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2021 Honda CR-V vs HR-V

2021 Honda CR-V vs HR-V

2021 CR-V vs HR-V - How do they stack up? What are the differences?

Honda's CR-V and HR-V two-row SUVs provide an excellent selection for practical car buyers who are looking for versatility and convenience. The spaciousness of the CR-V makes it a standout choice in terms of power, while its sibling, the HR–V is attractive due to its impressive array of interior features. Before deciding which one best fits your needs - let’s take a look at how they differ!

Size and Styling

When it comes to length, the CR-V stands out as the larger vehicle with 182.1 inches in comparison to its smaller counterpart, HR-V's 170.4 inch frame. The disparity transcends beyond just length; for instance, where width and height are concerned - 73in/66in is what you get from CR-V versus 70in/63inch of HR-V respectively - meaning that more interior space will be available on board a CR-V than an HR V . Nevertheless ,for those navigating city streets who need convenience and agility when parking their vehicles in tight spots around town should consider opting for the lighter yet still impressive HR – V model instead!

The CR-V and HR-V offer differing cargo capacities for potential buyers to consider. The longer CR-V boasts an abundant 40 cubic feet of space that grows even larger to 75 cubic feet when rear seating is folded down. In contrast, the smaller HR-V offers just 24 cubic feet with limited expansion up to 60 upon folding its rear seats. While this may suit some customers' needs, it could be lacking in size compared to other options on the market.

The Honda HR-V and CR-V are great choices for those in search of comfort on their long journeys. The first rows offer a generous amount of legroom with 41.2 inches (HR-V) or even greater roominess at 41.3inches (CR-V). Similarly, the second row provides total relaxation to tall passengers who need ample space - 39.3in is available in the former while 40.4in comes standard on its bigger brother model.
Both models offer a versatile 60/40 configuration, allowing you to adjust the rear seating area according to your needs: smartly fold one side of the bench down and easily accommodate either 1 or 2 passengers with plenty of cargo space.

The Honda HR-V offers an innovative feature: the Magic Seat. Utilizing this seat design, not only can it be folded down as in other SUVs, but also lifted up flat against its backrest - consequently creating extra storage for taller items such as plants and lamps. This one-of-a kind addition to your ride promises efficient transport with a whole new level of convenience!

Both the Honda CR-V and HR-V feature sleek, stylish designs that make it difficult to differentiate between them. While many of their exterior features are similar - such as a roofline spoiler and fin antenna - those looking for an extra touch of elegance can equip LED fog lights on the CR- V, or enjoy added convenience with its power moonroofs, LED headlights and powered tailgate options. Additionally, you can even opt to stand out further by installing two chrome exhaust finishers on your very own CR-V!

The Honda HR-V stands out from the crowd with its modern style and unique features, like rear door handles that take on a vertical orientation. This feature gives the HR-V an unmistakable look amidst all those other crossovers roaming around town. Even though it has some SUV characteristics, this vehicle is still considered to be more of a crossover by Honda's own definition. The CR-V in comparison takes after traditional SUVs with its upright stance - so if you're looking for something between two worlds: choose wisely!


Both the CR-V and HR-V trims boast four cylinders, however due to varied preferences an array of engine choices are available. The HR-V offers a 1.8 liter while you can pair either a turbocharged 1.5 or 2l for your CR-V ride - adding efficiency is also possible with its electric motor hybrid powertrain option!

The engine in the HR-V makes 141 horsepower and 127 pound-feet of torque. This isn't that impressive, but given the compact size of the SUV, it should be fine for most situations. All-Wheel drive is available with the HR-V, and all trims have Hill Start Assist to keep them from rolling backwards after begin stopped on an incline.

In addition, all HR-Vs have Eco Assist systems that can be engaged whenever people want to conserve gas. A front-wheel-drive HR-V has an estimated fuel economy of 28/34 (city/highway) miles per gallon. An all-wheel-drive HR-V earns slightly less, having a fuel economy that's estimated to be 27/31 miles per gallon.

Honda has given the HR-V a continuously variable transmission. It has an available Sport mode to make it feel a little more aggressive. Three out of the four HR-V trims have paddle shifters mounted on their steering wheels. This makes it easy for drivers to manually shift gears whenever they want to.

The Honda CR-V boasts a powerful 1.5L engine with 190 horsepower and 179 lb.-ft of torque for the LX trim level, but this impressive powertrain is taken to new heights in the EX, EX-L and Touring trims with their hybrid systems. The electric motor coupled to this conventional powertrain provides an additional boost resulting in 212 total horses - truly making it something special!

The Honda CR-V boasts a powerful 1.5-liter engine as standard, with 190 horsepower and 179 foot-pounds of torque across four trim levels - LX, EX, EX-L and Touring. If that isn't sufficient power for your needs the Hybrid models have you covered; they boast a total 212 horsepower thanks to their integrated electric motor boost.

Honda's CR-V, like its companion HR-V model, utilizes a Continuously Variable Transmission to help maximize fuel efficiency. Drivers looking for added excitement can select Sport mode and take advantage of premium performance features not available in other engines on the market. Those needing light hauling capabilities will find solace knowing that only the traditional engine option boasts a maximum towing capacity up to 1,500 pounds - great news for casual projects or weekend adventures!

The hybrid CR-V is obviously going to have excellent fuel economy. It can travel up to 40 miles per gallon (in the city) on a single gallon of gas. On the highway, it can earn up to 35 miles per gallon. The non-hybrids still do pretty well. They're on the same level as the HR-V, earning an estimated 28/34 (city/highway) miles per gallon if they have front-wheel drive and 27/32 miles per gallon if they have all-wheel drive.

Comfort, Options and Performance

The CR-V and HR-V both provide generous seating for five passengers, with their base trims featuring cloth seats and manual adjustments for the front occupants. The CR-V's elevated models come equipped with heated front seats in three configurations as well as luxurious leather upholstery on top two trims. For drivers of the HR-V, varying levels of heating are available on select higher grade packages along with a single trim equipping premium leather touches throughout its interior cabin.

Those shopping for the perfect crossover may want to consider taking a closer look at Honda's offerings. The CR-V has plenty of interior amenities that are not available on lower trims of its sister, the HR-V: notably automatic climate control (two zones) as standard feature and more!

The HR-V offers an auto-dimming rearview mirror to combat glare, plus convenient push button start and leather wrapped steering wheels. Upgrade your drive with the CR-V's advanced luxuries like ambient lighting and a HomeLink remote system that can access garage doors or security systems - all while enjoying heated leather wrapping on the top trims.

When looking at the top trim of the CR-V, the technology is impressive. It has wireless charging, a nine-speaker sound system, and perhaps most importantly, integrated navigation. The top trim of the HR-V is the EX-L, and it doesn't have any of those features, unfortunately.

The EX-L and EX trim of the HR-V do have SiriusXM and HD Radio, along with six-speaker sound systems. The EX-L, EX, and Sport trims of the HR-V all have seven-inch touchscreens, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Pandora radio compatibility. In the base model, there is not a touchscreen, nor is there smartphone compatibility. There is a five-inch LCD screen and Bluetooth, though.

The CR-V's base model, the LX, offers an economical option while still providing all of your necessary amenities. Both Bluetooth and Pandora radio compatibility are included, so you can stay connected in style without breaking the bank. The five inch LCD screen is more than enough for most customers—who knew affordable could be this chic?

The top trims of the Honda CR-V offer a host of entertainment features, including seven-inch touchscreens, HD Radio and SiriusXM capabilities--all conveniently compatible with your smartphone. Not to be outdone by its larger sibling, HR-V offers two USB ports in all; meanwhile most trims on the CR-V come equipped with four total ports (two up front and two at back) for even more connectivity!

Buying Tip:

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The Honda CR-V offers exceptional safety features, giving potential buyers peace of mind. Innovative technologies like forward collision warning and mitigation braking help drivers stay in control at all times; plus blind spot monitoring, lane departure warnings and rear cross-traffic alerts offer increased visibility around other vehicles. Adaptive cruise control & lane keeping assist work together to prevent collisions while automatic high beams provide optimal lighting for nighttime journeys - making the Honda CR-V a smart choice when it comes to driver safety.

The Honda HR-V is designed with safety as a priority, featuring airbags and stability control on every trim. Those looking for extra peace of mind can opt to upgrade to one of the EX or EX-L trims which include advanced driver assist technology like 3 point seatbelts in all seating positions plus LATCH system installation compatibility.

The HR-V offers the unique Honda LaneWatch technology, making it easy to drive confidently with total awareness. Equipped in select trims of the vehicle, this system integrates a camera into the passenger side mirror that activates when you turn your right signal on and displays its video feed directly to your center screen - giving an expanded view of what's happening in those hard-to-see blind spots.

Which Model to Choose?

For customers looking for a reliable and capable crossover, the CR-V provides an ideal solution with its larger size, quality features, and advanced capability - all at an attractive price. Starting from $25,350 this model is still competitively priced when compared to other similar vehicles such as the HR-V which prices out at $21 220.

With mid-level trims of the CR-V hovering around a $5,000 to $6,000 premium compared to its HR-V counterpart, cost conscious shoppers should take note. The top trim Touring model on the CR-V can be found at an MSRP of $33 650 while Honda’s most luxurious option -the EXL– is priced more conservatively with an MSRP of 26 020 USD .For those looking for hybrid powertrains , one could expect additional costs ranging from 3 000 USD and up for their purchase.

With two great options, it can seem like a difficult task to pick the right SUV for your budget. If you have just a little bit more room in your pocketbook and need the added cargo space, then go with Honda's CR-V; not only is this model packed with extra safety features and tech packages compared to its competitors but also offers an unbeatable price tag! For those looking for higher affordability without compromising quality, consider their HR-V sibling - one of today’s most cost-effective solutions on the market.

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