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2020 Audi Q5 vs Q3 Pros vs Cons. Should You Buy?

2020 Audi Q5 vs Q3

2020 Q5 vs Q3 - How do they stack up? What are the differences?

When shopping at their local Audi dealership, many people will be deciding between the 2020 Audi Q5 and the 2020 Audi Q3. Both of these luxury crossovers rank among the best in their respective segments. This head-to-head comparison is designed to help Audi fans make the best choice. From performance to passenger room, several different factors will be evaluated.

Size and Styling

The most obvious difference between these models is size. When checking out the 2020 Audi Q5, car shoppers will immediately notice its longer length. While the Q5 has a wheelbase of 111 inches, Audi lists the subcompact Q3 with a wheelbase of 105.5 cubic inches. In the eyes of some people, a shorter body makes the Q5 look slightly sportier.

In terms of overall design language, these Audi crossovers have some clear similarities. However, there are also some obvious differences to point out. While the Q5’s refined styling will age well, younger buyers may be more drawn to the Q3’s more modern appearance. An aggressive front bumper and eye-catching headlights help give the Q3 a bolder profile. However, only the Q5 offers a cool-looking Black Optics package. This blacked-out exterior kit helps these SUVs to make a bold statement.

Like the 2020 Audi Q5, the 2020 Audi Q3 seats five people. However, growing families will favor the larger Q5. When lounging in the back of the Q5, families will have an extra 2.0 inches of leg space. Nevertheless, most adults will still find the Q3’s second row to be comfortable. Keep in mind that the Q5 provides an extra 1.0 inch of legroom in the front.

In terms of storage room, the Audi Q5 yet again comes out ahead. It provides 25.1 cubic feet of cargo space behind the rear seat, which outclasses the Q3’s 23.7 cubic feet of cargo space.

Fortunately, both SUVs offer a commanding driving position. Many automotive reviewers consider the Audi Q5 to offer the best outward visibility in its class. Because of the design of the Q5’s rear glass, blind spots are kept to a minimum. Although rearward visibility in the new Q3 isn’t quite as good, most drivers won’t have any big complaints.


From a performance standpoint, the 2020 Audi Q5 is a step above the 2020 Audi Q3. Its turbo four-cylinder engine kicks out 248 horsepower. By comparison, Audi rates the Q3’s turbo four-cylinder engine to produce 228 horsepower. While the Q5 clocks a 0-60 mph time of 5.9 seconds, drivers can expect the Q3 to hit 60 mph in 7.0 seconds. During real-world driving conditions, most people will find the Q3’s performance to be more than satisfying.

While the Q5 uses a seven-speed auto transmission, the Q3 comes equipped with an eight-speed transmission. Both gearboxes perform extremely well. When the driver needs to move out quickly, they can expect the transmission to respond immediately.

For 2020, Audi now offers the Q5 with a new hybrid powertrain option. It bumps output to a whopping 349 horsepower. Aside from allowing the Q5 to accelerate even quicker, the hybrid powertrain also provides a 20-mile electric driving range. A hybrid system is not offered on the Q3.

Folks who need to pull a load will be much happier with the Q5. According to Audi, it can pull up to a 4,400-pound load. This means drivers will have no trouble moving small travel trailers and ATVs. On the other hand, a 2,200-pound tow rating makes the Q3 a bit less capable.

Amazingly, the heavier and more powerful Q5 is actually better on gas. It’s rated by the EPA to return 22 mpg town/28 mph highway. Meanwhile, EPA estimates for the Q3 stand at 19 mpg town/27 mpg town.

Whether a person chooses the Audi Q5 or the Q3, they can look forward to experiencing phenomenal handling. These SUVs carve up curvy roads like a sporty hatchback. Ride quality is also as good as it gets. College students and urban dwellers may prefer the Q3’s small size. When driving in the city, the subcompact Q3’s shorter wheelbase proves its worth. Parking in downtown areas will be easier in the Q3.

While neither crossover is great for serious off-roading, they both deliver a good performance in the snow. Audi’s full-time Quattro AWD system helps limit slippage on snowy roads.

On the inside, the Audi Q5 remains remarkably quiet over rough pavement. There’s not much road noise to be heard. Expect the Q3’s ride to be just as serene. This is a testament to Audi’s ability to produce well-built luxury vehicles.

Comfort, Options, and Performance

Car shoppers seeking a great bang for the buck should strongly consider the 2020 Audi Q3. It’s roughly $8,600 less expensive than the 2020 Audi Q5 before adding any options. Buyers won’t be sacrificing much quality. A number of in-demand features are also found on the Q3.

In contrast to its bigger brother, the Q3 actually comes standard with a panoramic sunroof. To get this premium amenity on the Q5, buyers must pay extra. Standard LED headlights give the more affordable Q3 yet another advantage in the value department. Q5 buyers must step up to the Premium Plus trim in order to obtain LED headlights, which is significantly more costly than the base model. A standard 8.8-inch touchscreen adds to the Q3’s appeal. Audi equips the Q5 with a smaller 7.0-inch infotainment display.

Several premium options are available for these Audi crossovers. Drivers seeking more luxury will love Audi’s Virtual Cockpit. This fully digital gauge cluster essentially functions as a second infotainment display. It can display a lot of information, including Google Earth road maps.

Car shoppers will also have access to a premium audio system. The Q5’s 19-speaker system packs a serious punch. However, expect the Q3’s available 15-speaker unit to sound nearly just as impressive.

While the Q3 is an undeniable value, certain options are exclusive to the new Q5. Many people will be interested in the Q5’s head-up display. By projecting speed and safety alerts onto the windshield, this feature is able to enhance driver focus. Front-seat ventilation is another premium upgrade only found on the Q5. The cool breeze will be greatly appreciated on hot days. A heated steering wheel further sets apart the Q5.

In regard to overall comfort, the Audi Q5 is likely a better fit for most families. As children start to grow, they will have more room inside the Q5. With that said, very few drivers will complain about the Q3’s everyday comfort. Even its rear seats can be reclined, which helps make long drives more fulfilling.

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These SUVs offer great security on the road. In terms of overall safety, outstanding impact protection enabled the 2020 Audi Q5 to receive five out of five stars from the federal government. The 2020 Audi Q3 also scored a five-star overall safety rating.

Some reassuring safety features come standard. In the event of a crash, Audi Pre Sense Basic seeks to further protect passengers by rolling up the windows and tightening the safety belts. Like its sibling, the Q3 also receives a frontal collision system with pedestrian detection. It helps prevent disaster by automatically activating the brakes when necessary.

Drivers who live in urban areas will want Audi’s optional Parking Assist system. By monitoring for obstacles and automatically steering you into spaces, this feature helps alleviate driver fatigue. Blind-spot warning, adaptive cruise control with traffic jam assist, and active lane control are offered as well.

Which Model Should You Choose?

When deciding between the 2020 Audi Q5 and the 2020 Audi Q3, prospective buyers should first factor in their budget. The Q3 is clearly a better bang for the buck. It’s literally thousands of dollars less expensive than the Q5. Contrary to popular belief, there’s not a big difference in quality between these two models. Buying the Q3 will allow drivers to experience luxury for a more affordable price.

Remember, the 2020 Audi Q3 comes loaded with a more rewarding list of features. Highlights include a larger infotainment display, a panoramic sunroof, and LED headlamps. These features are not standard on the 2020 Audi Q5.

Drivers seeking maximum performance will be happier with the Q5. After taking both vehicles for a test drive, there’s no overlooking the Q5’s stronger punch off the line. It’s quicker and better on gas than the Q3. Furthermore, only the Q5 offers a hybrid powertrain. Its 20-mile electric driving range enables city dwellers to make short trips without using any fuel.

While the Q3 may not offer as much performance as the Q5, it’s a perfect match for the average driver. The Q3 is definitely engaging to drive. Excellent passing power ensures stress-free highway merging. Drivers who spend most of their time in larger cities will also like the Q3’s smaller size. While behind the wheel of the subcompact Q3, maneuvering in crowded places should be easier.

When it comes to cold-weather capabilities, the Q5 and the Q3 are quite even. They have similar ground clearance. Of course, both come standard with Quattro all-wheel drive. This full-time AWD system helps keep you prepared for the changing road conditions. Remember, a higher towing capacity makes the Q5 more suitable for pulling a trailer.

Style-wise, both of these Audi crossovers are attractive. However, the Q3 has a bolder-looking exterior. Its front fascia is especially aggressive. On the other hand, many people love the Q5’s refined look. An optional Black Optics appearance package bolster its curb appeal. Aside from 20-inch black wheels, this package also brings blacked-out styling cues.

Drivers who need the most passenger room should choose the Audi Q5. Its extra rear-seat legroom could prove to be a big asset. Nonetheless, the Q3 is among the most comfortable subcompact crossovers sold in America. Supple seats and a spacious cargo hold make the Q3 ready for a road trip. While the Q3 is a relaxing vehicle, ventilated front seats can only be had on the Q5.

The 2020 Audi Q5 and the 2020 Audi Q3 are equally as safe. Solid crash protection helps families to remain secure. Many of the same great safety features are available as well.

At the end of the day, both the Q5 and Q3 prove to be great choices. If cost is a concern, the Q3 is by far the best option. It’s also a better city vehicle. Meanwhile, families who need more space to spread out will be happier with the Q3. Aside from a few exclusive luxury features and a better city fuel economy rating, the Q5 doesn’t hold any other big advantages over the Q3.

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