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2022 Jeep Gladiator Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons.

2022 Jeep Gladiator Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons: Sport vs Overland vs Rubicon and Mojave

Compare the 2022 Jeep Gladiator Trims - Sport vs Overland vs Rubicon and Mojave. What is the difference between them?

Jeep is, of course, renowned for their ability to create capable off-roading vehicles that also have some on-the-road prowess. And that is exactly the spirit that the 2022 Jeep Gladiator embodies. As an off-roader, it exhibits the same rugged nature we have come to expect from a Jeep. It also has the unique distinction of being the only convertible truck that you can buy. Yeah, you read that right - a convertible truck!

Other than its unique design and off-roading capabilities, what exactly does the Gladiator have to offer? It isn't exactly known for having a good fuel economy, and the ride quality can come off as jiggly in some circumstances. The Sport trim - which is the base trim for the Gladiator - finally gets a 7-inch touchscreen display and smartphone app integration via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Bonus: All of the other Gladiator trim levels get the previously optional 8.4-inch infotainment touchscreen, Alpine premium audio system, and built-in navigation as standard features.

So, what exactly comes on each of the Gladiator's four trim levels? Is the Sport the trim that offers the best deal, or is the line-topping Mojave the way to go? Could the mid-tier Overland or Rubicon give you what you need at a reasonable price? Let's take a look at what each of these trim levels has to offer in terms of power and feature availability. That way, you will know what you might be getting yourself into and if that is indeed what you really want from a new vehicle.

Compare the Sport vs Overland Trims. What is the difference?

Let's start by discussing the base Sport trim and how it stacks up to the 2022 Jeep Gladiator's second trim level, the Overland. This four-door, mid-size convertible truck seats five people and comes with a 5-foot cargo bed and four-wheel drive (4WD). You also get your choice from two engine options regardless of which trim level you buy, save for the Mojave, which only gives you the standard V6 engine. You can get either the 3.6-liter V6 engine (which offers a power output of 285 horsepower and 260 lb-ft of torque) or a diesel-powered 3.0-liter turbocharged V6 (which is good for 260 hp and an impressive 442 lb-ft of torque). If you get the 3.6-L V6, a 6-speed manual transmission comes standard while an 8-speed automatic transmission is available. The diesel V6 is exclusively paired with the 8-speed automatic transmission.

When it comes to standard equipment, the base Sport trim level doesn't exactly overload you, but you don't get skimped on either. On this trim level, you get treated to 17-inch steel wheels to ride around on, and they come with 32-inch tires that offer plenty of road grip. This trim level also features a damped tailgate. Jeep does keep it relatively simplistic on the Sport by giving it old-fashioned crank-operated windows (instead of power-operated ones), manual door locks, and manually adjustable side mirrors that lack any sort of heating or power-folding functions.

Inside of the Gladiator Sport trim level, you receive a tilting and telescoping steering wheel that allows for a good amount of adjustability when you slide in behind the wheel and need to find a comfortable driving position. There is a push-button start function and traditional cruise control.

As far as technology goes, Jeep keeps it simple yet effective on the Sport. If you buy the Sport trim level, you get to use a standard eight-speaker sound system. There is also that newly standard 7-inch touchscreen display that accompanies the user-friendly infotainment system. As mentioned above, the Sport now has standard smartphone app integration through both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. There is just one USB port available to use, and the Sport does have voice control capability.

As far as trailering goes, you do get trailer sway damping on the Sport. This system adjusts the Gladiator's brakes to help control the movements of your trailer if said trailer starts to sway behind your vehicle. A folding soft top, fold-down front windshield, and removable doors help build the Gladiator's athletic character.

Now, there are some options that you can choose to tack on to the Sport. You can get the Willys Sport, the Sport S, the Willys, the Texas Trail, or the Altitude packages. Each one offers an array of aesthetic details to the body of the Gladiator. They also come with a slew of upgrades to the Gladiator's interior technology, but most of these features do come standard on the Overland trim level.

That being said, let's jump into what the Overland has to offer and how it differs from the base Sport trim level. The Overland rides on top of larger 18-inch alloy wheels, for starters. It also features automatic headlight, privacy glass for the rear windows,
power windows, power locks on the doors and tailgate, and heated power side mirrors with an automatically dimming rearview mirror inside of the vehicle. You also can utilize keyless entry on this trim level.

Unlike the Gladiator's Sport trim level, the Overland is outfitted with the nine-speaker Alpine sound system and 8.4-inch touchscreen display for the upgraded infotainment system with built-in navigation. The Overland trim level also adds rear USB ports for occupants to use. This trim level also gets upgraded to a dual-zone automatic climate control system and a steering wheel that is wrapped in leather.

There is a High Altitude sub-trim level that is available on the Overland. This package adds on 20-inch gloss black wheels and other luxurious interior features.

Compare the Overland vs Rubicon Trims. What is the difference?

Looking for something even more oriented toward off-roading? Then the Jeep Gladiator's Rubicon trim level might be right up your alley. It takes all of the features that come equipped on the Overland and adds more off-roading features onto the overall design. You will notice some changes starting from the outside and working your way on into the cabin.

First and foremost, the Rubicon rides on top of 17-inch wheels and has a 4.10 rear axle ratio that allows for increased off-roading and towing capabilities. There are all-terrain 33-inch tires that give plenty of grip for driving around on more rugged terrains. The Rubicon also features fenders that have increased clearance for improved off-roading capabilities, and there are different locking front and rear differentials.
To add to all of that, the Rubicon features a front stabilizer bar that is electronically disconnecting, Fox shock absorbers, rock rails and skid plates that are designed to protect the Rubicon's body from possible damage, and a special two-speed transfer case that makes for better off-road gearing.

Upgraded cloth upholstery is the only really different thing you will find inside of the cabin, but it certainly looks and feels more premium than the standard cloth.

Compare the Rubicon vs Mojave Trims. What is the difference?

The Mojave is the 2022 Jeep Gladiator's line-topping trim level. Unlike the Rubicon, the Mojave trim level does not have the locking front differential and disconnecting stabilizer bar. The Mojave is instead constructed for higher-speed off-roading performances.

The Mojave's performance is enhanced by a reinforced frame, a transfer case that is tuned to run 4WD at higher rates of speed, Fox internal bypass shock absorbers that come with hydraulic jounce bumpers, a 1-inch lift on the front suspension, and the Desert Rated badge (which replaced the Trail Rated badging from the Rubicon).

Take note that there are multiple options that you can equip on any of the Jeep Gladiator's four trim levels. If you want them, you can choose to equip an auxiliary switch group that allows for wiring up to four electrical devices, a spray-in bedliner that comes with a semi-rigid roll-up tonneau cover, and a black hardtop with a premium soft top or removable roof panels - your choice. There are also stand-alone options that you can tack on, such as the front fascia's LED headlights, a heated steering wheel, heated front seats, leather upholstery for the seats, and a Class IV tow hitch.

You will also need to consider leaving some room in your budget for adding on advanced driver aids since they do not come standard on any trim level. You will want to think about whether or not to equip the blind-spot monitoring system (which will warn you if another vehicle is driving in your blind spot in the lane next to the Gladiator), parking sensors for the rear of the vehicle, adaptive cruise control (which maintains a distance - which you get to set - between the Gladiator and the vehicle in front of it), forward collision mitigation (which will alert you of a potential oncoming crash and will apply the brakes for you if it senses you will not be able to do so in time), and a front-facing camera.

And, of course, you can always put a sub-trim on your Gladiator. You will have to think about whether you want the Willys Sport, Sport S, Altitude, Willys, Texas Trail, and the High Altitude. Think carefully since these can jack up the price of the vehicle, taking the MSRP pretty close to the $55,000 mark.

Final Thoughts

The 2022 Jeep Gladiator gives you a lot of options for how you want to design your vehicle. But which one presents the best overall deal for the average buyer in this segment?

If you had to ask us, we would recommend sticking with the Overland trim level. While it is not as oriented for off-roading as the Rubicon, the Overland integrates a lot of desirable features. The Alpine sound system and upgraded navigation-based infotainment system are definitely appealing and should satisfy the average owner. Also, having the dual-zone automatic climate control system equipped really makes the Gladiator feel like a modern vehicle. Of course, the power windows and door locks only serve to enhance that feeling.

Now, when it comes to engines, the diesel is really only practical if you plan on doing a lot of long-distance driving and want that enhanced fuel economy. Otherwise, the standard 3.6-L V6 engine should work just fine. It provides plenty of power and performs well enough when it comes to a quiet drive.

That all being said, the 2022 Jeep Gladiator is a rugged vehicle that embodies the Jeep tradition of being off-road ready. You won't find a convertible truck anywhere else, so if you do buy this truck, you will certainly be driving something with a lot of personality. But, with all that personality, there are some drawbacks to consider. The fuel economy is not that great, and the Rubicon trim's steering feels vague and slow - not something you want when you are going off of the beaten path. You will need to make some considerations, sure, but if you are settled on the Gladiator, consider the Overland.

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