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2020 Ford Edge vs Escape

2020 Ford Edge vs Escape

2020 Edge vs Escape - How do they stack up? What are the differences?

For a midsize crossover SUV, the 2020 Ford Edge has tremendous capabilities and premium interior features. This five-seat vehicle comes in five editions, including the all-new ST-Line trim that's tuned for sporty cruising. Also having five seats, the 2020 Ford Escape is classified as a compact crossover SUV. Both cars offer the turbocharged engines blocks and Intelligent All-Wheel Drive. Available with plug-in hybrid and hybrid systems, the Escape surely caters to consumers who prioritize fuel economy and low emissions on the highway.

Starting at $31,000, the 2020 Edge mainly appeals to families that have generous budgets. The high-level ST edition has an MSRP of slightly more than $42,000. Priced at just less than $25,000, the 2020 Escape is a great option for families that may be conscious about their budgets. Running on a plug-in hybrid powertrain, the high-tier Titanium model is priced at just under $39,000.

In terms of digital technology, these Ford crossover SUVs have plenty of similar or identical features that provide best-in-class driving assistance. The SYNC 3 infotainment console is perhaps the most important technological component inside the cabins. Both vehicles have the FordPass Connect, SiriusXM Satellite Radio and a handful of other third-party services. Wireless charging pads and Bluetooth are some other notable technologies that appeal to drivers who use smartphones.

Equipped with the Ford Co-Pilot360 technology, the 2020 Edge and Escape have comparable active safety features. Both vehicles offer parking aides and various warning systems for navigating highways or local roads. Automatic braking and steering overrides are some other notable driving aides in these crossover SUVs. Available with more than 10 accident-mitigation technologies, the 2020 Edge proudly earns the Top Safety Pick from the IIHS.


Size and Styling

Measuring 188.8 inches in length, the 2020 Edge takes a stable stance on the road. A wheelbase of 112.2 inches contributes to good balance on paved surfaces. This midsize crossover SUV offers a passenger volume capacity of 113.9 cubic feet. When the seats in the second row are completely folded flat, the maximum available cargo space is 73.4 cubic feet. Otherwise, the standard cargo capacity behind the second-row seats is 39.2 cubic feet.

When equipped with a front-wheel drive system, the 2020 Escape has a length of 180.5 inches. An all-wheel drive system increases the total length by 0.8 inches. Designed to navigate narrow roads with ease, this compact crossover SUV has a wheelbase of 106.7 inches. The vehicle's passenger volume capacity is exactly 104 cubic feet. Up to 60.8 cubic feet of cargo volume is available behind the first row.

The smallest curb weight that's available for the 2020 Edge is 3,958 pounds. This specification is based on a configuration with a front-wheel drive and 2.0 L gas engine. When fitted with all-wheel drive and a 2.7 L engine, the curb weight goes up to 4,525 pounds. Regardless of the driveline system, this midsize Ford crossover SUV has a standard storage capacity of 18.5 gallons in the fuel tank.

The 2020 Escape is available with a curb weight as low as approximately 3,300 pounds. This estimate is based on measurements taken with the 1.5 L turbocharged engine block and a front-wheel drive. The heaviest curb weight of this compact crossover SUV is about 3,870 pounds. As expected, a plug-in hybrid powertrain and all-wheel drive add significant weight to the vehicle. When running on the 2.0 L turbo engine, this Ford model has a fuel tank capacity of 15.7 gallons.

In terms of ergonomics and convenience, the 2020 Edge offers 10-way power seats for the front passenger and driver. A reclining function is integrated into the front bucket seats for additional comfort. All five seats in this midsize Ford crossover SUV are available with heating. The leather upholstery is combined with the all-new Miko accents for enhanced styling and softness.

The proprietary EasyFold technology creates plenty of leverage for folding the second-row seats inside the Edge. This innovative function quickly releases the seatbacks to create optimum space in the cargo area. The reclining bench seat in the second row may be folded flat thanks to a flexible 60/40 design. A memory system for the driver's seat is another notable amenity inside the premium cabin.

Trimmed in real leather upholstery, the 2020 Escape's front bucket seats offer a good combination of versatility and comfort. A heating function is optional for the 10-way driver's seat that comes with power controls. The front passenger's seat comes with six-way power controls. This compact crossover SUV has second-row seats with a sliding mechanism to facilitate entry and exit for up to three passengers.

The Cargo Management System in the 2020 Edge gives families innovative ways to organize items behind the rear seats. LED lights illuminate the cargo space inside this midsize Ford model. The dome-style lamps in the second row are also fitted with LED bulbs. Eight standard cup holders, four grab handles and four 12-volt charging ports are other key amenities inside this crossover SUV.

From carpeted floor mats and eight beverage holders to dual coat hooks and three grab handles, the 2020 Escape also offers lots of convenient amenities for daily travel. The instrument panel in this compact crossover SUV is illuminated by the Ice Blue glow. Ambient lights can be turned on to alter the mood in both rows. Additionally, plenty of natural light enters the cabin through the trademark Panoramic Vista Roof, which has a stationary skylight above the second row.

Both Ford vehicles are available in gorgeous exterior paint colors, including Dark Persian Green and Rapid Red. Inspired by marine themes, Atlas Blue is optional for the Edge. The Desert Gold finish adds an exotic touch to the Escape's sporty body.


Assigned the iconic EcoBoost label, a 2.0 L engine block powers the 2020 Edge. When burning premium unleaded gasoline, this I-4 powertrain delivers up to 250 horsepower. A twin-scroll turbocharger makes up the core of this four-cylinder engine that's rated at 280 pound-feet of torque. Featuring dual-rolled tips with a polished finish, a single exhaust outlet is paired with the signature turbo engine.

This midsize Ford crossover SUV also offers a 2.7 L V6 engine from the EcoBoost group. Twin turbochargers help the six-cylinder powertrain whip out 335 net hp. Made of compacted graphite iron, the patented turbo engine unleashes 380 lb-ft at 3,250 RPM. Direct injection (DI) technology is standard in the powerful 2020 Edge model.

Wearing the EcoBoost badge, the 2020 Escape's 1.5 L engine yields 181 hp. Cranking out 190 lb-ft, this efficient powertrain only has three inline cylinders, which are made of lightweight aluminum. Featuring four cylinders, a 2.0 L engine from the EcoBoost class is available for this compact Ford crossover SUV. The peak ratings of this turbo powertrain are 250 hp and 280 lb-ft. Dual exhaust tips with a chrome finish are standard on this agile model.

Drivers seeking maximum efficiency from the 2020 Escape should opt for the 2.5 L engine, which is controlled by the innovative iVCT system. Running on the Atkinson Cycle, the naturally aspirated powertrain generates 165 hp and 155 lb-ft. Paired with the eCVT system, this efficient gas engine fits into the hybrid and plug-in hybrid systems. The turbo engines in the Escape work in tandem with the SelectShift automatic transmission system that produces eight gear ratios.

An automatic gearbox with eight speeds is standard on the 2020 Edge. It's possible to add the Intelligent All-Wheel Drive system for reliable performance on slippery roads. Optimizing traction in all four wheels, this patented AWD system is also optional for the Escape. When rolling on the highly dynamic drivetrain, both Ford models offer excellent handling on rainy days.

Engineered to adjust the braking system and throttle, the Curve Control boosts the performance of both Ford models on curved roads. This electronic technology measures yaw rates, G-forces and other significant metrics in real time. The Roll Stability Control is another standard feature that contributes to a balanced ride on sloped roads. Powered by the AdvanceTrac suite, the RSC precisely monitors the center of gravity in relation to the ground.

With a boost from the Hill Start Assist, the Edge quickly climbs hills. This Ford model also gets plenty of leverage from the Torque Vectoring Control, which improves stability on ramps and embankments. When gripping the electric power-assisted steering system, the driver will confidently handle this midsize crossover SUV. The highly responsive EPAS reduces the potential for drifting, swerving or swaying.

Drivers can optimize the Edge's or Escape's all-weather handling by adding the optional All-Wheel Drive Disconnect technology. This all-new function automatically disengages the rear axles when the road is dry. Therefore, the AWD Disconnect diverts all available power to the front wheels for optimum fuel economy. This intelligent drivetrain technology also improves aerodynamic performance on the freeway.

Appealing to urban and suburban families, the 2020 Edge has robust suspension systems that guarantee a pleasant ride for all occupants. Having an L-shaped design, the lower arm control is integrated into the tough front suspension. Twin-tube shock absorbers with pressurized gas also prevent the front section of the chassis from shaking and jolting. This midsize Ford crossover SUV sits on an independent rear suspension with an integral link. A monotube design is available to stabilize the rear wheels on rough roads.

The 2020 Escape is supported by a rear suspension system with semi-trailing arms. Thanks to the progressive-rate springs, passengers in the second row won't feel harsh impacts from the ground. This compact Ford crossover SUV has a robust front suspension system with twin-tube shock absorbers that operate on conventional hydraulic mechanisms.

Families will also appreciate the 3,500-pound towing capacity of these Ford models. Such a rating is only available with the signature EcoBoost engines. From boats to ATVs, both crossover SUVs give adventurous people lots of options for hauling popular recreational equipment. The Class II Trailer Tow Package is highly suggested for families that want to transport such bulky items over long distances.

Buying Tip:

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Available in the 2020 Edge and Escape, the Pre-Collision Assist scans the road for decelerating vehicles or walking pedestrians. If necessary, the PCA activates the Automatic Emergency Braking when the driver doesn't take enough action to avoid a crash. Both Ford models also offer the Adaptive Cruise Control for a safe commute on the highway. The ACC comes with several updates features, such as the Lane-Keeping System.

The Evasive Steering Assist is another new active safety technology that's optional in the 2020 Edge and Escape. As the name implies, this function manages the steering system when there's a high risk of a crash with another car in a neighboring lane. Additionally, both Ford models come with the Blind Spot Information System that closely monitors the movement of traffic in other lanes. The BLIS grabs the driver's attention by issuing blinking warnings in the exterior mirrors.

The Enhanced Active Park Assist gives the driver plenty of options for parking the 2020 Edge in any configuration. With cues from the Park Out Assist, the driver won't have to worry about bumping into other parked vehicles when leaving a parking space. This midsize Ford crossover SUV also has the Reverse Perpendicular Parking with side sensors that scan the entire perimeter for any obstacles.

The Active Park Assist 2.0 technology takes the hassle out of parking the 2020 Escape on the side of an urban street. This parking aide is manually turned on with the press of a button near the instrument panel. Visual guidance is also provided by the Rear View Camera that sends high-quality images to the 8-inch SYNC 3 display. The live images appear on the infotainment touch screen when the driver turns the rotary shifting dial in the center console.

Several other traditional active safety components are standard on the 2020 Edge and Escape. For instance, the anti-lock braking system works smoothly with the FWD or Intelligent AWD. Power disc brakes also contribute to superb stopping performance on dry and wet pavement. Additionally, the Post-Collision Braking automatically comes on when the Edge is involved in an accident at low, medium or fast speeds.

When it comes to passive safety, both Ford crossover SUVs have innovative amenities, such as the Personal Safety System. This patented technology adjusts the deployment of air bags in the front row. Each model is also equipped with the Safety Canopy System, which manages the inflation of curtain air bags during side crashes. After an accident, the SOS Post-Crash Alert System automatically requests assistance from local emergency services. The Belt-Minder is another trademark passive safety technology that's installed in these Ford vehicles.

Which Model to Choose?

Drivers who value powerful performance should select the 2020 Ford Edge, which offers two turbocharged engine blocks with the EcoBoost technology. Consumers who want remarkable efficiency should choose the 2020 Ford Escape, which offers hybrid and plug-in hybrid models with the Atkinson Cycle gasoline engine. In terms of all-weather performance, both Ford models are on the same level thanks to the Intelligent AWD. These crossover SUVs also share the same active safety features from the Co-Pilot360 bundle. The 2020 Escape is significantly more affordable, so it offers better overall value in digital technology and safety.

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