vehicle. Also, the M40i and xDrive30e both get a new digital instrumentation cluster to liven things up along the dash. The M Competition model has been turned into the Competition Package, and it gives the vehicle the M Sport exhaust system, 21-inch wheels done in alloy, and a power boost to the engine.


Top 10 Reasons to Buy a 2021 BMW X3 – The Pros

1. Engine Options That are Both Powerful and Easy on Fuel

Enjoy the ride of a lifetime with 2021 BMW X3's powerful and fuel-efficient engine options. Choose from the base 2.0L turbocharged 4-cylinder, that churns an impressive 248 hp along with 258 lb.-ft., or opt for hybrid xDrive30e boasting 288 hp plus 310 lb.-ft if you need just a bit extra power while saving on gas! If you are looking to really let loose then switch into M40i mode which has a 3.0-L 6 cylinder pocket rocket pushing out 382 horses backed up by 365 pound feet torque - before even considering what awaits in its ultimate incarnation: The mighty BMW X3M.

2. The Brakes are Easy to Modulate

The X3 offers drivers superior performance, with power-packed engine choices and brakes that are user friendly. If a sudden emergency arises, its quick stop capability is certain to provide the driver peace of mind - from 60 mph down to 0 in an astonishingly short distance for this segment.

3. Confident Handling and Steering

The steering and handling capabilities round out a solid driving performance on the 2021 BMW X3. This ride remains smooth and compliant through and through, and you get plenty of feedback coming through the steering wheel. Switching it into the Comfort mode means you might tend to over-steer since the column is pretty light in this mode. The vehicle stays planted though and can handle turns as well as any sedan.

4. Cozy Seats

BMW's signature comfort comes alive in its highly adjustable seats - allowing for customizable levels of support, coziness and convenience during long road trips. Drivers can easily find an ideal driving position to take full advantage of the instrumentation display, infotainment system and outside views without ever needing to give up on relaxing journeys.

5. A Quiet Cabin

Step into the 2021 BMW X3 and you will feel like all sound has been muted. All that can be heard is stillness - so quiet, in fact, it may take a glance at the tachometer to make sure the car hasn't gone dormant! Wind noise on highways? Old news: this cabin's insulation ensures an almost seamless journey from point A to B with no audio volume adjustments necessary. If you're looking for top of line serenity within your luxury SUV search, look no further than the first class tranquility offered by this vehicle's phenomenal cabin design.

6. Easy-to-use Controls

Driving the X3 is made easy and stress-free with its intuitive control system that puts safety first. Its varied selection of physical controls, conveniently labeled and positioned within reach, provides drivers a hassle-free way to adjust settings while still keeping their hands firmly on the wheel.

7. Plenty of Space Up Front and in the Rear

Enjoy a remarkably roomy interior when you step into the X3 - ideal for tall and short passengers alike. Heads, shoulders, knees or hips have all the space they need in this generous cabin that's one of its class’s biggest strengths. In other words: slide behind the wheel and relax; with plenty of legroom even those riding along can stretch out in comfort.

8. A Commanding Outward View

Behind the wheel, you have a commanding and expansive view. The roof is high, but with slim pillars your range of visibility from all angles - whether it be in front or to the sides and back- is remarkable. Moreover, rear headrests are kept at an ideal height so they do not interfere when checking on what’s behind via the trusty rearview mirror; adjusting the driver's seat further enhances this experience with its wide variety of power settings available for personalization  according to your needs.

9. Infotainment Features are High-tech but User-friendly

The 2021 BMW X3's infotainment system brings modern tech to the fingertips of its users with an intuitive interface. Perfect for those who may not be that technically-inclined, a short learning curve allows drivers to quickly become familiar with how everything works. With reliable voice control capabilities and native speech recognition response, accessing most controls is as easy as speaking out loud.

10. An Abundance of Cargo Space

The X3 offers its owners a lot of versatile, usable cargo space. With all seats left upright, you get 28.7 cubic feet of cargo space. However, when you take the rear seats down (and they do fold fairly flat), this number maxes out at 62.7 cubes. This is one of the most spacious cargo areas you will find in this segment. Not to mention, the cabin also abounds with plenty of small item storage areas. The door bins are massive, and the storage area to the left of the steering wheel should come in handy.


Reasons Not to Buy a 2021 BMW X3 – The Cons

1. A Busy Ride Quality Depending on the Trim Level

If you get a 2021 BMW X3 that is equipped with the optional Dynamic Handling, you might notice that the ride quality gets busy while going over bumpy road surfaces. You will feel all of the impacts these vehicles sustain, but you will only feel them once. There is no reverberation throughout the cabin, and the X3s without this package equipped should feel just fine.

2. Driver Aids Sometimes Get Intrusive

Some of the standard driver aids can issue false warnings, and that can be a distraction while driving. While you do get a ton of them, adaptive cruise control and the parking camera can be a bit too finicky for the liking. You can disable some of these driver aids, but since you likely want some of them on, this could be a nuisance to deal with while on the road.

3. It Might Not Look as High-end as Some Competitors

With a well-put together and aesthetically pleasing cabin, the 2021 BMW X3 certainly doesn't skimp on quality. However, when compared to its competitors it may lack that extra bit of luxury found in their higher-end materials.

How It Stacks up to The Competition:

2021 BMW X3 vs. 2021 BMW X5

The 2021 BMW X5 steps up the ante by providing more powerful engine options and a higher level of luxury than its smaller sibling, the X3. While you may find yourself paying extra for those features, it's not without some downsides—this bigger vehicle comes with thicker roof pillars that create blind spots along with wider door sills which can make entry/exit somewhat tricky! Still, if size is your biggest factor in choosing between these two vehicles then perhaps taking on all that space is worth it to get from point A to B.

2021 BMW X3 vs. 2021 Audi Q3

This model year pits two luxury crossovers together: the 2021 BMW X3 and its challenger, the Audi Q3. The latter offers a generous amount of cabin comfort, plus plenty of room for passengers to stretch out in – but with one caveat; you won't be wowed by performance or fuel economy here. However, on the bright side, it's wallet-friendly price tag makes up somewhat for this shortfall - though what really elevates it is an interior crafted from first-class materials that give off an expensive vibe without breaking your bank account.

Final Thoughts

The 2021 BMW X3 is the ideal SUV for those looking to enjoy a sophisticated driving experience with plenty of options. Drivers can customize their ride's fuel efficiency, power output and more - all while navigating modern tech like intuitive controls. But beware: an array of potentially intrusive driver aids may come as part of the package.

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