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2016 Lexus LS Pros vs Cons

Why Buy a 2016 Lexus LS?

Are You Considering a 2016 Lexus LS? Here are the Pros and Cons

During its first generation - spanning between 1990 and 1994, the Lexus LS 400 managed to change the American shoppers’ way of perceiving Japanese brands. In the 2010 model year, Lexus updated the styling of the LS family with new features like wheels and bumpers.

Over the passage of years, the LS has seen additions and upgrades. The Lexus model bristles with both hybrid and gas powertrain technology, ever exuding world-class finish and fit and finish.

Being the flagship of the Toyota Lexus’ fleet of sedans, the 2016 Lexus LS brings you loads of cabin amenities and engine features. Among these are V8 engine power and a massive 18 cubic feet of trunk space. The luxury vehicle also comes standard RWD and the optional full-time AWD.

Ten Reasons You May Like the 2016 Lexus LS – The Pros

1) Body Styles and Trim Options

This full-size luxury Lexus LS sedan is available in either extended-wheelbase (LS 460 L) or regular models, with RWD or AWD. 

  • The Crafted Line special model is only offered on the regular-wheelbase version.
  • 5-passenger seating is the standard, although you can get a 4-passenger configuration. 

2) Powertrains and Performance

A V84.6-liter engine powers the 2016 Lexus LS 460, producing 367 pound-feet of torque and 386 hp in the standard RWD configuration. 

  • For the AWD, those power figures come down to 347 lb-ft of torque and 360 hp. 
  • Standard in each Lexus 460 is an 8-speed automatic transmission.

3) Comfort Oriented

Toyota built and designed the Lexus brand based on the precision concept for the sake of consistency and comfort. 

  • It is, therefore, no surprise that the Lexus transmission and engine are a championship tag team that gives a silky automotive performance geared towards ensuring your total comfort. 
  • Lexus is determined to give proper competition to other luxury auto brand names like Mercedes-Benz S-Class, the BMW’s 7 Series, the Audi A8 and the Jaguar’s XJ.

4) Handling and Braking

In an Edmunds test, an LS 460 stopped from a speed of 60 mph in some 121 feet, a fairly impressive braking distance for a large luxury sedan. In another Edmunds test, an LS 460 attained 60 mph in 6.1 seconds from zero.

5) Interior Design

Befitting a luxury sedan at the market top-end, the 2016 Lexus LS’s interior features some outstanding materials. These include:

  • High-quality vinyl and soft leather
  • Padded surfaces are done with elegant and contrast stitching
  • Artfully applied wood trim
  • Mixing chrome details with metallic surfaces for a modern atmosphere

6) The Dashboard/Interface

The Remote Touch controls most cabin functions in the Lexus electronics interface. This is a mouse-like device allowing you to navigate conveniently between the broad varieties of function icons that are set on the horizontal dash display.

7) Seating

According to reviewers, comfort levels on the Lexus seats are just outstanding.

  • At the front, these are beautifully sculpted
  • The multi-adjustable front buckets seats can accommodate body sizes of diverse types. 
  • The 2016 Lexus LS also comes with ventilated and heated front seats. 

8) Cargo Capacity

Trunk space of the 2016 LS comes at a generous 18 cubic feet. Additionally, critics note the power-closing trunk that makes loading easier and faster as well as a power rear sunshade. These are optional amenities on the LS regular-wheelbase sedan.

9) Safety Features and Rating

The safety-related options on the 2016 Lexus LS include blind-spot warning system, lane keeping assist, rear cross-traffic alert as well as adaptive cruise control. 

  • As a separate option, you will get the Advanced Pre-Collision system which is more sophisticated. 
  • The APC includes an attention monitor for the driver which can automatically initiate braking geared towards averting forward collisions. 
  • Also available are rear-seat side airbags.

The current 2016 LS460 has been given the highest possible score of “Good” by the IIHS in all categories.

10) Driving Impressions

On the highway, the 2016 Lexus LS 460 is a strikingly very quiet car. The V8 engine will amaze you with its capabilities as you engage passing maneuvers. When you press down the gas pedal, you'll find that your V8 4.6-liter engine is agreeably smooth and sounds pretty good. 

Reasons You May Not Like the 2016 Lexus LS – The Cons

1) Average Performance

Although deemed as a powerful vehicle, by today's standards, it's however not very potent. The majority of rivals will get considerably quicker acceleration out of their V8 engines.

  • There are even a couple of turbocharged 6-cylinder luxury sedans which are capable of outclassing the 2016 Lexus LS on the highway entrance ramp. 
  • The 8-speed automatic transmission of the LS no doubt shifts smoothly, yet some competitors are offering gear changes that are even more seamless.
  • The big Lexus sort of feels imprecise and lazy going around sharp turns, with the steering having more weight than you may have expected; nothing resembling sportiness.

Regarding fuel economy and performance, it falls short when compared to the latest versions of turbocharged V8 engines from Europe.

2) The Interior

The interior of the 2016 Lexus LS is certainly a beautiful place by all standards. 

  • However, the cabins of competing rivals tend to be somewhat a little more opulent and stylish.
  • Critics have observed that perhaps the LS generation is due for an overhaul soon.

3) Distracting Remote Touch

Auto critics have observed that despite its usefulness in integrating your basic tasks with the smartphone application, the Remote Touch, ultimately tends to draw too much of your attention away from the road.

How It Stacks Up To the Competition

As the flagship of the Toyota sedan empire, the 4-door large 2016 Lexus LS has been rated as being at par with the BMW 7-Series, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, the Audi A8, and Jaguar XJ. However, Lexus has continued to do a couple of things a little more differently compared with the European sedans.

  • The current Lexus LS is one of the quietest sedans you can ever encounter in this class, either in V-8 hybrid or standard V-8 form.
  • Reviewers think it is as swift as the rival standard-issue 4-doors. 
  • While it may lack the opulent touches seen in an Audi or a Jaguar, the long-wheelbase Lexus LS's back seat are second to none regarding comfort. 

It is worth noting that J.D. Power has for 15 years named the Lexus LS as its top-rated vehicle in its yearly Vehicle Dependability Study.


The big cabin of the 2016 Lexus sedan has been meticulously and carefully put together. The wood trim is rich and warm; the rich leather is supple while the rest of the materials in the interior are attractive. Each of the LS 460s is well equipped with unique amenities and features.

The driving character of the 2016 Lexus LS is equally enjoyable as the interior accommodations and external features. If you are seeking a luxury car that delivers a trouble-free driving experience as well as comfort, the LS 460 then becomes an excellent choice. It’s going to save you considerable money when compared with European competitors such as the Jaguar XJ, 2016, Audi A8 and BMW 7 Series.