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2022 Toyota Corolla vs Kia Forte

2022 Toyota Corolla vs Kia Forte

2022 Corolla vs Forte - How Do They Stack Up? Which is Better?

In a market increasingly dominated by larger vehicles, the new 2022 Toyota Corolla and Kia Forte make compact sedans an ideal choice. Boasting renowned reliability and cutting-edge features in the former case to offering exceptional value for money in the latter, these cars remain beloved staples of North American roads - now with even more spacious four-door models as well as optional hatchback variants from Toyota!

Whether you're looking for an affordable compact car that looks stylish or one made to last, the Corolla and Civic have got it covered. The attractive exteriors of these models are matched by comfortable interiors with all the modern features buyers expect today, plus a reputation for reliability – in fact, some say that Corollas own up to be among the most durable cars on roads around!

Toyota and Kia have come together to provide drivers cost-effective options with plenty of premium features. Outfitted for maximum fuel efficiency, the Corolla and Forte are practically twins in size - both 183 inches long, 57 inches high yet the latter being slightly wider by one inch while hatchback models are somewhat petite compared to their sedan counterparts.

When looking for a car with plenty of room and great value, the Toyota Corolla and Kia Forte are both excellent options - but which offers the best overall experience? To help shoppers make an informed decision, here's a comparison between these two vehicles focusing on their core features.


The Powertrain

With Toyota's 2022 Corolla, drivers can choose from three distinct engine options. The base 1.8-liter 4 cylinder offers impressive power with 139 hp and 126 lb-ft of torque for fuel efficiency without sacrificing performance - perfect for everyday drives around town. With the SE or XSE trim levels, even more muscle is available courtesy of a 2.0 liter capable of producing 169 horses under the hood along with 151 pound-feet to provide extra oomph when desired. And lastly, those seeking maximum economy will be thrilled by the hybrid option that generates an efficient 121 combined horsepower while keeping emissions low!

With the new hybrid powertrain, the Corolla is sure to make your daily commutes more efficient than ever. While other models featuring a 2.0-liter engine deliver up to 40 mpg on highways and 1.8 liter engines reach around 38mpg - this revolutionary option offers 53 miles per gallon in city settings and an impressive 52 mpg when travelling down roads!

The Corolla offers drivers multiple transmission levels, granting them the power to tailor their driving experience. From a continuously-variable transmission (CVT), or 6-speed manual for models with 2.0 liters of engine size - there's something available to suit every driver’s preference and style! Plus all versions are front wheel drive, providing extra peace of mind behind the wheel.

The Corolla is packed with performance-enhancing features, such as an Electronic Power Steering system and ventilated power brakes for superior control on the road. To take that further, Apex Edition models are equipped with a higher level of suspension technology; increased coil spring rates along side stabilizer bar springs provide optimum stability and comfort during your drive.

The 2022 Kia Forte is the perfect combination of power and reliability. With two impressive engine options, you get to choose how quickly your wheels will roll; either a 147 hp/132 lb-ft 2.0 liter 4 cylinder or an incredibly zippy turbocharged 1.6 Liter I4 that pumps out 201 horsepower with 195 lb-ft torque for more expressive acceleration - it can take off from 0mph up to 60 mph in just 6 seconds!

With the Forte, you can determine how hands-on your driving experience is. Its Intelligent Variable Transmission (IVT) comes standard on most models and provides a smooth shiftless ride similar to that of the Toyota Corolla's CVT transmission. If manual control if more your style, upgrade to GT for access to both 6-speed manual or 7 speed dual clutch automatic transmissions with paddle shifters conveniently located on either side of the steering wheel – giving you full command over when gears are changed!

The Forte features four-wheel disc brakes with an anti-locking brake system and ventilated front brakes for maximum stopping power. Every model offers MacPherson struts in the front, while GT models boast a multi-link rear suspension to ensure superior responsiveness on even the curvy roads. For enhanced performance capability, every GT trim is outfitted with a sporty duel exhaust system that provides improved output from its powerful engine.

With the Kia Forte, you get all-wheel drive and a Motor-Driven Power Steering System for ultimate control. The base engine model boasts an impressive 41 mpg combined fuel economy rating - perfect for those looking to save at the pump! If horsepower is your priority, you'll find more from this automobile than competitors like Toyota Corolla's standard offering - but if maximizing mileage is key then their hybrid option reigns supreme with its industry leading efficiency numbers.


The 2022 Toyota Corolla delivers a dependable driving experience, yet may lack in the performance department. Acceleration is merely adequate while its least-powerful engine could leave some looking for more power on the road - including having difficulty passing other vehicles at highway speeds. Fortunately, fuel efficiency makes up for it to ensure an affordable and reliable ride that offers peace of mind behind the wheel.

Driving the Corolla is an enjoyable experience. Its well-crafted steering and handling provide solid traction, smooth braking power that's more than adequate for your needs, and a range of available transmission systems tailored to make your journey as comfortable as possible. Inside this economical sedan you'll discover a surprisingly pleasant interior with plenty of spacious legroom front and back - perfect for carpooling or long trips! Enjoyable driving coupled with comfort makes it easy to understand why the Toyota Corolla continues to be popular on roads everywhere.

The Kia Forte has far superior acceleration, especially from the GT models. Steering and handling are far better as well. Stopping power is about equal, and both cars have an adequately quiet interior. There's no major difference in how the suspension systems operate when comparing a Corolla to a Forte, though the Corolla may offer a slightly smoother ride quality.

Both the Toyota Corolla and Kia Forte offer more than just excellent performance specs and ride quality - they provide comfortable interiors, so that drivers can be assured of a pleasant driving experience. While neither car is quite luxurious in their interior design, they still supply enough comfort to satisfy most buyers' needs.

The seats are supportive and cozy in both cars. Toyota offers an 8-way power seat for the driver with power-adjustable lumbar support. Heated front seats are available as well. Higher trim levels get SofTex-trimmed seats and a leather-trimmed steering wheel. Everyone will stay comfortable in any weather thanks to the Automatic Climate-Control System with dust and pollen filters.

Kia Forte drivers get the ultimate in comfort and convenience with 10-way power adjustable seats, lumbar support to alleviate fatigue on long drives, optional heated front seating for extra warmth during cold mornings, plus premium upholstery options like Syntex or leather trim. For further climate control customizations alternate between driver's settings and passenger's settings via Dual Zone Automatic Temperature Control.


The 2022 Toyota Corolla and the Kia Forte offer top-of-the-line safety for you and your passengers, with both passive and active features. Enjoy modern convenience through a wealth of driver assist technologies that help keep everyone safe on those long journeys!

Corolla drivers and passengers can rest easy, as the car includes 10 airbags for top-notch security. Advanced front and side impact bags provide shielding up front, with a seat cushion airbag plus knee protection specifically safeguarding the driver. Rear occupants enjoy additional safety from side impact bags while both seats benefit from extra coverage courtesy of high curtain units on each row.

The Corolla's seats are designed to mitigate whiplash. There are also side-beams for reinforcement, as well as front and rear crumple zones. These channel crash energy away from the occupants inside of the vehicle. There's also a collapsible steering column and a head-impact protection structure built into the Corolla. Toyota uses high-tensile-strength steel body panels in the construction of every Corolla.

The Corolla provides child-protection door locks and rear windows. The LATCH system allows one to easily secure child safety seats. The Corolla has three-point seat belts for every seat position, as well as adjustable shoulder anchors up front. The front belts also have pretensioners and force limiters.

Every Corolla gets Toyota's Star Safety System™. This includes features like Vehicle Stability Control and Traction Control. It also comes with ABS, Electronic Brake-force Distribution and Brake Assist. Last of all, this system adds on Smart Stop Technology® to every Corolla.

Toyota Safety Sense™ 2.0 is a whole suite of driver-assist features that come installed in every 2022 Corolla. The Pre-Collision System detects potential crashes and warns the driver ahead of time. It can even detect pedestrians as well as other vehicles. The Lane-Departure Alert with Steering Assist makes sure the Corolla never veers too far out of its own path. This system even comes with Dynamic Radar Cruise Control.

The 2022 Kia Forte also has an advanced airbag system. There are two front-impact airbags and two side-impact airbags for the driver and front passenger. There are full-length, side-curtain airbags as well. Like the Corolla, the Forte has three-point seat belts with pretensioners for everyone. The Forte even has comparable Electronic Stability Control and Traction Control systems.

Both vehicles have a rear camera and a Tire-Pressure Monitor. The Forte has child safety locks, child safety windows in the rear and the LATCH system for child safety seats, just like Toyota's Corolla. The Forte also has an internal release for the trunk, to prevent small children from getting stuck in there.

Kia's Forte offers ABS brakes, a Brake-Assist System and Electronic Brake-Force Distribution. Once again, these are all features that have a counterpart in the Toyota Corolla. Kia also offers Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist with Pedestrian Detection. Higher trim levels get Blind-Spot Collision Warning and Rear Cross-Traffic Avoidance Assist.

The Forte's Driver Attention Warning was designed to prevent accidents due to driver fatigue. There are Lane-Keeping Assist and Lane-Following Assist technologies that are similar to what Toyota offers for their Corolla. The GT Manual trim has parking sensors. There's also a Dynamic Parking-Assist feature that shows a grid in the rear-view monitor when the Forte is moving slowly in reverse.

Which Has the Best Value?

The 2022 Corolla is a great option for drivers who want the reliability and contentment of owning a Toyota at an excellent value. Its base trim, called the L model, has an MSRP starting just under $21K while its hybrid version starts around less than $24K – offering one of best values when compared to other hybrids on the market. Additionally, it boasts quality construction that's sure to offer many years of lasting use!

The most expensive model of the 2022 Toyota Corolla is the XSE Apex Edition. This model comes in at just $28,710. Keep in mind, these are all starting prices and can go up significantly with enough options and packages added on.

The 2022 Kia Forte offers consumers unprecedented value in its class. Starting at only $19,090 for the base FE trim and maxing out at just $24,490 with the sporty GT Manual model - a full price tag of under 25k is within reach without compromising on any features or performance capabilities! Moreover comparing it to other leading contenders such as the Toyota Corolla; where shoppers will have to pay over 4K more for comparable options – investing in this make becomes an even sweeter deal.

The Kia Forte provides an extraordinary value with plenty of horsepower and top-of-the line features at a fraction of the cost when compared to the Toyota Corolla. However, if longterm reliability is needed in order to get maximum savings out of one's vehicle purchase, then opting for the fuel efficient Corolla would be prudent choice.

The number of standard features at the base level for these two cars isn't that different. Toyota offers more standard safety features, but it's not that much more to add on features to the already lower-priced Kia. Toyota's interior is a bit more upscale. It also has the superior infotainment system and audio setup.

If you desire a compact sedan that combines sophistication, affordability and performance with no compromise on quality or value for money, then this is the ultimate showdown. The Toyota boasts an elegant interior finish alongside its reliable build quality - not to mention the only hybrid model in this comparison. On the other hand, Kia delivers an unbeatable driving experience at more competitive prices than Toyota so make sure you weigh up your options carefully!


Which Is Better?

With every passing year, Kia continues to offer greater value with its vehicles. The 2022 model of the Forte is no exception; not only does it give you a great bang for your buck but also offers superior performance compared to its Toyota rival - the Corolla. Although comfort-wise the latter may come out on top, driving enthusiasts will likely find maneuvering around town more enjoyable behind the wheel of a Forte.

The renowned Toyota Corolla is no stranger to the roads, offering reliable and durable performance that has proven its worth in value. With a meticulously designed assembly line, this compact sedan offers more than just basic driving capabilities -- it delivers cost-effective long-term affordability with remarkable fuel efficiency for worry free motoring.

For those looking for a reliable, cost-effective car on the market today, both the Toyota Corolla and Kia Forte are excellent options. The former may be seen as more of an all-round vehicle with its sturdy build quality while latter appeals to auto enthusiasts due to its powerful engine; making it perfect if you're after higher speeds. Nevertheless, when weighing up these two possibilities for your next purchase - most buyers should ultimately opt for the value offered by the trusted Corolla.

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