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2023 Jeep Wrangler Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons.

2023 Jeep Wrangler Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons: Sport vs Willys Sport and Sport S, Freedom vs Sport Altitude and Sahara, Rubicon vs High Altitude and 392
Reviewed & fact checked by
James Murdoch

What 2023 Jeep Wrangler Trim Should You Buy? What is the Difference Between Trims?

Without Jeep, the world might not have SUVs. Today’s popular Wrangler traces its lineage back to the one-time military vehicles that carried machinery, supplies and personnel. Those original models started America’s love of automobiles that can travel far beyond the reasonable reach of a traditional car.

Aesthetically, the 2023 Wrangler appears quite similar to its differently named predecessor from generations ago. This vehicle is certainly tough. Yet, it is also modern, and the buyer does not have to settle for a combat-ready, green exterior hue.

Wrangler drivers can confidently navigate their daily lives or head for the trails in any of this model year’s 12 Wrangler trims. Buyers can use this guide to compare the important differences between each trim configuration and select their ideal 2023 Jeep Wrangler.

Compare the Wrangler Sport vs Willys Sport. What Is the Difference?

Throughout much of the Wrangler line, the standard transmission is a six-speed manual, so it’s still meaningful to know how to drive a stick shift in a Sport or Willys Sport. Enthusiastic drivers will find this classic transmission connected to a V6 engine with a 3,500-pound towing capacity. All 2023 Wranglers are, of course, 4x4. The model's standard Dana axles deliver confidence.

Both the Sport and the Willys Sport include a seven-inch touchscreen with Jeep's Uconnect 4 interface. In either trim, the driver can use this screen to control the Wrangler's terrestrial radio, enjoy voice commands, stream Bluetooth audio, connect to their Apple CarPlay or Android Auto and access a six-month subscription to SiriusXM.

Importantly, the Willys Sport adds an anti-spin rear differential to the Wrangler's hardware. This feature can help a driver free the rig if it becomes stuck during a trail adventure. Excursion satisfaction also becomes enhanced by the 2023 Wrangler Willys Sport's rock rails and 17-inch, Moab Black aluminum wheels.

Compare the Wrangler Willys Sport vs Sport S. What Is the Difference?

Notably, all-weather floor mats are standard on the Willys Sport. That's an optional feature on the Sport S. As a result, the Willys Sport is reasonably seen as a more trail-ready build.

Still, interior comforts in the Sport S include one-touch power windows and a leather-wrapped steering wheel. At this trim, a heated steering wheel also becomes available. More importantly, every Sport S steering wheel is connected to several Jeep active driving assist technologies.

Like the Sport and the Willys Sport, the 2023 Jeep Wrangler Sport S comes equipped with electronic stability control, hill-start assist, speed control, traction control, tire-pressure monitoring, trailer-sway damping and Jeep's ParkView backup camera. Additional safety-enhancement technology is available to Sport S buyers.

Compare the Wrangler Sport S vs Freedom Trim. What Is the Difference?

Heated front seats are available on the Sport S and the Freedom. In the former, those seats are cloth, low-back bucket seats. If a driver selects a 2023 Wrangler Freedom, they'll find leather seats with cloth inserts.

Of course, each Freedom also includes the edition's beloved accents. On the exterior, the buyer finds the trim's emblematic flag decal behind each front fender. Meanwhile, the tailgate commemorates Jeep's origin story and on-the-move spirit with an Oscar Mike badge.

Naturally, toughness comes from more than symbols, so Jeep gives the Wrangler Freedom rock rails and steel bumpers. For crystal-clear vision, this configuration also includes LED headlamps. Drivers can switch on the Freedom's LED fog lamps to lessen a dense, low cloud's grip.

Compare the Wrangler Freedom vs Willys. What Is the Difference?

Jeep enthusiasts may find it hard to decide between a Wrangler Freedom Edition or a Wrangler Willys. Each of these trims celebrates the original military car's history. The choice may come down to the buyer's brand preference.

While the 2023 Freedom leans into its American flag decals and Oscar Mike badge, this model year's Willys has its name emblazoned on each side of the hood. That label helps the Wrangler Willys driver commemorate the original Willys vehicles that rolled on American roads. Meanwhile, they enjoy modern automotive features and reliability.

Like the Willys Sport, the Willys comes with 17-inch, aluminum wheels in Moab Black. Uniquely, a Willys buyer can opt into heated front seats, which are also available on the Freedom. While air conditioning is a standard Wrangler feature. Both the Freedom and Willys offer an optional climate control system.

Compare the Wrangler Willys vs Sport Altitude. What Is the Difference?

The Wrangler buyer who wants to venture well beyond pavement can rely on the Sport Altitude. It comes with a heavy-duty suspension that features gas shocks. Also, this is the first 2023 Wrangler trim that includes a hardtop.

Jeep's Wrangler Willys and its preceding trims feature the company's Sunrider soft top. The Sport Altitude comes with the manufacturer's three-piece hardtop. This dependable, convertible roof offers all-weather protection, a headliner, a rear-window wiper and defrost capability for the rear window.

Compare the Wrangler Sport Altitude vs Sahara Trim Levels. What Is the Difference?

Jumping from the Sport Altitude to the Sahara garners the Wrangler buyer a turbo engine that boosts power and fuel economy. This trim hop also upgrades the Wrangler's transmission to an eight-speed automatic. The Sahara is also the first 2023 Wrangler level where Jeep supplies fender flares painted the same color as the vehicle's body.

Within a Sahara, McKinley-trimmed seats are available. Opting for this premium upholstery also provides leather-wrapped instrument bezels, a leather-wrapped shift knob and a leather-wrapped brake handle. This package adds luxury to the Wrangler Sahara experience.

The Sahara's interior also provides a touchscreen upgrade. While the standard touchscreen within the Sport Altitude is seven inches, the touchscreen found in the Sahara exceeds eight inches. Additionally, this upgraded touchscreen includes Uconnect 4C NAV GPS navigation, which makes finding destinations easier.

Occupants do not feel like they are in the actual Sahara when riding with the soft top closed. This is the first step in the trim ladder that includes climate-controlled AC.

Compare the Wrangler Sahara vs Sport RHD. What Is the Difference?

The Sport RHD is priced higher than the Sahara, but it may not be an upgrade. Essentially, this trim is the Wrangler Sport with the Sahara's engine and transmission. As a result, the Sport RHD responds faster and gets approximately 20% better gas mileage.

Importantly, the Sport RHD also includes Jeep's three-piece hardtop. When in place, this feature offers critical coverage from the elements. As mentioned earlier, the hardtop also defrosts, and it includes a rear-window wiper.

Compare the Wrangler Sport RHD vs Rubicon. What Is the Difference?

In the Rubicon, the lineup's standard engine returns. This means buyers should expect conventional, V6 power and a six-speed, manual transmission. Jeep still makes its eight-speed, automatic transmission available to Rubicon shoppers.

The Rubicon's low-back bucket seats come trimmed in premium cloth. Available leather seats offer a luxury feel, but the Rubicon exists for exceptional excursions. To that end, one finds 10.8 inches of ground clearance provided by a performance suspension.

Electronic Tru-Lok remote-locking front and rear differentials offer superb off-roading capability. This year's Rubicon also features a Rock-Trac transfer case with a four-to-one low range. Of course, Rubicon decals above the front fenders let onlookers know the score.

Compare the Wrangler Rubicon vs Sahara Altitude Trims. What Is the Difference?

The Rubicon introduces heightened performance into the 2023 Wrangler lineup. Next, the Sahara Altitude adds refinement. The Wrangler buyer immediately notices that fact when peering upon this trim's body-color hardtop. Supplying a hardtop in the same color as the rest of the body creates a deluxe appeal, which heightens the user experience.

With this trim, the four-cylinder, turbo engine returns, so city fuel economy jumps above 20 mpg. The Sahara Altitude comes with leather-trimmed seats, HD radio and five years of SiriusXM's Travel Link. Clearly, luxury enters the discussion at this trim level.

Compare the Wrangler Sahara Altitude vs High Altitude. What Is the Difference?

Like the Sahara Altitude, the High Altitude offers Wrangler drivers luxury. This trim simply climbs to an elite level. For example, both of these trims deliver leather seats as standard features. The High Altitude buyer finds different, subtly nicer leather seats. Further, only the High Altitude offers Steel Gray interior upholstery.

This exceptional trim also provides unique performance qualities. Jeep includes a sport suspension and 20-inch, aluminum wheels. The wheels are also eight inches wide. For longevity, they are fully painted, too.

Compare the Wrangler High Altitude vs Rubicon 392. What Is the Difference?

The last trim jump is a giant leap. Wrangler's Rubicon 392 crosses extremes. This trim's price extends 50% from the High Altitude's because it has a HEMI beneath its hood. Obviously, this build emphasizes performance.

This unique Wrangler configuration takes its name from the 392 suspension it rides. Other beefy equipment on this Jeep includes a 3.73 rear axle and Selec-Trac full-time 4WD system.

No other Wrangler trim offers a 6.4-liter HEMI engine. This V8 delivers 470 pounds of torque and 470 horsepower. That latter number pulls the Rubicon 392 to 60 MPH from a standstill in 4.5 seconds.

Beadlock-capable wheels offer surefooted grip for a broad universe of adventures in the Rubicon 392. All-terrain tires measuring 33 inches rest upon those wheels. Factory-direct, 35-inch tires are also available.

Inside the Wrangler Rubicon 392, a singular Jeep experience awaits. Embroidered leather rests upon deluxe seat bolsters. Bronze-stitched highlights create a rare atmosphere in this cabin. Wheel-mounted paddle shifters keep the driver engaged on all terrain.

Final Thoughts

The Rubicon 392 tugs at the Wrangler shopper's ego and cries out to be chosen. It certainly packs plenty of performance punch. Still, its price is too high for most buyers.

Fortunately, Wrangler's lineup provides multiple possibilities to the 2023 car buyer who wants to attain value and keep the option to veer away from paved roads. For durability, style, performance and luxury, this year's Wrangler buyers should linger on the Sahara Altitude. It packs many sought-after features and the best looks in the lineup at a lower price than the High Altitude trim.

If a Wrangler buyer is not interested in the Sahara Altitude's body-color hardtop, dropping down to the 2023 Wrangler Willys is a stellar decision. It offers significant savings, a hearty array of popular features and a link to the brand's origins that is popular among the brand's diehard fans.

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