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2019 Lexus LX Pros vs Cons

Why Buy a 2019 Lexus LX?
Reviewed & fact checked by
James Murdoch

Are You Considering a 2019 Lexus LX? Here Are Some Reasons For and Against

While crossovers are great family vehicles, most aren’t tough enough to trounce challenging terrain. If your family loves to take outdoor adventures, take a look at the 2019 Lexus LX. A truck-based frame and a capable 4WD system help the Lexus LX to make easy work of rough landscapes. However, it also delivers impressive comfort on the street. Despite its high sticker price, the LX does come loaded with an abundance of nice features. Should you pick this full-size SUV over the competition?

What’s New for 2019?

Lexus didn’t make any serious changes to the new LX. However, the two-row version can now be equipped with a few more options.

Ten Reasons You May Like the 2019 Lexus LX – The Pros

1. Strong V8 Engine

A strong V8 engine gives the 2019 Lexus LX plenty of muscle. It manages to generate 383 horsepower and just over 400 pound-feet of torque. Although this large SUV isn’t a speedster, it hits 60 mph in a competitive 7.2 seconds. The LX’s power really comes in handy when pulling a load. Lexus rates the big bruiser to tow up to 7,000 pounds. This is important for the drivers who may need to transport a camper or trailer.

2. Class-Leading Off-Road Capabilities

If you like to explore the wilderness, the 2019 Lexus LX should keep you happy for a very long time. It comes loaded with a lot of valuable off-road goodies. Toyota’s Multi-Terrain Select system helps you to confidently maneuver off the beaten path. You can also benefit from the LX’s adjustable suspension, which ensures good ground clearance. Meanwhile, four-wheel drive with a two-speed transfer case promotes good traction. Toyota's Crawl Control technology and a locking center differential also come standard.

3. Good Dependability

Like so many other Lexus vehicles, the 2019 Lexus LX is engineered to remain on the road for a very long time. Even after you start to rack up a lot of miles on the LX, it should still remain dependable. All of the SUV’s parts are designed to hold up well. As long as you service the LX at the recommended intervals, you should have very little trouble. A 50,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty provides more security.

4. Elegant Exterior Styling

Although the 2019 Lexus LX is built tough, an elegant exterior hides its rugged persona. Many people consider the LX to be a more luxurious version of the Toyota Land Cruiser. Lexus’ signature spindle grille helps set it apart. Full LED lighting and a set of 20-inch alloy wheels come standard. A more striking set of 21-inch wheels are available as an option. Some of the available colors include Nightfall Mica, Black Onyx, and Eminent White Pearl.

5. Great for Taking Trips

The 2018 Lexus LX is big on comfort. Automotive critics give the SUV excellent reviews for its plush seats. An optional Luxury package enables your passengers sitting in the back to experience the comfort of heated and ventilated seats. While the two-row version accommodates up to five people, up to seven people can fit inside the three-row LX. There’s also enough storage space in the back for camping gear and hiking essentials.

6. Standard Lexus Safety System+

Drivers will be able to lean upon the standard Lexus Safety System+. It provides some very helpful safety innovations. When approaching unanticipated vehicles and pedestrians, the automatic collision braking system can bring the SUV to a halt. Meanwhile, blind-spot detection makes you more aware of unseen traffic on the highway. Some of the LX’s other driver-assist technologies include full-speed smart cruise control, lane departure warning, and drowsiness monitoring.

7. Great Sounding Stereo System

If music is a big part of your life, the LX’s stereo system is bound to become one of your favorite features. While the standard system sounds good, an optional Mark Levinson unit takes your music-listening experience to the next stage. Testers rave about the audio system’s wonderful clarity. It comes equipped with a total of 19 speakers and a 450-watt amp. It’s designed to match the acoustics of the cabin.

8. Lexus Enform Communications System

Although a lot of premium features are available for the LX, the standard Lexus Enform system is arguably the most important. Whether you’re taking the back way home or traveling to an out-of-town destination, Lexus Enform will keep you connected to roadside assistance. If you happen to get involved in a collision, this system can send help to your vehicle’s specific GPS location. You can also use Lexus Enform to find destinations and points of interest.

9. Rear-Seat Entertainment System

For some kids, nothing is more frustrating than being bored. When taking your family on a road trip, the optional rear-seat entertainment system will prove its worth. Kids can watch movies and connect their game consoles. Because the system features two separate screens, you don’t have to worry about your kids arguing over it. An AC power outlet and wireless headphones sweeten the deal.

10. Refrigerated Cooler Box

A refrigerated cooler box is optional on the 2019 Lexus LX. When traveling, it’ll become a big convenience. You’ll be able to keep cold drinks and fresh snacks on hand at all times. Road-trippers can avoid the hassle of stopping for ice.

Reasons You May Not Like the 2019 Lexus LX – The Cons

1. Very Bad On Gas

If you hate spending money on gas, you’re not going to like the 2019 Lexus LX. It’s a very thirsty SUV. According to the latest EPA ratings, the LX will return 13 mpg in town and 18 mpg on the freeway. Even worse, you must burn premium unleaded in order to get the maximum performance. Drivers who don’t need the LX’s off-road capabilities and towing power should consider a large crossover.

2. Doesn’t Ride or Drive Great

In exchange for the LX’s rugged design, you must sacrifice some drivability on the street. While LX feels stable going down the highway, it becomes a bit clumsy around curves. The SUV’s ride quality also isn’t the best. Furthermore, a lot of drivers will have trouble maneuvering this big guy in small areas. You’ll find the Mercedes-Benz GLS to be a more driver-friendly vehicle.

3. Tight Third-Row

Three-row seating is offered on the LX. However, don’t expect the third-row seat to provide much legroom. While children won’t mind lounging in the rear seat, most adults will feel restricted. If you don’t have any extra kids to haul around, your best bet is two choose the two-row LX.

4. Infotainment System Has Some Weak Points

A gigantic, 12.3-inch infotainment screen comes standard on the 2019 Lexus LX. While the graphics are very sharp, the interface is designed with a distracting Remote Touch Controller. This feature can be especially worrisome while driving. Most people will prefer to use the system’s physical controls.

5. Expensive Vehicle

Prices for the new LX start at nearly $86,000. This isn’t chump change to say the least. For most folks shopping for a new SUV, the LX will be a tad too expensive.

How It Stacks Up to the Competition

The Mercedes-Benz GLS is another full-size luxury SUV. Although the 2019 Lexus LX is a great off-road performer, expect the Mercedes-Benz to deliver a far more satisfying performance on the pavement. It also boasts a roomier third row and a better infotainment system.

You should also give the 2019 Toyota Landcruiser some consideration. While the Landcruiser is mechanically similar to the Lexus LX, it’s not as luxurious on the inside. You’ll also notice the Landcruiser’s shorter warranty.

Like the 2019 Lexus LX, the 2019 Land Rover Range Rover is a beastly off-road machine. Some people will also like the Range Rover’s higher number of options. Drivers seeking blistering acceleration should check out the Range Rover Supercharged. On the downside, the Range Rover is far less reliable and has a higher MSRP.


The 2019 Lexus LX isn’t for everyone. Folks seeking car-like handling and great fuel economy will find the Lexus LX to be a disappointment. On the other hand, this SUV is perfect for adventurous families. You’ll be able to explore all of America’s most exciting off-road trails. A high towing capacity also makes the LX a good compromise for truck enthusiasts. While riding in the new 2019 Lexus LX, your family will enjoy its spacious and relaxing atmosphere.

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