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2017 Chevrolet City Express Pros vs Cons

Why Buy a 2017 Chevrolet City Express?

Are You Considering a 2017 Chevrolet City Express? Here Are Some Reasons For and Against

Business owners will like what the 2017 Chevrolet City Express brings to the table. The compact cargo van offers affordability and strong fuel economy. You can depend on it to get the job done with no fuss. While behind the wheel, you are bound to appreciate its easy-to-drive character. Furthermore, there are now some useful features on the van’s list of options.

What’s New for 2017?

For the 2017 model year, Chevrolet did not make any significant changes to the City Express. The van’s interior design and exterior styling remain the same.

Ten Reasons You May Like the 2017 Chevrolet City Express – The Pros

1) Good Gas Mileage

You will grow to appreciate this cargo van’s solid fuel efficiency. Over time, it is bound to save your business a lot of extra money. The combination of a four-cylinder engine and a CVT transmission helps the City Express to return up to 26 mpg. Furthermore, you can avoid the extra expensive of using premium gas.

2) Reliable & Economical to Maintain

The Chevrolet City Express has proven itself to be quite dependable. You are unlikely to experience any major problems. This is a big advantage for the companies that need a reliable delivery vehicle. You will also benefit from the van’s affordable cost of maintenance. Oil changes and air filter replacements should be relatively inexpensive.

3) Easy to Maneuver

Unlike a larger cargo van, the 2017 City Express is easy to maneuver on the road. Its light steering and compact design will give drivers a greater sense of control. You will be able to easily navigate the van in congested areas. The van’s narrow design also comes in handy when attempting to park in a tight space.

4) Versatile Passenger Seat

A folding passenger seat makes the 2017 City Express an even more versatile van. Drivers can actually use the passenger seat as a worktable. It can easily accommodate a laptop. By folding down the passenger seat, you will be able to make room for longer items. There is also an extra storage compartment underneath the passenger seat.

5) Easy to Load

When loading stuff into the van’s cargo area, you will appreciate its dual sliding doors. They open up to provide easy access to the interior. The van’s floor is also rather low, which enables delivery drivers to quickly load and unload items. With a maximum cargo capacity of 122.7 cubic feet, the 2017 City Express is just the right size for a lot of businesses.

6) Affordability

Expect to pay around $23,450 for a base 2017 Chevrolet City Express. Some of the notable standard features include key-less entry, a two-speaker sound system, and air-conditioning. If you want the most possible creature comforts, a fully loaded LT model will cost you about $27,000. This means that the City Express is noticeably less expensive than a European cargo van.

7) Standard Driver-Information Screen

All versions of the 2017 City Express come standard with a driver-information screen. Not only does the driver-information screen display oil life, but it enables you to keep tabs on the tire pressure as well. It makes the process of maintaining the van a bit simpler. The screen also displays the van’s average speed, which is yet another advantage for companies.

8) User-Friendly Infotainment System

The optional infotainment system will definitely be a favorite feature. It comes equipped with a 5.8-inch touch-screen display, which is responsive and very easy to use. Drivers will be able to quickly scroll through the available apps. In order to obtain the infotainment system, you must upgrade your City Express with the Technology package.

9) Extremely Useful Technology Package

Several useful components are included with the Technology package. Aside from the infotainment system, you will also receive satellite radio. Navigation will certainly benefit the drivers who routinely travel to different areas. Meanwhile, the rear-view camera helps make the driver’s job even easier.

10) User-Friendly Interior

The 2017 Chevrolet City Express is very simple to keep clean. Stains can be easily removed from the vinyl upholstery. The upholstery is also durable enough to withstand the daily grind. You will find several storage areas throughout the cabin. All of the interior controls are very straightforward.

Reasons You May Not Like the 2017 Chevrolet City Express – The Cons

1) Not a Quick Van

When behind the wheel of the Chevrolet City Express, don't expect to be amazed by its acceleration. It takes more than 10 seconds for the small van to hit 60 mph. Chevrolet only offers a single engine choice, which develops 131 horsepower.

2) Sub-Par Braking Performance

The Chevrolet City Express does not feature a very strong braking system. Its rear drum brakes can't match the performance of disc brakes. During a 60-0 mph braking test, the 2017 model needed 143 feet to come to a complete stop. This is clearly a below-average stopping distance.

3) Lacks a Telescoping Steering Wheel

Unfortunately, Chevrolet does not offer a telescoping steering wheel. This may pose a problem for some drivers. A telescoping steering wheel would make it easier to obtain a relaxing driving position. You must rely on the six-way adjustable seat to gain more comfort.


The 2017 Chevrolet City Express is a good alternative to a large van. Its good fuel economy and accessible cargo area make it a solid delivery vehicle. Although the 2017 Chevrolet City Express is not a powerful van, it still has a reasonable payload capacity of 1,500 pounds. The Technology package truly transforms the van into a more entertaining daily-driver.