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2022 Honda Passport Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons.

2022 Honda Passport Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons: EX-L vs TrailSport and Elite

Compare the 2022 Honda Passport Trims - EX-L vs TrailSport and Elite. What is the difference between them?

Built with the great outdoors in mind, the rugged Honda Passport is your go-to  SUV for off-road adventures. With a new exterior upgrade, the 2022 model year has a more athletic look to it than it did previously. For instance, the Passport has a more square build now, and the front grille and bumpers look strikingly bold. This SUV is fairly large in size, but it only has two rows of seating. This makes it optimal for those who will be carrying more cargo opposed to passengers.

This Honda model comes in three trims: TrailSport, the EX-L and the Elite. The TrailSport is a new trim, suitably named after its durable build. The EX-L and the Elite were around last year. However, the 2021 model year was also available in the Sport and Touring trims. At that time, the Sport was the most basic trim. As that is no longer available, the EX-L becomes the entry-level trim.

Regardless of which version is selected, the 2022 Honda Passport runs on a V6 engine that can make 280 horsepower and 262 pound-feet of torque. This is more than a decent amount of power that should please a lot of customers. Hill start assist, active noise cancellation, and remote engine start are some of the standard features that people will appreciate.


Compare the EX-L vs TrailSport Trims. What is the difference?

While both these Passport trims run on the same engine, there is one important difference in terms of mechanics. On the EX-L, all-wheel drive is an option, and on the TrailSport, all-wheel drive is standard. Having all-wheel drive can significantly enhance traction since it can distribute power to all four wheels. On the EX-L, the default option is to have front-wheel drive.

A front-wheel drive Passport would still have intelligent traction management. A snow mode is also available in this program, meaning improve stability and control when traveling in snowy conditions.The Passport’s intelligent traction management program has three modes. One for snow, and the other two for sand and mud.

The Honda Passport isn't the most efficient vehicle. Even with front-wheel drive, it can only earn 25 miles per gallon on the highway and 20 miles per gallon in the city. Having all-wheel drive drops each of those respective numbers by one mile per gallon.

Both  EX-L and TrailSport use nine-speed automatic transmissions. Their paddle shifters offer drivers extra control, though they certainly don't need to be used if the driver just wants the vehicle to be in charge of making transitions at the right time.

The EX-L has notably larger wheels than the TrailSport. While the TrailSport has 18-inch wheels, the EX-L rides on 20-inch pewter gray alloy wheels. Its wheels are machine-finished alloys with pewter gray inserts. Matched with heavier duty tires, these wheels have additional tread on their sidewalls. This allows the SUV to easily navigate through muddy and slippery trails.

The TrailSport is upgradeable in many ways. For instance, take its hood rails. The trim's standard hood rails can be upgraded to carry boats, bikes, and skis for the next off-road adventure. The TrailSport offers powerful LED fog lights and a heated wiper zone which prevents ice from building up.

EX-L heated side mirrors offer a variety of features. Integrated turn signals, memory function, and reverse gear tilt-down are all included. EX-L's side mirrors are the same color as the body. Mirrors on the TrailSport are glossy black and power-fold. Aside from that, it also has all the features as the EX-L.

Several exterior details have been added to both trim levels by Honda. Its LED brake lights, LED projector headlights, dual exhaust finishers, and privacy glass for the rear windows are all of the latest technology. With smart entry, the car can be opened simply by grabbing the front door handles. One can just walk away from the car with the key fob and the Walk Away Auto Lock will take care of the door automatically. The power moonroof brings passengers a consistent flow of fresh air while also giving a stunning view of the open country skies or a cityscape with skyscrapers. When all hands are full, a power tailgate instead of a manual one is much appreciated.

The seating of these trims vary slightly. Both are upholstered in leather,  but the TrailSport goes a step further with high-contrast orange stitching to enhance the sporty look of this trim. The head rests also feature the TrailSport logo on them.

The two trims are fortunate to have ten-way power-adjustable driver's seats with lumbar support, along with a two-position memory system. Their front-passenger seats are power adjustable also, and they can move in four different ways. Both the EX-L and TrailSport treat their front-row passengers to heated seats.

Amber LED lighting in the TrailSport adds to the ambience in the cabin. Up front, there are illuminated beverage holders that look modern, and the leather-wrapped steering wheel also flaunts an orange stitching that complements those on the seats. When the sun is just too bright, rear-seat passengers in the TrailSport can make use of integrated sunshades.

Thankfully, Honda has given a number of convenient amenities to all of its Passport trims. The EX-L and TrailSport have auto-dimming rearview mirrors and HomeLink remote systems that can connect with garage door openers and some security systems. Both trims have automatic climate control with three different zones.

Behind its second row, the Passport has a spacious cargo area that offers over 50 cubic feet of volume. If the second row is folded, the storage space is doubled. With this considerable amount of space, people can carry any kind of gear on their trips. The cargo area is complete with four tie-down anchors and bag hooks, plus underfloor compartments for even more storage. A spare tire goes neatly in this concealed storage, as well as any other items that need to be kept safely and neatly out of sight.

Modern consumers place a great deal of importance on the technology in their cars. As far as this field is concerned, the Passport passes the test with flying colors. The EX-L features a seven-speaker audio system with a subwoofer, Bluetooth, multiple USB charging ports, an eight-inch touchscreen, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, wireless charging, HD Radio, and SiriusXM. Having so many features will make the Passport stand out in a fierce SUV market competition.

Travel is made easier by the TrailSport's 115-volt power outlet. Navigation with voice recognition is one of its most notable advantages. With this navigation system, drivers are notified about traffic congestion, a great way to smartly outwit pesky traffic jams.

There aren't any differences in the area of safety. The good news is that all 2022 Honda Passports have several advanced mechanisms that are ready to jump into action at any time. The EX-L, like the other trims, have blind spot monitoring, cross-traffic alert, seat belt reminders, and automatic high beams.

This Honda can sense certain types of issues, and if it does pick up on a potential problem, it warns the driver and corrects the steering or braking in order to prevent a collision. The Passport's adaptive cruise control helps drivers maintain a set following interval behind detected vehicles. When this system is activated, it detects vehicles ahead and adjusts your speed accordingly. The lane keeping assist system helps keep the Honda in the center of the lane by adjusting the steering. The road departure mitigation system helps the car stay on the road by automatically using the brakes and steering. The forward collision warning and collision mitigation braking detects cars, objects and pedestrians ahead and prevents accidents from happening.

Compare the TrailSport vs Elite Trim Levels. What is the difference?

All-wheel drive system is available on the Elite, just as in the TrailSport. In addition to better traction, it has an intelligent traction management program. Be it wet, dirty, rocky, or hilly, the Elite powers through any environment with minimal slippage. At the touch of a button, the Elite can switch from snow to sand to mud mode. AWD has a towing capacity of 5,000 pounds. On the other hand, front-wheel-drive Honda Passports tow only 3,500 pounds. Adventure seekers can easily tow along a boat, trailer or dirt bike.

Elite wheels measure 20 inches. They are machine-finished alloy wheels complete with gloss black inserts. The trim definitely looks sharper with those black inserts. This trim has a few more exterior features, though overall, it's very similar to the TrailSport. First, its tailgate has hands-free access. For those who frequently load and unload their cabin full of groceries, sports equipment, or family gear, this will certainly come very handy. The wipers on the Elite are rain-sensing wipers, and the side mirrors can automatically dim when they detect bright lights. These types of automatic functions can elevate the driving experience, even if they seem like minor details.

Further, the Entire trim presents acoustic glass on the windshield, front, and rear doors. On the TrailSport and EX-L, only the windshield is made of acoustic glass, not the side windows.

The cabin of the Elite feels more deluxe than that of the TrailSport. This trim is the only one to have perforated leather upholstery and heated and ventilated front seats. Even in the back, the rear outboard passengers can take advantage of heating elements built into their seats. Remember that the other Passport trims have leather seats and heated front seats, in comparison.

Instead of amber LED interior lighting, the Elite has white LED lighting. It also has courtesy door lights in the front row. Its steering wheel is heated to provide yet another source of warmth in the winter. The Elite has a tri-zone climate control system, like the other trims do, but it offers second-row controls.

All versions of the 2022 Passport have seatback pockets behind the driver's and front-passenger's seats. On the Elite, those pockets have device pockets to reflect the fact that almost everyone seems to travel with mobile devices these days.

The Elite offers the same high-tech navigation system as the TrailSport does, plus a little more. Instead of the 215-watt sound system and seven speakers, the Elite has a 540-watt premium audio system and ten speakers. Furthermore, this trim can function as a Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing numerous devices to connect to a high-speed internet network. People can stream content, play games online, and get work done from the road while traveling with Wi-Fi hotspot feature. This counts as a key component of the technology package on the Elite.

On top of that, the Elite has HondaLink subscription services. This allows a smartphone to connect with the vehicle to complete tasks remotely. For instance, you can check the air pressure in the tires, lock the doors, find the location of your SUV, send addresses to the navigation program, and see how much fuel is remaining, among other things - all from your smartphone.


Final Thoughts

Costs are obviously going to be a factor when people decide which 2022 Honda Passport to get. The EX-L is priced at almost $38,000. The TrailSPort costs a bit more than $42,000, and the Elite tops things off with a cost of approximately $45,000. Clearly, the Honda Passport isn't the most budget-friendly SUV.

Nevertheless, each trim is alluring with its own specialities. The Elite has the finest cabin and a plethora of convenient features, the TrailSport has an athletic vibe to it along with a smart navigation system, and the EX-L offers an extensive package of driver-assist technologies and a powerful infotainment system.s

The EX-L comes out as the winner when taking finances into consideration. The Honda Passport EX-L doesn't cost as much as the others, but it still possesses the luscious leather trimmed seats, heated front seats, a power tailgate, all season tires, and one-touch power moonroof. Just like the other trims, it has USB charging ports and power outlets located throughout the cabin, plus smartphone connection which allows anyone to blast their favorite songs. Similar toTrailSport and Elite, the EX-L also has an eight-inch touchscreen display. It's the perfect deal for those who want the size and style of the Honda Passport for a better price.

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