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2017 Nissan Titan Pros vs Cons. Should You Buy?

Why Buy a 2017 Nissan Titan?

Should You Buy a 2017 Nissan Titan? Here Are Some Reasons For and Against

The redesigned 2017 Nissan Titan has emerged as a top contender in the full-size pickup segment. Its improved performance and fuel efficiency should impress many truck enthusiasts. While the base model’s affordability makes it a strong value, the rugged Pro-4X model is perfect for traveling off-road.

What’s New for 2017?

For the 2017 model year, Nissan chose to completely overhaul the Titan. Not only does the truck feature an all-new engine, but it also comes equipped with a new seven-speed automatic transmission. Furthermore, a V-6 engine will be available at some point. You will also notice the full-size pickup’s bolder appearance.

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Top 10 Reasons to Buy a 2017 Nissan Titan – The Pros

1. Improved Fuel Efficiency

Many Titan owners used to complain about their truck’s subpar gas mileage. Fortunately, the new model is significantly more efficient. With the help of a more advanced automatic transmission, the muscular V-8 engine can now return 15 mpg in the city and 21 mpg on the highway. This equates to a more than 20 percent improvement over the previous generation.

2. Hardworking Engine

Most buyers will be more than happy with the truck’s new engine. Nissan tuned the Endurance V-8 engine to churn out a potent 390 horsepower and 394 pound-feet of torque. When pulling a hefty load, the engine never begins to feel exhausted. According to Nissan, the V-8 model’s towing capacity tops out at 9,390 pounds.

3. Quick Acceleration

Although the new 2017 Nissan Titan weighs more than 5,700 pounds, it still feels remarkable responsive in real-world driving conditions. In fact, the big bruiser is quicker than many of today’s luxury sedans. When accelerating from a dead stop, the Titan takes only 6.0 seconds to hit 60 mph. Drivers will love the truck’s outstanding passing power.

4. Powerful Styling

When driving the 2017 Titan, you will definitely attract some attention. The pickup’s prominent grille and stylish projector headlamps give it an attractive appearance. LED running lights are optional. A stylish set of chrome-plated wheels bolsters the truck’s curb appeal. Some of the flashy paint colors include SolarFlare Yellow, Forged Copper, and Cayenne Red.

5. Capable Off-Road Machine

If you are an adventure seeker who loves to travel off-road, check out the 2017 Titan Pro-4X. This ultra-rugged model comes loaded with a lot of extra gear. Bilstein off-road shock absorbers help the truck to literally climb over obstacles. Some of the other upgrades include a steel skid plate, all-terrain tires, and an electronic locking rear differential.

6. Advanced Safety Features

Regarding safety technologies, the 2017 Titan is now on par with its key rivals. The automaker's renowned Around View Monitor helps you to easily maneuver the big pickup in tight spots. Meanwhile, blind-spot monitoring enables drivers to change lanes safely. Rear cross-traffic alert and parking sensors are offered as well. The Titan also has a special key fob that enables drivers to check their trailer lights.

7. Family-Friendly Cabin

The crew cab version of the 2017 Nissan Titan features a four-door design. This means that all of your friends can easily climb aboard. Automotive journalists have praised the pickup for its comfortable seats. The new model also gets extra points for its spacious design. If you decide to take your family on a vacation, it will prove to be a great alternative to a luxury sedan.

8. Base Model is a Bargain

For good reason, a lot of people consider the base S model to be a solid bargain. In comparison to its competition, the 2017 Titan comes standard with a bit more equipment. Some of the goodies consist of a six-speaker sound system, a color display screen, NissanConnect smartphone integration, and Bluetooth technology. Prices start at around $34,500.

9. Luxurious Upgrades

There is an impressive list of upgrades available for the 2017 Nissan Titan. Featuring a total of 12 speakers, the powerful Rocksford Fosgate sound system pumps out plenty of bass. Children will like the DVD entertainment system. Some of the other nice features include navigation, an Advanced Drive-Assist Display, and heated rear seats.

10. Versatile Bed

A versatile bed makes the 2017 Nissan Titan an especially rewarding pickup truck. An electronic locking tailgate helps keep your valuables secure. From coolers to tools, you can put a lot of extra gear in the truck’s in-bed storage compartments.

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Reasons Not to Buy a 2017 Nissan Titan – The Cons

1. Still Not Super-Efficient

The new Nissan Titan deserves to be applauded for its improved fuel economy. Nevertheless, some drivers may still desire better overall gas mileage. If you don't need the Titan's large cabin and extra pulling power, a midsize pickup will be a more practical option.

2. No Manual Transmission

Unfortunately, the latest Nissan Titan is only available with an automatic transmission. While this is unlikely to be an issue for most drivers, there is still a large group of truck enthusiasts who prefer a stick-shift transmission. Keep in mind that Nissan's smaller Frontier does offer a manual transmission.

3. Large Size

When driving the Nissan Titan in a busy city, drivers must remain alert. The truck's sheer size makes it hard to park in some areas.


Upon looking back at the previous version of the Nissan Titan, it is easy to see that the 2017 model has improved in several key categories. The truck's strong performance and comfortable cabin makes it a solid choice. New safety innovations enable it to truly challenge today's most popular full-size pickup trucks.

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