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2015 Dodge Journey Pros vs Cons. Should You Buy?

Why Buy a 2015 Dodge Journey?
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Should You Buy a 2015 Dodge Journey? Here Are Some Reasons For and Against

The Dodge Journey is a crossover vehicle that has the appeal and flexibility to win a lot of fans. The vehicle offers the space and creature comforts of a basic car, while still maintaining some sport utility features. The 2015 Dodge Journey represents another attempt by a legendary manufacturer to bring seven passenger convenience to the midsize market.

Like other vehicles in the same class, the 2015 version of the Dodge Journey offers up flexible seating arrangement, a comfortable ride, and sharp looks. Of course, what sets this vehicle apart from the competition is the third row seating, which is easily converted to extra cargo space.

Aside from a few extra colors, changes to this vehicle from the previous year are virtually nonexistent. The below article will explain a few reasons that might help shoppers consider the car and a few reasons why potential customers might want to look at a few other options.

Ten Reasons to Purchase the 2015 Dodge Journey - the Pros

Entertainment System

The 2015 Dodge Journey will win the hearts and fingers of every occupant of car with the 4.3-inch Uconnect touchscreen infotainment center. With physical buttons and knobs to complement the touchscreen controls, the radio, navigation, and other applications are easily managed. The screen size can be doubled on the base model to 8.4-inches, which is standard on Limited and R/T trim packages.

Sharp Interior

The interior of the vehicle is crisp and well designed. Everything from great looking easy to read gauges to cup holders easily within reach are present for drivers of every size. Of course, the presence of similar design throughout the crossover make the 2015 Journey very family friendly.

Versatile Power Provider

Considering all the electronic gizmos and gadgets that travel with families these days, the presence of USB port is a priceless feature. Families can charge anything and everything they desire with a conveniently located port.

Plenty of Places to Put Stuff

One thing the Dodge Journey is not short on is storage options. The bins underneath the second row of seats is a great place for the kids to store all kinds of things, and the storage bin located under the driver’s floor is a perfect hiding place. In addition, with the seats folded down just about anything imaginable will fit in the 67.6 cubic feet of space.

Space for People

Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to stretch out in a crossover. However, this model of the Journey provides ample leg room for the driver, passenger, and the backseat occupants. Adults of all sizes will find plenty of space. The third row seating can get a little tight, but children will find the area perfect for enjoying rides of any length.

Smooth & Quiet

Being able to drive on the highway and not sound like a NASCAR race is a big advantage, and the Dodge Journey provides a quiet and comfortable ride. The suspension and engine work in tandem to make getting there half the fun again.

It Looks as Good as It Drives

Attractive and unique might just understate the appearance of the 2015 Dodge Journey. The chrome accents are tastefully done and the lines of the vehicle are pleasing to the eye.

Simple & Straightforward to Operate

Push button start, a comfortable steering wheel, and a shiftable automatic transmission keep the operation of this vehicle in the wheelhouse of drivers of every experience level. The parking sensors make backing up a simple process, and the overall vehicle operation is appreciated by reviewers.

Many Available Upgrades

As with any vehicle these days, the 2015 Dodge Journey offers up a number of upgrades over a few different trim packages. Possible options include internet access, a bigger Uconnect touchscreen, and some great looking exterior choices.

Very Attractive Price Tag

With a base price in the area of $20,000 this model offers great affordability for families looking for vehicles with third row seating. While the upper trim package can quickly climb to $33,000, families shopping for vehicles that provide comfort, versatility, and space, are going to want to check out this model.

Four Reasons Not to Buy a 2015 Dodge Journey - The Cons

Bigger Could Be Better

While the third row seating of the Dodge Journey is a major asset in this price point, families with older children might be better served by checking out some of the bigger vehicles available for more space in that important back row.

Four Cylinder Engine

For vehicle as big as the Journey, the four cylinder engine offers little in the way of performance, because it has to pull a lot of weight. The available V6 upgrade provides relief from this issue, but the added costs could offset any balance between budget and desired performance.

Front Wheel Drive

Since front wheel drive is standard on the base model of the Dodge Journey, the upgraded trim packages feature the all-wheel drive that really fuels the crossover appeal of the vehicles. Again, the added cost of those packages has to be sorted out in the finely tuned dance of price versus budget.

Gas Mileage

The four cylinder engine does not provide that zip a vehicle of this size should contain. While the available V6 has that power, both engines feature nearly identical fuel efficiency of 19 city and 23 highway miles per gallon. Those totals probably mean more trips to the gas station for any family that has a lot of running to do.


While the 2015 Dodge Journey might not have the best fuel mileage or the best power in the vehicle class, it provides a nice affordable option for anyone looking to take advantage of spacious interior combined with a great infotainment package. The vehicle is versatile, great to look at, and provides plenty of storage options for the family on the go. Long road trips or short jaunts to practices are more enjoyable when clutter and cargo can be safely and securely organized. From an overall perspective, the 2015 version of the Dodge Journey delivers a winning grade.

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