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2020 BMW X6 Pros vs Cons

Why Buy a 2020 BMW X6?
Reviewed & fact checked by
James Murdoch

Are You Considering a 2020 BMW X6? Here Are Some Reasons For and Against

Like books, cars have their own version of an edition. Some newer models are still in their first generation while others have made enough changes over time to be a second-generation vehicle. Then there are those that, despite being a youngster, have gone through multiple changes.

Such is the case with the 2020 BMW X6. Introduced to the market in 2009, this luxury SUV coupe is now in its third iteration. That's an average of one change every three years. However, do all these transformations mean more power and comfort? If so, does it stack up to the other luxury SUVs on the market? Let's detail the changes to the X6, its pros and cons, and determine if it is worth the value to drivers.

What's New for 2020?

The 2020 BMW X6 is all new for this model year. Most of the changes are reflected in updated technology and what is under the hood. The redesigned powertrain makes the X6 a half-second quicker than last year's model.

Comfort and safety are also enhanced in this SUV coupe with the implementation of new infotainment and driver assistance features. More on these below.

Ten Reasons You May Like the 2020 BMW X6 – The Pros

1. Quality Cabin Materials

This is BMW, so don't expect cheap materials or hard plastics. On top of the standard Vernasca leather upholstery and high-gloss wood trim, the 2020 BMW X6 allows the user to customize the interior to their liking. Thus, drivers can add glass controls and a leather dashboard.

2. A Roomy Trip for Driver and Passengers

The 2020 BMW X6 is between a sedan and crossover SUV, so it falls somewhere in-between when it comes to roominess. Nevertheless, drivers and passengers have enough to avoid feeling cramped on a trip of any length. Even under maximum capacity, the X6 averages 3.5-feet of legroom and five feet of shoulder and hip space.

3. Impressive Powertrains in all Trims

BMW and powerful engines are synonymous. You would never find an anemic powertrain combination in any vehicle, no matter if it's a base model. This is true for the 2020 BMW X6.

Its base trim, the sDrive40i, contains a 3.0L six-cylinder TwinPower Turbo with an eight-speed automatic transmission. If a consumer was truly negative, they would see its 355 horsepower as weak. However, that's certainly not the case with the X6.

If a driver decided to purchase the top-end trim, the M50i, they would get the same eight-speed transmission connected to a 4.4L V8 TwinPower Turbo. This engine version provides an enormous 523 horsepower.

4. Comparable Fuel Efficiency for a Turbo

BMWs are not known for their fuel efficiency. Yet, the 2020 BMW X6 still ranks high among the other SUV coupes on the market. The 3.0L engine gives the driver an average of 23 mpg in the city and highway. Even the 4.4L gets a decent average of 20 mpg.

5. Multiple Safety Options on all Trims

There's plenty to like in the safety category on the 2020 BMW X6 and not only for the advanced trims. Each of the packages available come with a minimum of 20 safety features. These include staples like ABS, LED daytime lights, and rear-view cameras. However, they also include front and rear Park Distance Control, and a number of active driving assistance programs.

Also included is the company's Active Protection System. The technology detects imminent crashes and prepares passengers by tightening seat belts, shutting windows, and activating after-crash braking.

6. Working Toward Crash Prevention

While safety features like Active Protection are appreciated, the 2020 BMW X6 also contributes to a general industry standard of zero collisions. Therefore, all trims come standard with technology to prevent accidents.

Items provided for city driving include Daytime Pedestrian Protection to avoid vehicle-to-person accidents and rear Cross Traffic Alert. On the highway, tools like a Lane Departure Warning and Active Blind Spot Detection minimize the risk of an accident.

7. Streamlined Design for Faster Travel

A half-second in increased speed may not mean much to some consumers. However, to those who have driven BMWs in the past, it means quite a lot. Thanks to the redesign of the 2020 BMW X6, this amount of time shaved off of total acceleration is appreciated.

One of the reasons for this change is the vehicle's redesign. The new model is 1.6 inches larger at the wheelbase yet 0.7 inches smaller. This results in an aerodynamic design with a sharp front fascia and a sloping roof that leads to a long rear hatch.

8. Infotainment of the Future

Navigation and entertainment are truly futuristic in the 2020 BMW X6. The Live Cockpit Professional provides two displays that are a foot wide. It can be operated by touchscreen, the iDrive controller, or voice recognition.

The screens combine navigation tools, programmable bookmarks, and 32GB of multimedia storage. Wireless communication is provided by Bluetooth and compatibility with Android Auto and Apple Play.

9. Smooth Handling and Braking

It's hard to find a driver who has said their BMW ride experience was rough. The company does all it can to ensure handling is smooth in every environment. The same is said for the X6.

Utilizing double wishbone front suspension and multi-line integral rear suspension, the X6 absorbs even the smallest bumps. Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) prevents hard stops and starts related to sudden braking. Finally, Servotronic-power steering assist maintains fluidity and adjust to changes in road surfaces.

10. A Starry Roof

Though not standard, consumers looking at the 2020 BMW X6 may want to consider purchasing a panoramic roof option. It can be equipped with illumination that mimics a starlit night no matter what time of day. Those who are interested pay less than $1000 for the enhancement.

Reasons You May Not Like the 2020 BMW X6 – The Cons

1. Less Cargo Space

Despite the increase in its length, the amount of cargo space did not increase in the new BMW X6. In fact, it decreased in general storage behind the second row. Thus, if space is needed, the back seats must be folded down. If that isn't enough, drivers might need to invest in a tow cart.

2. Limited Rear Visibility

Connected to the lack of cargo space is a reduction of rear visibility as the curved roof compresses that area. This is decreased further if second-row passengers raise their headrests. Though driver assist technology helps somewhat, this visibility is necessary, especially on the highway.

3. Decreased Rear Head Room

Staying in the back of the BMW X6, the redesign also affects the amount of rear passenger headroom. Taller adults may need to duck down if they sit there. In addition, because the second row is somewhat lower, their legs might feel cramped.

4. Smooth but Boring Steering

Some who have driven the 2020 BMW X6 appreciate how smooth the ride is. However, they also say it's somewhat boring. This is particularly true when the wheel is in Comfort Mode. There doesn't seem to be a connection between the driver's hands and the front wheels. More feedback is provided when the wheel is in Sport mode, but it still lacks feedback.

5. Expensive at any Trim

It's true that BMWs are expensive right off the bat. Nevertheless, given the issues with rear passenger and cargo space, the base MSRPs on all trims can be hard on a checkbook. The X6 starts in the low 60s for the sDrive40i and continues to the mid-80s for the M501. If additional options are added, the cost of the X6 can reach into the six-digit range.

How It Stacks Up to the Competition

Thanks to its aggressiveness under the hood, the new BMW X6 tends to lead in many areas. Speed and smooth acceleration are one category. In addition, it does well against other manufacturers when it comes to the extensive infotainment package.

For instance, when compared against the new Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class Coupe, the X6 comes out the winner thanks to the lack of trim levels offered by the other company. When put up against the Range Rover Sport, the X6 does well with its technology packages.


Overall, the 2020 BMW X6 is a BMW. It's powerful, it's luxurious, it has the latest technology, and it has the performance and safety tools that provide a comfortable and secure ride. Its third-generation redesign has resulted in a SUV coupe that is faster than others on the road at this time.

And it can back these claims up with impressive engine setups and towing capacity. There are few small crossover SUVs that can claim between 300 and 500 horsepower on standard trim options. Nor can they show their 5000 pounds of torque in the form of towing capacity. Furthermore, it's all done from an interior with heated leather seats and wood trim.

If there is a true downside to the new BMW X6 is the rear design. With a sloping roof, cargo space, rear passenger comfort, and visibility are all compromised. However, if the consumer doesn't need to haul large amounts of passengers and cargo, then this is a minor issue. Yet, even with driving assist tools, they need to be cautious when shifting lanes.

In the end, it's hard to beat the BMW X6. It should be considered a primary choice in SUV coupe if it fits within a driver's budget.

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