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2022 Subaru Ascent vs Hyundai Palisade

2022 Subaru Ascent vs Hyundai Palisade

2022 Ascent vs Palisade - How Do They Stack Up? Which is Better?

The Ascent and Palisade are newer three-row SUVs that have already enjoyed a lot of success in their relatively short time in the market. For 2022, these vehicles are packed with high-tech equipment and powerful engines. They have many amenities that make them very attractive to a wide range of buyers. This guide will highlight how they might differ so that prospective customers can have an easier time of narrowing down their options.

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The Powertrain

Subaru and Hyundai have crafted two distinct powertrains for their vehicles. The Ascent delivers robust performance with a turbocharged engine, while the Palisade boasts an extra-large V6 as its standard offering. Moreover, satisfying all off-road enthusiasts immediately is the fact that AWD comes standard on Subaru's model; however to get this same feature in Hyundai's SUV you must upgrade from FWD configuration first - making it easy to make your choice.

With its 2.4-liter turbocharged engine, the Subaru Ascent is able to harness power for 260 horsepower and 277 pound-feet of torque — making it an ideal choice for light towing jobs with a capacity up to 5,000 pounds on some trims. Lineartronic continuously variable transmission keeps drivers in control while Hyundai's Palisade steps things up even further boasting their V6 3.8 liter displacement that can generate 291 horsepower and 262 pound-feet of torque paired with an eight speed automatic manual mode transmission perfect for those who want ultimate command over their driving experience.

Towing capacity for the Palisade is 5,000 pounds. This applies to every one of the four vehicles in the lineup. A program called Trailer Sway Control is standard, and this can be a big source of assistance when hauling cargo. The Ascent has a similar program called Trailer Stability Assist.

The all-wheel-drive Palisade has several enhanced systems that make conquering hills and mountains effortless. Downhill Brake Control will limit acceleration when traveling downhill, while Hillstart Assist Control will hold brakes until the driver presses on the gas pedal. Snow mode and a lockable AWD feature offer extra traction in wintry conditions, plus Comfort, Eco Sport or Smart modes to meet any driving style preferences for ultimate control over your ride.

The Ascent is capable of handling challenging terrain with its X-MODE feature. This mode uses lower gear ratios to allocate extra power and enhance the traction control system when conditions are difficult, giving you total peace of mind on your adventure. It also offers a slight improvement in fuel efficiency compared to the Palisade; up to 21 mpg city & 27 mpg highway or 24/19mpg if all-wheel drive is equipped - allowing for better returns at every pump stop.


Drivers looking for a bit more height in their vehicle might prefer the Ascent, which sits 8.7 inches off the ground - roughly half an inch higher than its counterpart, the Palisade. These SUVs are larger than sedans or two-row vehicles and measure 196.8 inches from front to back; although slightly narrower and shorter than the Palisade, there's still only about 2-3 inches difference between these dimensions across both models.

How does this affect interior space? Well, given the similar sizes of the frames of these vehicles, it makes sense that they offer about the same amount of passenger space. People in the first two rows of the Palisade should be pleased with how much space they have. Leg room is 44.1 and 42.4 inches in the first- and second-rows, respectively. The third row only offers 31.4 inches of leg room, but it does accommodate three passengers.

The Ascent and Palisade provide passengers with plenty of space to relax in the first row, offering similar leg room. However, second-row occupants may want a little more elbowroom; although 38.6 inches of leg room is certainly sufficient for smaller riders. Moving on to the third rows - perfect for children or shorter adults thanks its 31.7 inch dimension – both cars offer 18 cubic feet behind that back seat when it's up and 45 cube feet if you decide fold down their rear seats entirely – a whopping 86 cubes available at full capacity.

The Ascent and Palisade are two of the most popular SUVs on the market, but you can take their spacious interiors to another level with captain's chairs. Replacing the bench seat in your middle row will drastically transform your cabin, giving occupants a newfound sense of space without compromising any seating positions. Some models offer this luxurious upgrade as an option for certain trims - or even standard across higher series - so whether you're driving around town or out on roads trips, let every passenger enjoy that extra bit of legroom.

Most vehicle owners want the latest technologies that make their driving experience smoother. The Subaru Ascent and Hyundai Palisade offer Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Bluetooth connectivity, SiriusXM Radio and more on larger-than-average touchscreens to provide easy access for drivers who can safely control their music playing or send messages without taking hands off of the wheel.

For those looking for even greater customization in sound system capabilities there are higher trim options with optional integrated navigation services as well as Harman Kardon systems complete with fourteen speakers which truly bring audio immersion to a whole new level.

Experience top-tier tech amenities in the Palisade; with increasing trims, drivers may enjoy 8 to 10.25 inch touchscreens with integrated navigation and Harman Kardon audio systems for a clear soundscape at any speed. But wait - there's more! Hyundai has even included an innovative intercom system that lets drivers communicate seamlessly from front to back seat within the same cabin.

To keep mobile devices charged, it's always nice to have multiple USB ports that are accessible. The Palisade has more options than the Ascent does when it comes to this area. It's available with wireless charging, and it can have three USB ports in the first row along with a pair of USB ports in each of the second and third rows. The Ascent can have a total of six USB ports, two in each row. This is totally adequate, but it's not quite as impressive as what the Palisade offers.

A few other things may affect the driving experience as well. In the Ascent, an automatic tri-zone climate control system is standard. In contrast, the Palisade starts out with a manual climate control system, and its higher trims have automatic dual-zone climate control.

The Palisade offers incomparable seating comfort and convenience. It features heated and ventilated front seats plus an available memory system for the driver's seat, side mirrors, leg cushion extension -- all to guarantee a personalized driving experience. Additionally, two higher trims boast of 12.3-inch digital instrument clusters complemented by the 10.25-inch touchscreen in the center console that make this SUV truly modernized for your enjoyment on every journey.


Subaru's Ascent and Hyundai's Palisade provide drivers with advanced safety measures to ensure a secure ride. Automatic high beams shed light on dark roads, while collision warning can apply the brakes when threatening obstacles are detected. Lane-keep assist helps keep drivers in their designated position, and adaptive cruise control comes standard for long trips - leaving customers reassured as they take to the road.

The Palisade has a few extra systems, such as Driver Attention Warning and Safe Exit Assist. In addition, if a rear occupant has been left in the Palisade and it seems like the driver is about to leave, an alert would be issued.

The 2022 Palisade is equipped with some of the most advanced safety technology available; blind-spot collision-avoidance assist, rear cross traffic collision avoidance alert, reverse automatic braking and a surround view monitor. In addition to these impressive features it also offers drivers an optional heads up display for enhanced visibility - making this vehicle one of the safest on the market.

Which Has the Best Value?

The 2022 Palisade offers the highest standard of safety features when compared to its competition, the Subaru Ascent. There's an entry-level SE trim for $33,600; however it does not include all-wheel drive capabilities - whereas this cost is already taken into account with a base trim in the Ascent at just under $32,800. At either end of their respective lineups lie two high performance trims: Calligraphy and Touring – costing respectively around $47k and almost 46K without AWD included on one side but potentially increasing up to 49k if chosen as an option within the other model range.

For close to $50,000, a Hyundai customer would get to be treated to a dual-panel sunroof, premium Nappa leather seats, quilted leather door panels, and a heads-up display. This would be in addition to ambient lighting and heated and ventilated first- and second-row seats. The Touring trim of the Ascent is cheaper by a not-insignificant amount, but does it match up? It's set up with a panoramic moonroof and leather seats, as well as a leather accent trim on its doors, but it lacks ventilated rear seats and customizable ambient lighting. Also, its touchscreen is not as large as that of the Palisade Calligraphy.

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Which is Better?

The Subaru Ascent and Palisade are strikingly similar when it comes to size and capability. However, they attract different buyers due to their distinct features; while the Ascent provides a sense of practicality thanks to its budget-friendly cost point and advanced technology, those with elevated expectations may be drawn more toward the luxurious yet high-tech Palisade. Both vehicles offer safety options that should leave all drivers feeling secure regardless of which one they choose.