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2020 Nissan Titan XD Trim Levels with Comparisons & Configurations.

2020 Nissan Titan XD Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons: S vs SV vs Pro-4X, SL & Platinum Reserve

What 2020 Nissan Titan XD Trim Level Should you Buy? What is the Difference Between Trims?

The Titan XD is a truck that's designed for people who value performance. It's been built with a sizable engine, and Nissan has matched the Titan XD's capability with a number of convenient amenities. Overall, the 2020 Titan XD is a truck that will appeal to the modern consumer.

For 2020, Nissan has upgrade the Titan XD in several ways. On the outside of the truck, there are different grille and tailgate designs, some of which really stand out with their bold style. In years past, a diesel engine was offered on the truck, but this option is no longer available. Instead, all Titan XD models run on a 5.6-liter V8 that provides plenty of power. They're also all equipped with 4x4 drivetrains, making it clear that this truck means business.

While many trucks in the market can come with various cab configurations, Nissan has decided to only offer the Titan XD as a crew cab. This gives customers ample cabin space and lets them accommodate three adults in the back row. In comparison with the standard Titan truck, the Titan XD is over a foot longer. The XD's crew cab is paired with a truck bed that measures 6.5 feet, an ideal size for many drivers who have a lot planned for their trucks.

There are several trims available on the Titan XD, starting with the S and going all the way up to the Platinum Reserve. Each trim comes with more advanced features than the previous one has, and this guide will help potential customers decide which models might be best suited for them.


Compare the 2020 Titan XD S vs SV Trim Levels. What is the difference?

These two trucks, in addition to all of the other models, run on the same 5.6-liter DOHC engine. This V8 engine can output 400 horsepower and has 413 pound-feet of torque, so the truck can definitely compete with others in terms of power. The engine is matched with a nine-speed automatic transmission that makes the ride smooth and delivers an optimal amount of power at various speeds. Drivers can make the change to four-wheel drive using a simple switch whenever more traction is needed.

The S and SV both ride on 17-inch styled steel wheels. The S has black trim on the exterior, from the bumpers to the door handles. A manual sliding back window can be used to let in fresh air, and tie-downs and overhead LED bed lights in the cargo area can be quite handy. The tailgate is lockable, and it comes with a dampened assist.

In contrast, the SV has a chrome front bumper and door handles, and this can help the truck stand out. The side mirrors are extendable, to help with towing, and they come with turn signal indicators. Making the SV a bit more rugged are skid plates under the oil pan and fuel tank, and the SV also has tow hooks in front.

Inside the S, there is a 40/20/40 split bench in the front and a 60/40 split bench in the back. Cloth trim is standard, as is remote entry and push-button ignition. Easy Clean vinyl flooring is exactly as it sounds, and some people might appreciate this material if they're always around busy work sites. On the SV, the flooring is changed to carpet, and the interior door handles are upgraded from black to chrome.

Some features that people will certainly enjoy having are Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone compatibility, and the standard eight-inch touchscreen is a bonus. The Titan XD can act as a Wi-Fi HotSpot through the NissanConnect system, and SiriusXM Radio and Bluetooth are other notable features included on the S. The SV has the addition of a seven-inch driver-assist display, which can act as a digital gauge to provide drivers with important information about their vehicle's performance.

Driver-assist systems are heavily featured on the 2020 Titan XD. The truck comes with a driver alert system, forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, and blind spot monitoring, among other components. Given the Titan XD S's somewhat steep price point for an entry-level vehicle, it's nice that the Nissan included all of those advanced systems. They can constantly monitor what's going on, in terms of where the truck is positioned in a lane and in comparison to other vehicles, and it can warn drivers when action should be taken. In certain circumstances, the truck can even correct steering and/or braking in order to prevent the likelihood of an accident.

While the S has standard cruise control, the SV has intelligent cruise control. This system can keep the truck at a set speed when traffic patterns are steady, and when other vehicles are slowing down, the system can also slow down the truck to maintain a safe distance.

Compare the 2020 Titan XD SV vs Pro-4X Trims. What is the difference?

The Pro-4X is the trim to consider if anyone wants to go off-roading. Unlike the SV, it has an electronic locking rear differential and high-quality shocks that are designed to take a lot of impact.

Some notable differences are found when looking at the exterior of the Pro-4X in comparison with the outside of the SV. To start, the Pro-4X sits on 18-inch aluminum-alloy wheels with a dark finish, and it has more skid plates than the SV does in addition to LED signature headlights and fog lights. Its bumpers have a charcoal finish, and there are extra LEDs in the back to better illuminate the cargo area.

The bed of the Pro-4X has been lined with a spray-on material that adds durability. People who are always throwing gear and equipment in the back will appreciate having this feature, especially since the liner has been applied at the factory and will stand up to a lot of wear. There's a special channel system that helps with organization and securing cargo, and when people want to open up the back window, they'll be able to do so with the touch of a button.

More major differences are seen inside the cab of the Titan XD. The Pro-4X doesn't come with a bench seat like the lower models do; instead, it has front captain's chairs that are on either side of a center console. Power driver's seats, accent stitching on the cloth seats, and a leather-wrapped steering wheel all work together to enhance the style of the truck. The seats, tailgate, and floor mats have special badging to highlight the uniqueness of the Pro-4X.

In terms of technology, the Pro-4X is enhanced with a nine-inch touchscreen rather than an eight-inch one, as found on the SV. Its audio system uses Fender components to deliver a more crisp and clear sound. In addition, it has integrated navigation, which is a significant upgrade. Drivers can use SiriusXM Traffic and Travel Link to stay updated about current conditions. With voice commands, people can keep their hands on the wheel and their attention focused where it should be.

Compare the 2020 Titan XD Pro-4X vs SL Trim Levels. What is the difference?

Nissan has designed the SL trim of the Titan XD to have many high-end features. While the Pro-4X has some more ruggedness to it, the SL has a bit more refinement.

The SL rides on 20-inch chrome-clad wheels and has a removable front aero spoiler, and like the Pro-4X, it has LED Daytime Running Lights and advanced headlights that can switch between high and low beams depending on the external conditions. The chrome grille on the SL looks great, especially since there are many other chrome elements. What's neat about the SL is that its outside mirrors can automatically dim if the other lights are too bright, and running boards can help people safely enter and exit the cabin.

People in the front of the SL can treat themselves to leather-appointed seats that have heating elements, so cold mornings can become a little more cozy. The SL has a memory system that allows it to remember the favored positions of the steering wheel, side mirrors, and drivers seat. The ambience is quite elegant in the SL, thanks to chrome accents and an interior trim that has metal and wood elements.

On both the Pro-4X and SL, there are sophisticated features that can make the drive around town more pleasant. Dual zone temperature control, LED interior lights, and numerous storage compartments are all nice additions to the cabin. The pampering even starts before one gets in the truck, as proximity activation allows the lights to turn on as a welcoming gesture.

Entertaining people shouldn't be a problem in either model, since they both have the Fender premium audio system with 12 speakers. A center speaker and subwoofer help round out the sound quality. Rear-seat passengers will be happy to know that they can use the rear USB connection ports to keep their devices charged. Two additional USB connection ports are found in the front.

Compare the 2020 Titan XD SL vs Platinum Reserve Trim. What is the difference?

The Titan XD Platinum Reserve represents the best that Nissan has to offer. This model is a luxury version of the Titan XD, making it perfect for anyone with fine taste and a little extra money to spend.

Both the SL and Platinum Reserve have 20-inch wheels, the difference being that the Platinum Reserve has dark-painted, machined finish rather than chrome-clad aluminum-alloy wheels. As the top-of-the-line trim, the Platinum Reserve has gun metallic bumpers, rocker panels, and wheel arch moldings. The two-tone exterior paint options are bold, and the front grille looks distinguished with its brushed satin finish. Even the running boards are enhanced, with chrome details and illumination.

It's great that the SL has heated front seats, but it's even better that the Platinum Reserve has heated and cooled front seats. This gives people more control over their comfort at all times of the year. The seating material is upgraded to premium leather, the steering wheel has a heating element, and the floor mats and metallic kick plates all have a Platinum Reserve logo. This trim has dark chrome accents and dark metallic elements on its interior, which make things feel more high-end.


Which Trim to Choose?

Nissan has given its customers a lot to think about with the 2020 Titan XD. Not only is it a capable truck, but it also has premium interior and exterior elements. Whether a driver is heading to a construction site or going out to dinner, the Titan XD can take him or her there in style.

The Platinum Reserve is well-appointed, but at its price point, it might not be within reach of most customers. Instead, the SL seems like a more reasonable option, as it has a more affordable price while still having some luxurious amenities, such as navigation and leather seats.

If people have more modest budgets, the base model of the Titan XD would be a wise choice. Though it has the vinyl flooring, it does have soft cloth seats, numerous driver-assist systems, and a modern infotainment system. It has everything that many customers want in a truck, and by skipping out on all the extras, those customers can save some money.

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