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2020 BMW X4 Pros vs Cons

Why Buy a 2020 BMW X4?
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James Murdoch

Are You Considering a 2020 BMW X4? Here Are Some Reasons For and Against

Sporty and sleek, the 2020 BMW X4 straddles the line between coupe and SUV. As a crossover, it has a versatile cabin that can accommodate different assortments of back-seat passengers and cargo. Its stance makes it look like its ready to pounce at any minute, and it is certainly an agile vehicle with responsive handling and quick acceleration. Inside, there are many high-end amenities that potential customers in the luxury market will appreciate. The BMW X4 would be an exciting vehicle to drive, whether one is just going about regular activities in town or opening things up on the highway.

What's New for 2020?

Anyone who values performance will be happy to hear that the M40i model has gotten an engine enhancement. Rather than having 355 horsepower as it did in last year's model year, it now has 382. This jump in performance is noticeable and adds to the sporty nature of the vehicle.

Another change is that the advanced keyless entry system, which BMW calls Comfort Access, has become standard on the 2020 BMW X4. It lets people keep their key fobs in their pockets or bags while they touch the door handles to unlock their cars. Overall, the lack of major updates isn't too worrisome since 2019 was a year in which BMW made a lot of changes to the X4.

Ten Reasons You May Like the 2020 BMW X4 – The Pros

1. Two Capable Engines

There are two trims of the 2020 BMW X4. The first is the X4 xDrive30i, and it runs on a two-liter TwinPower Turbo engine. The engine has four cylinders, and it's capable of generating 248 horsepower. Torque is equally strong, at 258 pound-feet.

The other engine is a three-liter, six-cylinder version. It bumps up both horsepower and torque considerably, to 382 and 365, providing an option for anyone who wants to be in total command on the roads.

2. Hit High Top Speeds

For those who dream of racing down an empty highway, there's good news. The 2020 BMW X4 can hit a top speed of 130 miles per hour. When equipped with performance tires and when its speed limiter is modified, the M model can go even faster, to 155 miles per hour. Most people won't ever get close to those speeds because of realistic limitations and safety concerns, but it's still a cool statistic to rattle off.

3. Reasonable Fuel Efficiency

The base model of the 2020 BMW X4 has a combined gas mileage of 25 miles per gallon, with the estimated ability to earn 28 miles per gallon on the highway. Considering the amount of power that the engine can output and the fact that the car has a full-time all-wheel drive system, these numbers are pretty good. The higher performing M40i gets pretty close to the same mark, earning an estimated 21/27 (city/highway) miles per gallon for a combined 23 mpg.

4. Standard All-Wheel Drive

Navigating one's way over rough terrain or slippery roads doesn't have to be so stressful in the 2020 BMW X4. Both models come with the xDrive all-wheel-drive system. This system typically delivers power to both the front and rear axles, with the rear axles getting about 60% of the power and the front axles getting the remaining 40%.

As needed, the system can make adjustments to make sure the right wheels are getting the power they need. Drivers don't have to think about making any adjustments to the system; they can simply let the vehicle gather all the data and make the decision as to how to keep the tire's in proper contact with the ground.

5. Memorizes Settings

Some cars are driven on occasion by other people, who are likely to change the position of the seats, mirrors, and maybe the radio and temperature. With the 2020 BMW X4's Advanced Vehicle & Key Memory technology, it's a breeze to get every component back into its proper position. When the primary driver gets into his or her BMW, everything will automatically move back into their programmed positions. Even the lighting preferences can be memorized so all the driver has to do is push the button to start the engine and head off.

6. Hands-Free Tailgate

Having room in the back is great for when there is a lot to carry, and in this situation, it can be helpful to have a hands-free tailgate. Sensors placed at the rear of the vehicle can sense when a foot is kicked in the air below the rear bumper. When this happens, the tailgate automatically opens. This is true whether the car has been previously locked or unlocked, as long as the key fob is in close proximity.

7. Center Pass-Through

The rear seat in the 2020 BMW X4 is configured as a 40/20/40 split-bench. These seats can fold flat when not needed, optimizing storage opportunities. For those times when a few passengers are riding in the back, it can be nice to lower the center seat. This provides space for accommodating larger items, allows people to more easily reach in things in the cargo area, and gives the rear-seat passengers a place to rest their arms.

8. Adaptive LED Headlights

The available advanced headlights in the BMW are not only modern because they use LED technology, but they're also innovative because they can adapt to the conditions. At night, the car can detect lights from other vehicles, street lamps, and other sources of illumination. If the road ahead is dark, the lights will automatically brighten. The headlamps can dim back to low beams if other cars are approaching, and they can even dim on one side if lights are only detected in a certain direction.

9. Protecting Passengers In Case of Accidents

BMW has an Active Protection System that was designed to keep people safe in case of collisions. This system can sense whether an accident is imminent, and if so, it will immediately begin closing windows and tightening seat belts. Since some accidents are exacerbated because vehicles can continue to move after impact and find themselves as part of secondary accidents, the BMW X4 can activate post-crash braking. Further, the BMW Assist eCall comes with an SOS button to make it easier to call for help in the event of an emergency.

10. A Refined Interior

The cabin of the 2020 BMW X4 feels luxurious, and the quality of all the materials shines through. The base model comes with 10-way power-adjustable seats, and the fully automatic moonroof comes with two large panels of glass and a power-operated sunshade. The M40i gets the upgrade to 14-way power-adjustable seats.

Reasons You May Not Like the 2020 BMW X4 – The Cons

1. Small Cargo Area

Though the BMW X4 has a crossover/SUV design, it doesn't necessarily have all of the cargo space one would expect. Behind the second row of seats is 18.5 cubic feet. This is far from being spacious, but it would suffice for most people. Lowering the back seats expands total cargo capacity to 50.5 cubic feet. Again, this is significantly smaller than what most compact SUVs come with.

2. Tight Back Seat

People in the front will be comfortable, with 40.7 inches of leg room. It's a different story in the back, where leg room is only 35.5 inches. Pair that with a downward sloping roof, and what results is a fairly small second row. Most people would be fine for short trips, but only smaller passengers will feel completely comfortable on longer rides.

3. No Android Auto

For some reason, BMW hasn't been speedy about integrating Android Auto into their technology system. Apple users will be happy that Apple CarPlay is a standard feature in the X4, but Android users will have to sit back and wonder why they haven't been included on the 2020 X4 and other BMW models.

How It Stacks Up to the Competition:

The market is filled with luxury compact SUVs trying to appeal to the most customers. Similar to the BMW X4 are the Audi Q5 and Lincoln Corsair. While the Q5 and Corsair both do well in terms of performance, the X4's M model outshines both the high-performing Q5 PHEV and the 2.3-liter engine in the Corsair. The BMW also has a more sporty exterior than the Corsair, which only has optional all-wheel drive versus the standard system on the X4.


When looking at the 2020 BMW X4 from different perspectives, the answer is always the same. It's a stylish, sporty, and sleek vehicle that would be a pleasure to drive. Because it has a crossover/SUV body design, it offers a good amount of cargo space, and its standard all-wheel drive system provides excellent traction. What's also attractive about the BMW X4 is that it features a classy interior with a large touchscreen in addition to having a quality audio system and convenient amenities. Whether one is a passenger in the X4 or is behind the wheel, it's a treat to get to take advantage of all of its benefits.
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